The Human Condition

Dear friends of humanity, supporters of HUM – Human Unity Movement,

The current situation of our activities and projects is pending on the response of the Madrid City Council to set a date and venue where to hold the Universal Congress we are proposing for autumn next year. Once we have this information, we can officially launch the call, as much the invitations to participants or speakers at the Congress as also the Congress worldwide publicity for which we will first invite as co-organizers some of the most relevant international communication companies in order to stablish as soon as possible a proper (unbiased) communication channel or system for the event. Our purpose is for Congress to result in a unanimous worldwide agreement on human unity with the Universal Constitution that starts Posthistory.

Meanwhile I would like to reflect once more on the theoretical aspects which encourage this call to human unity and for this I share the title above with that of a book by Hannah Arendt, whose basic statement is that “necessity gives the human being right to violence ”and it seems to me that this nonsense collects and summarizes one or, properly, the most widespread and significant representation of the world of these last centuries, shared by the right and left (Marxism) parties, habitual of all media, of textbooks, university chairs, etc., so it is very necessary to review it and expose its misery.

Any violence is, of course, all violence (as a weapon is all weapons), since it is impossible for someone to voluntarily accept violence and, therefore, that there is a right to exercise it, so that, consequently, he does not only will respond with violence if he can (or perhaps that is also his right); not only because of how difficult it is for a subject to accept to be harmed, as such a right assumes, but mainly because it is objectively and factually contradictory that there is a will which is not voluntary at the time – since it is imposed by another.

And the proof of the absurdity of that representation (although – I insist – it is universally assumed) is that this ‘right’ to violence is putting us on the verge of devastation of our own and all other people’s resources, and of human o even life extinction? Such a situation and result can only be understood as the product of absolute, uncontrolled violence (of the weapon against other weapons) and not as violence as a mean of something else.

It is therefore very important to reconsider and pour (new) light on human condition. Although food, water (clothing and housing….) are necessary conditions for the subsistence or life of plants and animals, including humans, contrary to what is usually assumed and pretended the (supposed) lack or shortage of these essential resources is not the cause of the violence that characterizes human relations but the deprivation of those resources by the weapon or arm – actually in its common appearance of armed unit or state (previously it could be called tribe, horde, clan, family or the name we want to put it). First, from the need or lack of resources does not follow violence; common sense understands such human needs and it is therefore capable of share them instead of using violence (which common sense also understands as necessarily absolute) agreeing a distribution of resources even in the most extreme case of acute shortage. Violence is absolutely undesirable and cannot be the object of ‘right’ except in fantasy, because, although the state declares itself legitimate violence, which everyone must confess, violence is the real illegitimacy itself. And it occurs only because it is beyond our control; even the most powerful one exercises violence against his desire.

Apart from the remarkable and punctual use of the weapon killing and destroying, its consubstantial, constant and permanent effect is to deprive (prevent, deny) and privatize (resources). Indeed, with regard to the coverage of material needs, the weapon is the necessary and sufficient condition of private property. It is necessary because without the mediation of the weapon private property is impossible; private property is not sustainable without the threat or violence that the weapon provides and projects and, therefore, private property is unthinkable without its presupposition, that is, as an existence, premise and precondition of the possibility of ownership and not vice versa. And sufficient because the weapon, since its aim is damaging, is necessarily private (the only object that it is so in its essence) and leads to everything else becoming private as its own resource; although property is attributed to individuals it does not really belong to them but to the armed unit or state that grants it and gives them a needed coverage or protection. This is the same in communist countries or in capitalist countries; states do not really put into play with their policies their subjects’ well-being but the dominance over the other armed units, as it corresponds to their nature.

