We promote human unity, this is; a human inclusive decision-making sytem which, consecuently, avoids and prevents harming purposes (arms) and pursues human´s welfare only.


To rally people in terms of equality and without nationalities distinction to support and promote human unity. We look for people willing to represent Humanity´s interest.


An open and transparent World Congress on Human Unity where to first exercice and to fix inclusive decision making for a human common future.


Humanity's Day of Reconciliation (and Forgiveness) on January 30, 2025 Why we kill and harm each other? Because we are all part of states or incorporated arms that force us to harm - or be harmed and killed as deserters. States are based on total inequality (injustice), organized in a hierarchy of rank and economic means disposition so that the relationship is forced, inhuman, and thus effective for harming. Why dialogue or communication is impossible? Each armed unit (state) represents itself as a defender and moral, while considering the other as an attacker and immoral, but the reality is that we all anticipate the projection of harm from the arm that is enough to subdue us, so we are determined to try to arm ourselves and disarm the other as much as we can - even through war or mutual destruction. While within the state, we try to put others at the lowest part of the hierarchy. 1. The weapon is the evil since it is the object of harm and personal liberation is the disillusionment of the figurations that hide or justify the evil, and human liberation is agreed and universal disarmament. 2. Disarmament needs to be universal; unilateral disarmament would only result in serving another arm. That universality justifies or implies that the resources taken from military use are utilized to facilitate dignified living conditions for everyone and to integrate all humans for cooperation for the common benefit. Except for weapons, everything else is to serve us and brings us harmony and common sense. 3. Transparency and publicity: All humans are equal in reason and understanding. The elimination of weapons leads us to equality and human community through public and transparent decisions, because, except for evil, that is, the weapons that are to harm us and therefore need to be hidden, what is good is achieved with its simple proposal or publicity - as is the case with this very proposal. ✨ -Proposal: A. Until the Day of Reconciliation, we share and spread this message as much as we can. B. On the Day of Reconciliation, we make sure that this communication effectively reaches all of Humanity to then begin disarmament through transparency and publicity. You are now responsible for peace now


In those posts you can see more in detail our proposal for human unity, its relation with the history of philosophy and today´s international politics and also we consider some issues and push forwards some proposals regarding the Universal Congress on Human Unity.

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DO YOU WANT PEACE? Then we must live together with all humans instead of separated in partial or exclusive decision-making units or states -armed units. United we make decisions inclusively, openly, and transparently and, consequently, prevent deception and harming purposes (arms), and instead of dedicating all our efforts to develop arms and wage war, which is the intend to disarm the enemy to keep or put him at our mercy, we will deal and cooperate for common good only. But the best is unlike now that we have to be trained for violence and deception, united we will consequently and in a natural way kindly persuade, help and praise each other for being humane, harmonious with the community and benefiting it. PEACE PROPOSAL Peace, if true, obviously cannot be forced or imposed, it must be established as an agreement based on a public proposal. This is the case of this one and so it is also new in it to address the people and not (only) the states. And what follows now is that accepting it means sharing it, since it would be contradictory to support it and deny publicity to it which is the means for bringing it to reality. And a good channel are the educational institutions due to their reflective and universal nature.

This peace proposal is at the same time a call or invitation to a Day of Celebration of Humanity´s Reconciliation on January 30, 2025, in which the human will for peace is unanimously manifested and a Congress of Humanity is convened later in 2025. The Congress will replace unilateral decision-making and threat as the way of human relationship by inclusive, public decision-making that is open to the judgment and participation of all, in this way preventing and avoiding harming purposes, which is the cause of deception and harm, and dealing only with common good. Here follows the argument and proposal:

1. Violence is the effect of (the existence of) the weapon, an object that becomes an army, and whose purpose is to kill and harm (obviously only the others), and death is only avoided with submission or by joining another army that confronts the first one and those armies determine each other dynamically to increase their destructive power and their alliances as much as they can to defend themselves from each other and also to limit and, if possible, disarm o destroy the other's weapons, resources - which is to wage war, because the weapon leaves us humans no other alternative than to subdue or to be subdued.

2. Therefore, peace is not just the eventual absence of war or mutual destruction, but the cessation of the intention of harming. Let us not deceive ourselves, the intention of harming is harming for humans. In the past, in an unknown and incommunicado world, it was inevitable, since a unilateral attitude of defenselessness, an unarmed position is equivalent to defeat. However, today we can, we must, and we hereby propose to reset our relationship by agreeing to the cessation and renunciation of all harming intention way of using inclusive decision-making.

