We are publishing this draft of a Human Universal Constitution aiming at having clarity, safety, and written guarantees of the purpose of the new human relation we propose to all humans of setting up human unity, so that we can accept or support it freely, with clear consciousness of what is at stake, what we are doing and what we expect to achieve by living together.

 Also, this is a clear reference for future generations to keep united.


We understand that all humans share common sense, this is what makes us understand each other by (virtually) putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. This common sense is proved by the different, often isolated civilizations sharing expressions or concepts referring to the so-called Siver Rule: “Do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself.” or the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” And since all things and activities are meant to serve us humans, when we can understand their purpose or aim, we understand them fully, and therefore, we shall not only be able to live together in peace and concord but also give ourselves this Constitution as our relationship spirit and frame.

In this regard, the despicable situation we all humans live in can be described as follows:

Our current system of justice and public laws deals with evil, or the harm caused by someone to someone else, by damning and punishing the wrongdoer, compensating harm with harm. However, to create and produce weapons threatening with harm and depriving others of their own will or their own decision and forcing them is disregarded, accepted, and allowed. The result of it is that justice cannot be but the will of the one having more harming power making others to confess what justice is (or justice was it from the beginning), weapons are the top human production anytime and anywhere, the main decision-making centers all over the world are the states or armed units and the state of war is the environment of human life.

To put an end to this situation we need to live together, set up an inclusive decision-making system which avoids and prevents mutual harm and only deals with common benefit and whose only requirement is openness and transparency, therefore we propose this to all humans:



Humanity assumes sovereignty ending with the states’ sovereignty on the basis of this Treaty once completed through an open and transparent exposition and exchange aiming at gaining all free wills’ support to this purpose and undertaking of living together in peace and harmony.

Unity brings about or it is the same as joint, agreed, and reciprocal arms’ elimination, because arms’ purpose is to harm, and this is the cause of human division, therefore we are divided in armed units or states, and its consequence is the state of war we currently live in. Arms were in nature before humans appeared and humans had to adapt to arms’ existence as they could, but today we are all connected and can use common sense to deal with disarmament which can only be faced by all together.

Human Unity is the application of an inclusive decision-making system for the whole of Humanity whose obvious consequence is that we will only benefit ourselves and stop harming each other as we do until now. The cause of human misery is exclusive decision-making which inevitably leads to confrontation, something that was impossible to overcome in the unknown world and among unknown people in the past.

Inclusive decision-making implies transparency and openness of the decision-making process, this is its publicity or universality. While on the other side, the decision-making is carried out under the subsidiarity principle, this is, the people concerned or affected by the issue under question are those who participate in the decision-making process.

However, disarmament is the most relevant issue and concerns all humans because it can only be achieved by all together. Otherwise, unilateral disarmament is only surrender which is not real disarmament because it maintains the arm´s supremacy and utmost exploitation of everything else at its service as it is now. The difference is that the party who surrenders goes on to serve another army.


We, the people on Earth without distinction and discrimination, hereby express our will to unite, to live together, this is: making decisions jointly and inclusively, always considering the interests, desires, and concerns of all and each human without distinction or discrimination.


We consider two main aspects, according to human natural motivations:

A CONCEPT OF HUMAN SECURITY, whose purpose is to prevent and avoid harm against each one of us and against life in general.

A CONCEPT OF SHARED HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, whose purpose is to meet the needs, satisfy human desires, develop our capabilities, widen our reach, increase our welfare, benefits, and, in short, pursue and achieve the happiness of each one and all humans.


We adopt an inclusive and common security system. All security problem of any person or any group of people is a security problem of all, and all shall be concerned and cooperate to provide the means to save or help those under threat of destruction or harm, such as catastrophes, famines, floods, etc.

However, the greatest threat and the obstacle to human peaceful and harmonious coexistence and cooperation is the arm, an object meant to kill, harm, and destroy… so that eliminating it is our first and main common objective.

Disarmament can be carried out only in a universal way, otherwise it is just surrendering or submitting of one party to another. Therefore, the need for universality to carry out disarmament is the principle of agreement for all the states subordinated to this main agreement among the world´s people.

In the same way, the parties currently in conflict shall achieve an agreement based on the concept of universal security, since it overcomes any military, political and ideological division, which is the same as the people supporting human unity see ourselves as belonging to both sides in the conflict, and because of it, we are not only harmed by the parties’ mutual harm, but have responsibility, incumbency, and authority with regard to our requirement for a ceasefire and to induce them to peace, unity and/or disarmament.

To carry out universal disarmament, the first step is to put all arms under a single command and under a common security system, so that they become redundant, and disarmament becomes not only possible but convenient since arms are one because of another. The arms under a single command cannot take any initiative without that command’s order or permission and, therefore, no harming initiative could be desired or produced as it would be the case of one harming himself.

That single command contributes with the needed transparency to expose arms’ opposing intentions and interests so that we can proceed with disarmament under security, guarantee, agreement, reciprocity, since arms are eliminated one because of another in the same way as the police is dismantled only when crime disappears.

Disarmament execution is the adaptation of humans to themselves and to humanity, by developing a system of coexistence free of violence, based on common sense, understanding and voluntary cooperation that will be generated by mutual influence considering common human interest, guaranteed by the undoubted greater good that is the use of resources for our benefit instead of for mutual harming.

The other side of disarmament is human cooperation for common good and progress, dismantling borders and saving huge resources now used for harming purposes. Just in 2020 weapons expenditure was about 2 trillion USD. We can have at our disposal great number of resources for welfare and technological integration and progress.


To satisfy human needs and desires without discrimination, we need to establish a transparent system of communication and coordination of the best proposals for joint human development, possibly generated or at least supervised by the best experts in the different areas of development.

Decision making is based on common sense considering the urgency, the importance, the available resources, with coordinated planning, etc., and our current living space, the planet Earth, must also be preserved, protected, and improved with universal commitment.

Our starting point is division and human inequality in terms of the availability of resources, so we must distinguish between:

  • Production resources detached from their current dependence on a particular state go to serve the whole of Humanity. Any right, as property right, needs two parts, the holder of it and the one who grants or acknowledges it. Currently, the one granting the rights is the state, when we are united the one granting rights is Humanity and Humanity excludes any violence, enforcement, therefore resources are to be used in a rational way where ownership is irrelevant.
  • Consumption resources, where there is a big inequality or different standard and way of life between individuals. Those accustomed to very privileged conditions of life can maintain them without any imposition, but free willing austerity is welcome while advancing towards equality or fairness in terms of personal disposition of resources for the new generations, already educated in a common human, universal environment.


The inclusive decision-making system and the shared security system are established through an open and transparent UNIVERSAL CONGRESS ON HUMAN UNITY where the wisest and most expert people in several areas of human common interests are called to make their proposals for shared security and human´s integration and cooperation.

Human cooperation does not require a political system besides the transparency of every decision-making process. Disarmament is the crucial issue here because excluding the arm, everything else is to serve us and we do need to hide its purpose and once we learn, understand the purpose of an activity, object, or thing, we also understand what their improvement is and when, how and by whom it shall be best used. There is no other problem among humans than the arm and without it, harmonious understanding and cooperation follows.

This is a draft we propose as Human Universal Constitution, you can better it with your considerations, support it with your comments and we present it at the occasion of the Universal Congress on Human Unity for it to be approved publicly and universally.

Here you can better it or endorse it. Thank you