Thus, the human condition is the weapon, present in nature prior to the appearance of our specie and to which we, like other species, adapt according to our abilities and means. We can say that weapon -both, in its form of an object or artifact and in its organizational form, the army- is the top human production at all times and in all places. It just does not seem that way to us in the present, because, despite their supreme and decisive condition at all times equally, weapons are absent from the media and the public sphere, they are a secret reserved for intelligence, although Its development, here and now, concentrates the best human and material resources and is the destination of the most advanced technologies and so will it be perceived in the future, as we can see when looking at the past, since all technological development has at first a main military use (ships, vehicles, airplanes, internet, etc.) and the design and decisions on everything that concerns the state is strategic, its provision is the most appropriate or advantageous for war, we have already mentioned its policies, but, for example, so is it with the foundation of cities, frequently transport routes, fortifications or castles with the slums around them, etc.

The weapon’s proper form is the armed unit, the state, that is, the interrelation of all weapons under a single command without whose consent they cannot be used. The armed unit is constituted in the form of a pyramid, the one appropriate to its being a chain of command from a single head and whose relationship with its subordinates is of imposition. The natural tendency of that pyramid is to submit every human or natural resource by its base integrating it into the lowest part of the hierarchy. This violent and pyramidal structure can only be counteracted or resisted from another equally pyramidal structure and between the two the relations are of imposition and deterrence.

In the territory of each state, every weapon is incorporated or is illegal (except in some countries where weapons are provided to individuals so that they end up with individuals particularly undesirable for the state, but never to rival it) and every illegal weapon must be destroyed, in correspondence to the monopoly of state violence. Likewise, the other armed units (the other states) are also outside the system of legality that emanates from each state in particular and are, therefore, enemies and must be equally incorporated or ultimately destroyed, except that they are allies in time to submit and destroy a third party.

Whoever has greater destructive capacity regulates relationships and whoever has less destructive capacity assumes them. And if he refuses to obey, he who has the greatest destructive capacity can destroy the disobedient’s weapons or deprive him of his subsistence resources and put him at his mercy (such is the process now in Iran, Venezuela …). War is absolute, because I insist: Insumission is not an option but an unavoidable tendency, our wish to develop our strength, seek freedom, just as it is not an option for the most powerful or lethal to always be undermining others development or directly destroying it to preserve its supremacy. The idealistic illusion of each hegemony is that peace is achieved with the application of its legal system universally of which it is the guarantor and shall be provided with superior means of destruction. This is something unreal, since that perception remains in not looking at the weapon condition, as we do in the present analysis.

Violence is absolute and, in the absence of another ‘criterion’ than force, its inexorable tendency is equality or balance of opposites, so that states have to organize themselves in coalitions, it is very difficult for a single armed unit to be able to overcome all others. For that reason, the ideological figurations are particularly important, since being them idealistic (not perceiving the weapon) or irrational (lacking common sense) they are adapted to partiality, since if we perceive the weapon as it is; equal to each other, both ours and that of the enemy, as well as its analogous effect on us and on our enemies is manifested to us, it turns out that it also makes us all as we really are: equal and indiscriminate. For that reason, such a perception of the weapon could not be revealed in the past because it would have been a unilateral use of common sense (humanity) that would have resulted in self-harm or harm on our side and for the benefit of the enemy, so that the state, with a kind of justice, could not allow it. That is why the polis or state condemns Socrates for “not believing in the polis gods and (therefore) corrupting the youth” while Socrates, indeed, simply stated that he had no other wisdom, knowledge or understanding than a human one and he did not know, nor he intended as his fellow citizens to know about such things as gods or their designs (which actually would led them to make war). Therefore, his many followers became cosmopolitan, advocates of human unity (except those financed by the state as Plato and Aristotle) because they understood that common sense was only applicable in a universal context, a condition that, anyway, did not occur in his time. And the same happened in the Chinese culture with Mozi. But today it is, finally, possible to use common sense, universally expose and manifest reality, the determination of the weapon, and so liberate us all together. For that reason we convene a Universal Congress on Human Unity because together we will only project, build and do everything for our development, well-being and happiness and we will discard and eliminate projections, production and activities for damaging since, in unity, entrepreneurship for harming will be something as absurd, contradictory and foolish as one looking for harming himself.