3. This human unanimity against the weapon identifies our interest with that of Humanity, because, in the same way that a single weapon inevitably results in all the weapons in the world and enslaves all human beings, only an universal agreement results in the cessation of the intention of harming, in our universal liberation, and the use of resources, which now serve the armies, for human benefit. For example, the cessation of the development and production of weapons would release in one year $2.5 trillion, and this amount is a common good, since nobody or no part unilaterally could achieve it and only an universal agreement can make it. And that liberation and release of resources that occurs just with stopping weapons development is a trifle compared to proper disarmament which is the means, way or path to the human community.

THE WONDERFUL THING IS THAT NOW OUR GOOD IS ALL OTHER PEOPLE´S GOOD TOO AND THEREFORE IT IS JUST A QUESTION OF SHARING, FIRST OF ALL, THIS INFO, WHICH IS UNIVERSAL ONCE PUBLISHED BECAUSE THE WORLD IS FULLY INTERCONNECTED IN OUR DAYS. Doing evil, this is to say, harming others, does not come from our will, it is due to the existence of the arm in nature to which all humans had to adapt making it as lethal as possible and organizing in armed units.

The arm, an object for committing homicide, is the cause of war, because the aim of any war is to disarm/destroy the enemy´s arm to put or keep him at its mercy, which is the constant effect of the arm on us humans as we virtually anticipate our death. A clear proof that evil is unwanted is that mutual destruction is obvsiously the worst way to solve differences, but being it an option, it becomes the only one, and, in fact, the arm itself and its threat is the cause of human division and differences.

That evil work is manifested in the great mass of people dedicated and exercising themselves directly and expressly to kill, or others to design and produce with all or the best available resources forms and ways to kill more effectively or working on the study of the possibilities of how to cause the greatest possible damage to the other, with whose threat he is subjected. And another large mass of people hiding, disguising that purpose, and disorienting people, distorting through representations and figurations the reality of things, objects and actions that are naturally and clearly understood by their purpose or object.

The other side of the coin is that of those who pursue opposing policies, for example, in favor of disarmament, pacifists, anarchists, or those against nuclear weapons, whose proposals for unilateral action cannot but result in prejudice and at their own objective disadvantage in the face of the implacable other, but these also serve to demonstrate that there is no alternative and they can therefore also access some payment, although much more limited, or even originating from the other party...

However, the truth, which is human, can already be told today, exposed, as follows: the presence of an object for homicide, the weapon, makes anyone necessarily need and want to possess it and, furthermore, privatize it, and perhaps he thinks that he will use it only if necessary or when necessary, but the other also wants that option for himself and will, if he can, get a more powerful weapon or one that can do more damage.

And both organize in groups as armed units and will try to consolidate them more large, seeking to gain more advantage and will put as many more resources, human and material as possible through harsh exploitation at their disposal and service, so much that, if one is not able to consolidate a sufficiently powerful armed unit it will be absorbed and/or subjugated by the first, and so on until the world in which we live in where we all work for evil seeking to increase that killing advantage or, call it well, defend ourselves from that of the other.

Maybe we must remember, just in case there is any doubt, that the weapon is not just anything, because, although you can kill with a chair or a kitchen knife, these do not ‘alarm’ anyone, they do not force us to react like the weapons, which explicitly manifest in their form, use and meaning their homicidal purpose, and the weapon is not abstract as it sometimes appears; It needs the specific enemy as well, to give itself the maximum meaning, in its design, location, and in everything else as a guide for that search for the maximum possible concrete damage.

The cause of war, mutual destruction, is the purpose or attempt to prevent that capacity for damage to materialize, and this is what we see with Russia’s attack on Ukraine in view of its integration into NATO, or in the case of China, which has not done any specific harm to the US, but its economic growth, specifically military, threatens US hegemony, and so on. (Tucidides tells us of this same case about the Peloponesian war which lasted for 50 years and it started with the Spartans attacking Athens, even if Athens had not done anything against the Spartans, just they were growing stronger after the Persian retired and some territories were there left to be subyugated by them).

You see? in all this, was there any human evil? No, everything happened and happens logically and rationally. And that is the reality, no matter how much each one thinks otherwise, or in public hides -precisely behind a vision and even a human feeling with good words and gestures- that objective, cold evil, which is imposed inexorably and tragically on all of us equally. So, once we have seen it and it is before our eyes the authentic reality and the truth, whose manifestation is the condition of war in which we live, how is it solved?

PEACE Peace, as has been clearly seen by the wise men of the world, it is coexistence, human unity, inclusive decision-making whose consequence is to prevent and avoid deception, mutual harm (war) and the purpose of harm (the weapon, which is the cause of war) and generates, moves and motivates us for the common good.

