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We understand that humans share the same common sense, that is; the same criterion when judging about other people or about things, and for that reason we can give ourselves this Constitution.

We publish this outline of a Universal Human Constitution in order to give us each other security and guarantees on the foundation of the relationship that we intend and propose to establish, namely; unity, all humans living together, so that we can all support Human Unity with clear conscience of what we do and expect from that it, since we want all people to corroborate and accomplish unity now according with this understanding, as well as to provide an unequivocal reference for future humans.


We, the people of Earth without distinction and without discrimination and in conditions of equality, give us on ourselves this Constitution that serves as a reference and understanding of our purpose of unity and avoid any confusion or doubt about it now and for future generations.

We intend to unite, to live together, this is: to take decisions jointly and inclusively, projecting our objectives, aims always taking into consideration or account the interests, desires and concerns of all humans without distinction or discrimination.

In this sense, we consider two main aspects, according to human natural motivations:

A CONCEPT OF HUMAN SECURITY whose purpose is to prevent and avoid harm against each and every one of all humans and of life in general.

A CONCEPT OF SHARED HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, whose purpose is to meet the needs, satisfy human desires, develop our capabilities, increase our welfare, benefit and, in short, pursue and achieve the happiness of each and every one of all humans.


The most important threat and the obstacle to human coexistence and cooperation are weapons, so that eliminating them is our first and main common objective.

To this end, the first step is to put all arms under a single command so that they are redundant, since they are one because of others, and, therefore, united, we can proceed to disarm. Uniting, putting the weapons under the same command, results in that arms cannot take any initiative without permission from that command and, therefore, no harm initiative could be desired or can occur, because in unity any armed initiative would be a damage against itself, and, on the contrary; what is then convenient and appropriate is the agreed, joint and simultaneous disarmament.

The actual execution of disarmament is the adaptation of humans to themselves, that is, to humanity, by developing a coexistence free of violence, based on understanding and voluntary cooperation that will be generated with attention or considering the common human interest, guaranteed by the undoubted greater good that is use of resources for our benefit instead of for harming. Disarmament has to be also carried out by application of human common sense without discrimination based on transparency that generates an objective criterion since arms are meant for reciprocity, they do not make sense by themselves. As also taking into account collateral effects, such as demobilization, recycling, etc.

Now, the first moment to achieve HUMAN SECURITY is the will of each one of us for human unity so that disarmament can take place.

We are all equally responsible for common human security, but we can establish a commission or working group whose task is the study and prevention of possible dangers or threats for humanity as a whole and for each one of the human beings in particular including climatic change, Earth pollution, etc. whose observations always be open, public and transparent and that group can already be the expression of the unity of all the armed forces of the world and coordinate disarmament so that it is carried out by agreement, jointly, reciprocally and simultaneously.


In order to satisfy human needs and desires without discrimination, we need to establish a transparent system of communication and coordination of the best proposals for joint human development, possibly generated or supervised at least by the best experts in the different areas of development. .

The criterion for decision making is based on common sense, that is; taking into account the urgency, the importance, the available resources, with a coordinated planning, etc., considering humanity as a whole without discrimination and so also its current living space, the planet Earth, which must also be preserved, protected and improved, always with total transparency and universal commitment.

As with weapons, the current starting point is the division and human inequality in terms of the availability of resources, so we must distinguish between:

  • The disposition of common human public resources detached from their dependence on a specific weapon or its deprivation by it, to serve the whole of humanity from the moment this unit is constituted or this constitution enters into force. Rational use of resources makes ownership redundant.
  • The inequality in the disposition of resources by individuals, accustomed to very different conditions of life, by which those who are now enjoying privileged conditions can maintain them without any imposition on them, while advancing towards equality or justice in terms of individual disposition of resources for the new generations.


This proposal is open to consideration and public judgement, so, please, feel alluded to it in equality with all people,

It is also open to the addition of new possible chapters..

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