Now, as the previous false representation of the world, even if unanimously accepted in our time, we have expressed citing Hannah Arentd justified violence and concealed the weapon and was an expression / confession of the legitimacy of the modern system of sovereign states, armed units or legitimate violence, that representation also projects us a possible human unity distorted from its meaning, necessarily violent and regulated by a super-state – a legitimate violence – necessary to protect and guarantee the property and security of the people and, therefore, a unit easily exposed to ‘civil’ wars that will take us to the fight for the control of that legitimate violence, the peak of the pyramid, or the dissolution of it in its way back to the current situation of a number of armed units in conflict for a certain predominance.

That is why it is extremely important to understand the falsity of that (economic) representation of reality and use common sense and with it understand the effects of human unity. Being the first and foremost effect of unity freeing us from the weapon, since the practice of unity is nothing else, nor can it be that the elimination of borders and armies, without remaining a single one as they are meaningless without each other. As well as inclusive and joint decision-making, cooperation for development and for our well-being, the increase of our capabilities and any possible realization of happiness of each and every one of us instead of dedicating ourselves to limit ourselves and prevent each other by weapon virtue. Disarmament is the sweet process of humanity adapting to itself.

Joining us will free us from the current confusion in which good and evil are intermingled, for evil, of course towards the enemy, is even more useful, better or even more beneficial than any real good for our side. Together, the difference between the good – what is useful, what promotes our well-being and our happiness – and the bad – the weapon, what is for harming will be as clear as we distinguish white from black or sweet from bitter and there will be no place for evil to take shape.

Human unity ends the genocide or homicide of human groups; not because a superior force, that of the human unity or community, is imposed on minority parties, groups willing to annihilate each other as it is happening in History where violence is absolute, because it was not that these groups had a tendency to mutually annihilate or that humans have an innate disposition to violence, homicide. It is necessary to understand that, while the violence was absolute, irremediable, the violent methods, their training, preparation, disposition and articulation particularly in case of alarm were not only pertinent but of the maximum necessity for life and genocide a constant event and with it, any analogy would do for group building and group operations required by violence. But to unite is to end up with violence; This ceases to be a human resource and, therefore, these groups (Catholics, Chinese, Muslims, Russians, Whites, Hispanics …) no longer constitute a latent and possible articulation for participation in the ever-present virtual violence, genocide or possible bloody struggle; the absolute war that dominates the world is given by the existence of the weapon, as Cervantes says “it is the same weapons than war.” Human unity ends genocide because it generates disarmament and disarmament puts an end to violence. That is why human unity is a qualitative change; “civil war” cannot happen because unity roots out violence and prevents its germ that is partiality –this is, independent and, therefore, opposite decision making.

The main contribution of human unity is to define and declare all violence illegitimate to be substituted with use of common sense, which allows us and leads us to do everything voluntarily, with the approval of each and every one of us. We cannot foresee in detail some aspects of this new world of post-history, as well as the character of its institutions if they were necessary, and other details that we must open to our common and cooperative judgment. What we can foresee is that the first step is to achieve the unanimous human will for unity, which results in a mandate for current politicians, whose legitimacy was only given before by the state from which they obtain the power of their representativeness, while now the origin of its legitimacy will be humanity as the ultimate source of all rights.

Likewise, it goes without saying that with rational (and not political), inclusive and joint criteria, we must face the new challenges of pollution, the use of renewable energy, climate change, deforestation, animal treatment and environmental treatment in general terms – which we all share now. These are tasks that, more than urgently, cry out for human unity, because only in this way can we cope with them since its threatening character resides, above all, in the inability we show ourselves of dealing with them separately and the need it presents for generating a joint and coordinated response which is prevented by the weapon (or partiality).

I invite you and encourage you to participate in the preparation of the Universal Congress on Human Unity that will mark our passage to post History.

Thank you!

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Genocide is now an option

The war is a genocide. In war people are killed according to an appellative or adjective, usually their nationality; like Russians, Chinese, Germans, etc., Although it can also be another qualifier, usually religious, also political, as, for example, Protestants, Jews , capitalists, grand landowners, etc. …, they are also killed according to a qualifier, even if not in international war.