But we cannot think or talk about inclusivity without putting the evil, the weapon, under human control first, since the condition and root of exclusion is the weapon, as proven by the fact that, just as inclusivity is open, public and transparent decision-making, the intention of harm cannot be made public and must be hidden or disguised, which results in the confusion of the world that is attached to war, which as Cervantes puts it "it is the same arms or war".

Inclusivity, which is necessarily universal and that is why it was impossible in the past, is achieved by putting all armed units under the same command, a Humanity Congress, which immediately makes them redundant and stops their development which is the cause of war.

A single command over weapons does nothing. How could it impose, force, or exert violence against itself? Weapons are only justified against each other, the purpose of harm is only justified and can be justified by the purpose of harming of the other, so that under a single command the service to the weapon becomes unnecessary and its human and material resources can be dedicated to human service instead of to human damage, so that this command is not over the people who are then free, the slavery and hierarchical submission to the weapon ends, and people´s work, the objects and the actions are no longer intended to serve the weapon but the Humanity. Because, except for the weapon, all things are to serve us and, therefore, human activity can then already be based on publicity, transparency and rationality in consideration of the concrete situation.

Unity begins with the publication of this peace proposal and aims to achieve complete recognition in the fall of 2024 in which we propose to celebrate Humanity Day, a day on which the Congress of Humanity is universally convened for one year later, so that during that year each and every one can participate in its organization and preparation. The task of Congress is to ensure that all human decisions, although subsidiary, are inclusive and will take responsibility for common human security, which is primarily disarmament, as well as the consequent establishment of the human community.

THE COMMON GOOD Living together we make decisions inclusively, openly, and transparently and, consequently, prevent deception and harming purposes (arms), and this means that we generate common good because the peace/disarming dividend is indivisible. In the same way that an arm results in all possible arms in the world, peace, common good, needs universality.

For example, united, the savings of 2,5 trillions now spent in a year in weapons development would belong to that common good, because they cannot be generated by someone, not by one side, or by the other side, but by the whole Humanity. And those 2,5 trillions are a triffle thing in comparison with the real dividend of peace which is the human community.

It is convenient to understand now that as the condition for common good is universality, peace or common good was not possible in the past in an unknown and incommunicado world, and it is only possible in our time. Sage and discreet people of the past reached understanding of peace as inclusivity, universality, cosmopolitanism, humanity...but their proposal in an uncomunicado world could not reach universality, therefore, the publicity of such understanding only weakened its own state in front of the others, and the state would not consent it and hid or mislead its comprehesion wherever it might had appeared and therefore we do not have public notice of what is peace.

But we have some very good insights left up today, as the expression of peace in the slavic languages, мир-mir, which means peace and world at the same time and it surely comes from the old Greek cosmopolitanism, or the Quixote, a great novel up to now misunderstood and mislead, whose subject is the arm´s virtual effect on us. But Mozi, a Chinese thinker contemporary of Confucius, is the most clear on all this; he says that Universal Love or Inclusive Care, as his doctrine is called, is the Will of Heaven, meaning with it a disposition of things that put us all humans togehter and in need of each other for peace or common good. And the Mohist also saw that their main problem was their ignorance on the world limits or if it had any limit...therefore, they also needed to say that peace, as universality, was Heaven´s Will. But, it is now that we ignore the limits of the world now? Therefore, it is just our choice.

ROADMAP As stated above, with human unity our work and actions are the result of the rational, public and transparent understanding of our situation and our consideration and open discussion of it, so the current rights and conditions are guaranteed by Humanity that assumes sovereignty and avoids and prevents all violence such as theft, or expropiation, or any other harm, so the states become subordinate to Humanity and represent it, maintaining control of the police and its internal management while carrying out pacification or unification, actually disarmament.

TEACH PEACE Peace comes because it put us in front of a very easy choice; good or evil. It is enough to think, understand and share what is peace. It is enough to understand that an arm, an object to commit homicide, becomes all possible arms in the world and that it makes us equally its slaves and confronts us. And it is enough to understand that human unity, universal inclusiveness is the common good, which is not an imposition or uniformity but mutual and universal liberation from evil, the arm. Who can choose evil which is for all, and therefore, also for oneself? Who will produce a weapon, or who will permit other to produce it, or who will permit others to organize themselves as armed units? And, who understands peace, and that peace is possible now, will not show it to others?



Humanity is a natural feeling, but it is repressed and prevented by the existence of the arm, given in nature before humans appeared. The arm’s object is to kill, and therefore, it is perceived as an imminent death threat which can only be avoided by surrendering, giving up and, in the end, incorporating into it, forming part of an armed unit, and undertaking its aim of harming. And worst, the only way to resist an army is to join another.

In contrast with all other things which are there to serve us, the arm is meant to kill us and, consequently, it cannot be shared, therefore, each armed unit or state necessarily is run under the command of a single individual and our organization is hierarchical or pyramidal.

