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Do you agree to live together with all humans instead of continuing separated in partial decision-making units or states, so that united we implement an inclusive, transparent decision-making system that, consequently, avoids and renounces (mutual) harming purposes and causes that we all promote and work for common good only? Or do you lack humanity?

Humanity is goodwill


Humanity is a natural feeling, but it is repressed and prevented by the existence of arm. The arm’s aim is to kill, and therefore, it is perceived as a death threat which can only be avoided by surrendering and, in the end, incorporating into it as an armed unit and undertaking its aim of harming.

And this harming purpose cannot be exposed, as it would be counterproductive so that this makes us all live in a lie, in confusion, and in ignorance when actually the world is clearly intelligible with common sense since everything is understood by its aim.

The only way to avoid surrendering to an army is to join another because only one army can limit another, and all armed units tend to subject every resource to their service so that our past is the history of war, and all humans are arm’s subjects and work for its lethal and destructive purpose


However, if we unite, if we make inclusive decisions, we renounce our (mutual) harmful purpose and we will only transparently deal with and cooperate for common good. Therefore, humanity or goodwill promotes human unity. What´s more, human unity leads to disarmament because united armies become useless, redundant, and we all will perceive clearly the arm’s absolute evil and inconvenience.

Real disarmament is only universal (simultaneous, agreed, joint…), and universality is also its guarantee against any uncertainty or risk concerning its execution. While unilateral or partial disarmament is no more than surrendering, serving another army so that it is not even disarmament.

That condition of universality is only fulfilled now in our globalized world where we are all connected. Therefore we just need to disclose, share the truth (of the arm effect) which can be understood by every intelligence, dispelling figurations and confusion, allowing mutual and universal understanding to cooperate, to act together

Break free now from the arm by sharing the truth of it, and this truth goes together with an incessant demand for human unity so that nobody can refuse an answer confirming her/his humanity, her/his will to unity or disarmament because now it is not ignorance but silence that causes the genocide and misery to go on, which is no longer our fate.

Unity means inclusive decision-making, this is, considering the whole Humanity, the condition, position and opinion of all and each human, and this is achieved just by publishing the decision-making process in an open and transparent way, so that anybody can propose new criteria, objections, and considerations to it. Therefore we are calling for a World Congress on Human Unity. Publicity means universality, but the decision-making process is ruled by the principle of subsidiarity, this is each issue shall be solved by those close to the object under question, those affected by the decision are those who take part in this decision-making process. The decision-making is based on common sense and equality of each person according to her needs, fears and wishes, and therefore those decisions are not based on some people´s command upon others as it happens with the states and politics adapted to the state of war we live in now, but on the knowledge on the issue under question.

Some intelligent people of the past saw and understood that Peace and Love are the same as Human Unity or inclusive decision making because logically and obviously in this way (mutual) harm is excluded and, best, it brings about the use of common sense, this is, to treat others as we would like to be treated. But the vision of those people was only a dream, a hope in an unknown and incommunicado world.

And those people’s works could hardly have continuity because, in the past, beyond being human unity an inviable proposal in an unknown world, common sense weakens the state, something clearly exposed by Socrates’ case, and so is it that we hardly have references of this so simple, logical and evident way to put an end to human misery.

However, today with the current global interconnection allowing us to act simultaneously, universal peace and love are already possible, and promoting human unity or common good is no longer prejudicial to the state since it affects all states in the same manner.

  • The army is the necessary cause of private property since private property means deprivation for all others which cannot exist without the army´s violence. But, above all, the arms are the sufficient cause of private property because arms are meant to kill and harm, and, therefore, they cannot be shared, and all the things are necessarily private as this is the way they serve a particular army only.
  • While, on the opposite side, the necessary and sufficient cause of the human community is disarmament, whose consequence is the use of all resources according to their own aim which objectively implies by whom, how, when….they shall be used.
This transformation was an irresoluble problem for the Stoic Cosmopolitanism, however, today it can be solved by Human Unity, where the state is no longer the one granting rights, but Humanity.