I understand Hannah Arendt speaks of the “banality of evil” referring to the frivolity with which anyone pronounces himself in favor or against one or other groups, always assuming that genocidal disposition. This is, in fact, evil, even if it seems a thousand times worse that a friend fails or betrays us, or someone does not keep his word and those issues that hurt our hearts, our pride and dignity. These behaviors derive from that radical evil and not the other way around, let´s not confuse things – because, according to our disposition to genocide, we are all already guilty, lost our dignity, it is our original sin from which all the others emanate.

History makes us to assume genocide naturally, it is very familiar to each one of us, we live in it, with it, just as we coexist accepting that our ultimate goal is the development of a hellish machinery of destruction and death and young people in good spirits are prepared for selective and mass murder.

This naturalness, good spirit, unconsciousness itself has its logic as it is accompanied by a feeling of tragic need, which is our life and our common history. However, friends, today we can end with “evil”, original or radical evil, if we unite, if we make decisions jointly and inclusively we can not plan our own destruction, something that is possible today.

So, today genocide is no longer a necessity, but an option. An option that we must all voluntarily reject, choosing human unity by spreading the unity proposal call and participating and preparing together the Universal Unity Congress we propose to celebrate in autumn 2020.

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Universal Congress Invitation (draft)

Dear Mrs. General Director,

We address your esteemed company proposing you to join the human unity movement. We want all humans living together, where decisions are taking jointly and inclusively, considering the needs, interests, desires and concerns of all human beings, rather than the current partial or separate decision making of each country on its own.

Partial decision making necessarily leads to confrontation because any expansion or development of a part necessarily results in loss, detriment and damage to others, even more since development includes means of destruction -armies and weapons. Indeed, the greatest effort of humans at all times and places up to the present has been entrepreneurship for harming -armies and weapons- and harm: war or genocide.

Today, however, we can end this tragic condition of the past because globalization puts us in communication and allows us to make decisions jointly and inclusively and, as a consequence of common decision taking, our venture and our cooperation will be only to benefit us and no longer to harm us. United no initiative for harming can be desired or produced because it would be as meaningless as damaging oneself.

To live together is a decision to be taken by all the people on the world in conditions of equality and without any discrimination, particularly regarding nationality, and, therefore, it is not up to the representatives of the state, because, as such, their task is to manage that bias and the confrontation against the others. However, companies aim to serve humanity and our desire is that they do so without restrictions.

For this reason we address your esteemed company asking you to join this initiative of human unity or coexistence, otherwise you must be also aware of your homicidal will or disposition, because war has ceased today to be a tragedy or a need as it was in the past and, therefore, genocide is now just an option, something that neither companies nor anyone have a right to anymore.

And the coexistence or union is set in motion with a universal congress, transparent and open to all to be held in Madrid in Autumn 2020, together with a human constitution that puts an end to any harm and entrepreneurship for harming so that all the resources are destined to human development according to the experts proposal summoned to the universal congress whose suggestions are to be submitted to the judgment, approval and agreement of all people on Earth.

We consider your esteemed company expert and suitable to participate in this Congress where, in dialogue with other companies and experts of your sector of development or scope of entrepreneurship and service, to develop a universally open and transparent document of your vision of progress in meeting the needs and desires of humanity. So, if upon receipt of this message you express your interest, we will send you the formal invitation to participate in the Universal Congress.

We look forward to your kind response
Very cordially
Manuel Herranz

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The Corporate Human Responsibility, CHR, concept

From HUM to the Companies

Admired and respected firms,

Hereby we would like to introduce you the Corporate Human Responsibility, CHR, concept we are promoting all over the World.

– Up to know, the Corporate Social Responsibility, RSC, is based on companies good (or bad) practices (as no polluting, their social contributions, their workers conditions, etc.) while RSC does not take into consideration ventures entrepreneurship aim. A company assuming CHR means that its first aim is serving Humanity.