However, in our time when we are all interconnected, we can prevent evil or harm, by uniting, by making inclusive and public decisions, because in this way we avoid harm and deception together, and, instead of going on making our utmost effort in arms development and in wagin war, we cooperate for common good only.

The purpose of harming (of the arm) cannot be exposed, published, because it would be incongruent and counterproductive; it would put the other on guard or move him to act against, consequently, we all live in a lie, in confusion, and in ignorance, while actually the world is clearly intelligible with common sense because everything, objects, activities are clearly understood by anybody when grasping their aim or purpose.

Human unity makes the arm useless and redundant and leads to disarmament, since the only reason to be of the arm is another arm. It is impossible that the arm could have another justification or cause than this because an arm causes all possible arms, all possible evil, since nobody can renounce her own will (to decide not to decide) which is the arm existence effect, therefore, human unity is our liberation.

Old cosmopolitans saw it clearly, as much in the East as in the West, and they both exposed it in this way: if we live together, we share the same sense of justice and we all know that harming is wrong and we all unanimously condemn it, while if we benefit the community everybody will praise it, but human division in armed units brings about the need of harm or evil against others as also inequality, authority or enforcement to harm others while being possibly harmed too.

Disarmament can only be universal (simultaneous, agreed, joint…), and universality is also the guarantee against any uncertainty or risk concerning its execution, for instance, the possible loss of welfare by those most privileged today. While unilateral or partial disarmament would be no more than surrendering, serving another army so that it is not even disarmament. Therefore, in the past, the lack of universality made human unity, peace, impossible.

Thus, we are calling for a Universal Congress or Assembly on Human Unity which assumes control on the arm, carry out disarmament and fix an inclusive and common human security system keeping people welfare while progressing towards equality through disarmament.

But before celebrating the Congress or Assembly we need to put all arms under a single command because this is the only way to suspend and stop the arm dynamic which absorbers human will towards evil, harming purposes. Without the arm under a single command, all people and, among them those participating in the Congress will go on thinking and working for their arm´s development and for undermining the others.

Indeed, the consequence of a single command on all arms is the suspension of all arms’ activities, overall ceasefire, and the suspension of the current upmost efforts for the arm´ development and expansion and the undermining and destructing of the others. With all arms under a single command, there is not possible harming initiative, not even from this command, as it would be the contradictory and absurd situation of one attacking himself and defending from himself.

We must support and contribute to human unity as individual people. If we leave this issue with our state´s representatives, we put them in a contradiction, because according to their previously given task, they are there to serve a particular armed unit against the others. But it does not mean that those people don’t have that same capacity to judge, to contribute like the others or even more from the position they occupy, but they cannot represent us in the call for human unity in the same way as we are not different from the people of other armed units.

Some intelligent people of the past saw and understood that Peace and Love are the same as Human Unity or inclusive decision making because logically and obviously in this way (mutual) harm is excluded and, best, it brings about the use of common sense, this is, to treat others as we would like to be treated. But the vision of those people was only a dream or a hope in an unknown and incommunicado world.

Therefore, those people’s works hardly could have continuity because, in the past, beyond being human unity an inviable proposal in an unknown world, common sense weakens the state, something clearly exposed by Socrates’ case, and therefore the state has cared about suppressing such aspiration, so that today is hard to find references of this so simple, logical and evident way to put an end to human misery, but if we take some kind care we see them clearly everywhere.

The trouble of the past, as Mozi inceasantly say it, how to “replace partiality by universality” and they discussed about the limits of the world and its inhabitants whereabouts. This step was also an irresoluble problem for the Stoic Cosmopolitanism as we see in many of their writings. They saw that if they wanted to dispense with the state, another state would be needed to put ‘order’ anyway, to keep rights, such as property rights, etc. But now we see this process as follows:

  • The arm is the necessary cause (only if A then B) of private property since private property means deprivation for all others, which cannot exist without the army´s violence. But, above all, the arm is the real or sufficient cause (if A then B) of private property because arms are meant to kill and harm, and, therefore, they cannot be shared, and all the things are necessarily private as this is the way they serve a particular army only.
  • While, on the opposite side, the necessary and sufficient cause of the human community is disarmament, whose consequence is the use of all resources according to their own aim which objectively implies by whom, how, when….they shall be used.

Today the “replacement of partiality by universality” can be solved by Human Unity, where the state is no longer needed for granting rights in front of others. Humanity together by its inclusive decision making procedure cares about not violating people´s right or property, which would be arising even more violence than now. However, universal disarmament and universal cooperation go together, this is, the optimus use of things for Humanity´s benefit and not for harming purposes which is also the interest of the current owner while property becomes irrelevant.

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