Indeed, every company product or service (a cup, a TV, a car, a program, an app and so on) always aims at satisfying human needs or desires without discrimination and any product or service progress or development towards their aims is an advancement for the whole humanity no matter what individual or part achieves or promotes it. Human needs and desires are also equal, we all humans need to be feed, want to reach further, enjoy good health, to be happy…., we do not need to discuss or deal about our ends, we do not need politics, since we all know and we all agree about what we all want. Even more, humans are not only passive bodies whose needs (and desires) have to be covered by those products or services, also our relationship as humans results indiscriminate when we have a common cause, a common production, service aim…..because in this way we use rational objective criteria which equalize people and generates community, where property is irrelevant and privileges are detrimental.

– CHR, companies aiming at serving Humanity, also means companies supporting Human Unity, this is; common, inclusive decision taking, which prevents any destructive or harmful entrepreneurial aim. It is nonsense one harming oneself, which is our condition when we all unite.

CHR is not a company sacrifice for the sake of another, external good, on the contrary; it fits its logical aim of expanding its service without any restriction on the market, users or consumers. We can see, however, for instance, how American companies are prevented from selling to China, Iran or others and companies are basically prevented from helping other´s development, even if they are interested in mature markets, because currently any development implies along with it development of destruction power. This is our original problem and we can overcome it with Human Unity.

– CHR is not just of company’s interests, it is also humans, all people, consumer’s interests who, therefore, will support companies assuming CHR since they see them as the alternative to our historical and present destructive development and the Way to human peace and harmony.

HUM has already “tested the market” without any resources and has also demonstrated that the need and desire for Human Unity is there and our proposal for human unity make sense and receives basically unanimous and indiscriminate support, so, if we get support from companies resources our development will be very fast all over the World, therefore we have planned an open and transparent World Congress on Human Unity as soon as next year.
We are hereby kindly asking for your consideration to assuming CHR and joining the Movement to Human Unity by supporting HUM activities as the 2020 Human Unity World Congress along with a Human Universal Constitution you can see in our website.
And we stay personally at your disposal for clearing or detailing any point and looking forwards to your contact.

Manuel Herranz Martín
HUM – Human Unity Movement
C/ Puerto Serrano, 32 5ºA
28045 Madrid
Mobile: +34 656339490
Phone: +34 91 031 40 10

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US, China trade war and companies support for Human Unity Movement

As Mozi said, human miseries an calamities are originated by partiality or, what is the same, by non-inclusive or non-joint decision-taking because partial decision-taking results in that a development of a party is a threat to the others since partial development also increases destructive power or destructive capabilities as weapons.

And that is the explanation of the commercial war launched by the US against China and also of the US conflict with Iran. The sale of Iran’s natural resources allows it to develop also militarily and, even without nuclear weapons capability, this development poses a threat to its neighbors, Saudi Arabia and Israel, supported by US. And so goes on with the rest of the conflicts, to which we can add that friendship and cooperation of some countries with others, such as Venezuela’s with Russia and China, results in threats and enmity with their strategic rivals as USA, etc.

This priority drive for security and thus development at all costs against others, apart from the aforementioned human misery directly derived from the confrontation, makes that some people have to work tirelessly while others have no job, that we are unable to face common challenges such as the deterioration of the environment, the extinction of fauna, climate change, etc., because the opposite interests predominate and subordinate all others issues, leading us to accept mutual destruction and genocide as a way to solve them.

These are the facts and the condition we face and intend to resolve with our Human Unification proposal, with the establishment of a joint and inclusive decision-making system, with a shared projection of our future, so that our objectives are limited only to the mutual and common benefit and the possibility of a harming purpose is discarded, since, together, it would be incongruous as one attempting against himself.

To that end, the Human Unity Movement (HUM) proposes a transparent and open World Congress for 2020 to the whole world where to discuss, agree and establish human unity and a system of joint and inclusive decision-making, as well as the promulgation of a Universal Human Constitution to be there always as a statement of our unification purpose so that everyone can clearly understand and agree with it.

A main issue of the World Congress on Human Unity is the union of all the armed forces under the same command so that they become redundant and disarmament is not only possible but its logical consequence.
With human unity, not only armed organizations, weapons and their development for the damaging or harming become obsolete and are eliminated, but all other objects will stay there only to serve us all and it will help us to implement objective justice and fairness. We all objectively understand what improves an object, so also how destruction power improves a weapon, because we see if it accomplish better its purpose and, at the same time, we understand how this object shall be used, who should be served by it according with his needs or purpose of use, what training is necessary for its use, etc. But also, in the same way that we are now pawns of the weapons which divide us, hierarchize us and discriminate us, the rest of the objects, all meant to serve us, will unite us and equalize us according to a common sense they give us.

In a world where objects are only meant for service, equality or non-discrimination between individuals is not only possible but also its logical consequence since, whatever serves us or is useful implies a standard universal criterion within the reach of any understanding. In the same way that a car is meant to go fast and transport heavy things, if you manufacture a faster, safer car, more capable car, it is a better car, although the suggestion or contribution of those improvements comes from different individuals. That same understanding of service or utility leads us not to discriminate against people in accessing resources according to their needs or purposes or to the management of teams according to knowledge, skills and qualities, as well as the aim of work or cooperation is transparent, shared and common, so that this command does not mean inequality and it can usually be an eventual condition. This concept is exposed as early as by Mozi in IV century BC, but also many other thinkers speak of the only possible peace, harmony o equality as only derived by a common cause, by cooperation.

This is how a system of governance rules in a united world in which we are all equal and in which we all participate equally in it. The politics we know –meant and dedicated to managing violence- under human unity condition is spurious, unnecessary, as weapons are. So, what we have to deal with now is ventures change.

We see that companies are subjected, like everything else, to their respective states and they are just state resources. Many Chinese companies are state-owned companies and Chinese companies are usually accused of sticking to political dictates. American companies, which were considered to be freer than their Chinese counterparts, also comply with their administration decisions as now against China and also they have to align themselves with political measures of boycott or blockade to other countries under the penalty of serious, unbearable fines, so that political affairs reduce their market in contradiction with their own business logic. However, large companies are transnational entities and, therefore, in position to be a reference for humanity if they assume, beyond their CSR, Human Responsibility, that is, making and becoming aware of the human original problem of partiality as mentioned above and, consequently, they adhere to human unity movement.

Companies produce services and supply products that meet our needs and desires and consumers can choose between different offers of products or services according with that seems best for them, but those differences in service and products are not very big and what differentiates most companies is their marketing, their advertising, their adornment, their patronage, their art, the emotion and pleasure they propose and promise, their CSR and all that together has a great influence on consumers when choosing a company to deal with and, therefore, that overall image is companies base for viability and sustainability.

Today, companies can communicate and promise a united world, a world without conflict, where human dignity and happiness prevails and ventures only compete to provide the best possible services and products and are no longer subjects of partial interests as it is happening now. The need and desire of the human union is there, HUM promotes it successfully without any resources, so that we can say the market has been already tested and we have certainty now that if the movement for human unity is supported with some corporate resources, the overall need for human unity will result in a unstoppable development and its scope will be rapidly universal. In consideration of that easy journey, we have set the date of the World Congress as early as autumn of 2020.

As we mentioned before, objects and thus companies equate individuals universally when their service seeks entirely benefit and rejects any harm, but that equality, unlike political equality which is a contradiction, is at the same time maximum empowerment because it constitutes each human being as responsible or supreme head on all armed forces of the world, since this is how, united, these are useless, redundant. This is the treatment that each person deserves and not only from companies, but it must stay at the base of all communications, giving it to understand with everything that by our intention reaches the intelligence of the other, with this we will not only achieve freedom, but harmony throughout the Earth.

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Information on HUM development and activities

Between April 3th and 5th, Marta Nogueroles, HUM vice-president, and, Manuel Herranz, president, have had the pleasure of participating in a Congress on Cosmopolitanism (Human Unity) organized by the Association of Philosophical Hispanism in Seville University. The consciousness of a need for human unity, hidden those last centuries behind the idea of national sovereignty, is awakening

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We understand that humans share the same common sense, that is; the same criterion when judging about other people or about things, and for that reason we can give ourselves this Constitution.

We publish this outline of a Universal Human Constitution in order to give us each other security and guarantees on the foundation of the relationship that we intend and propose to establish, namely; unity, all humans living together, so that we can all support Human Unity with clear conscience of what we do and expect from that it, since we want all people to corroborate and accomplish unity now according with this understanding, as well as to provide an unequivocal reference for future humans.


We, the people of Earth without distinction and without discrimination and in conditions of equality, give us on ourselves this Constitution that serves as a reference and understanding of our purpose of unity and avoid any confusion or doubt about it now and for future generations.

We intend to unite, to live together, this is: to take decisions jointly and inclusively, projecting our objectives, aims always taking into consideration or account the interests, desires and concerns of all humans without distinction or discrimination.

In this sense, we consider two main aspects, according to human natural motivations:

A CONCEPT OF HUMAN SECURITY whose purpose is to prevent and avoid harm against each and every one of all humans and of life in general.

A CONCEPT OF SHARED HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, whose purpose is to meet the needs, satisfy human desires, develop our capabilities, increase our welfare, benefit and, in short, pursue and achieve the happiness of each and every one of all humans.


The most important threat and the obstacle to human coexistence and cooperation are weapons, so that eliminating them is our first and main common objective.

To this end, the first step is to put all arms under a single command so that they are redundant, since they are one because of others, and, therefore, united, we can proceed to disarm. Uniting, putting the weapons under the same command, results in that arms cannot take any initiative without permission from that command and, therefore, no harm initiative could be desired or can occur, because in unity any armed initiative would be a damage against itself, and, on the contrary; what is then convenient and appropriate is the agreed, joint and simultaneous disarmament.

The actual execution of disarmament is the adaptation of humans to themselves, that is, to humanity, by developing a coexistence free of violence, based on understanding and voluntary cooperation that will be generated with attention or considering the common human interest, guaranteed by the undoubted greater good that is use of resources for our benefit instead of for harming. Disarmament has to be also carried out by application of human common sense without discrimination based on transparency that generates an objective criterion since arms are meant for reciprocity, they do not make sense by themselves. As also taking into account collateral effects, such as demobilization, recycling, etc.

Now, the first moment to achieve HUMAN SECURITY is the will of each one of us for human unity so that disarmament can take place.

We are all equally responsible for common human security, but we can establish a commission or working group whose task is the study and prevention of possible dangers or threats for humanity as a whole and for each one of the human beings in particular including climatic change, Earth pollution, etc. whose observations always be open, public and transparent and that group can already be the expression of the unity of all the armed forces of the world and coordinate disarmament so that it is carried out by agreement, jointly, reciprocally and simultaneously.


In order to satisfy human needs and desires without discrimination, we need to establish a transparent system of communication and coordination of the best proposals for joint human development, possibly generated or supervised at least by the best experts in the different areas of development. .

The criterion for decision making is based on common sense, that is; taking into account the urgency, the importance, the available resources, with a coordinated planning, etc., considering humanity as a whole without discrimination and so also its current living space, the planet Earth, which must also be preserved, protected and improved, always with total transparency and universal commitment.

As with weapons, the current starting point is the division and human inequality in terms of the availability of resources, so we must distinguish between:

  • The disposition of common human public resources detached from their dependence on a specific weapon or its deprivation by it, to serve the whole of humanity from the moment this unit is constituted or this constitution enters into force. Rational use of resources makes ownership redundant.
  • The inequality in the disposition of resources by individuals, accustomed to very different conditions of life, by which those who are now enjoying privileged conditions can maintain them without any imposition on them, while advancing towards equality or justice in terms of individual disposition of resources for the new generations.


This proposal is open to consideration and public judgement, so, please, feel alluded to it in equality with all people,

It is also open to the addition of new possible chapters..

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