We promote human unity, this is; a human inclusive decision-making sytem which, consecuently, avoids and prevents harming purposes (arms) and pursues human´s welfare only.


To rally people in terms of equality and without nationalities distinction to support and promote human unity. We look for people willing to represent Humanity´s interest.


An open and transparent World Congress on Human Unity where to first exercice and to fix inclusive decision making for a human common future.


Then we must live together with all humans instead of separated in partial decision-making units or states. United we make decisions inclusively, openly, and transparently and, consequently, prevent deception and harming purposes, and instead of dedicating all our efforts to develop arms and wage war as we do now we will all promote and work for common good only. Therefore, if you want to end human misery, mutual destruction, and the recurrent genocide of war, please, support the Human Unity Movement.


In those posts you can see more in detail our proposal for human unity, its relation with the history of philosophy and today´s international politics and also we consider some issues and push forwards some proposals regarding the Universal Congress on Human Unity.

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  • 23, May, 2023
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Actually all wise or discreet people know it. Peace is justice, equality, instead of injustice or...

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  • 1, May, 2023
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The way to end the war is inclusive decision making which prevents (mutual) harm and deals with c...

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  • 17, March, 2023
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In spite of whatever we might be told, we might figure out or think, the indisputable reality of ...

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Humanity is goodwill

Humanity is a natural feeling, but it is repressed and prevented by the existence of the arm, given in nature before humans appeared. The arm’s object is to kill, and therefore, it is perceived as an imminent death threat which can only be avoided by surrendering, giving up and, in the end, incorporating into it, forming part of an armed unit, and undertaking its aim of harming. And worst, the only way to resist an army is to join another.

In contrast with all other things which are there to serve us, the arm is meant to kill us and, consequently, it cannot be shared, therefore, each armed unit or state necessarily is run under the command of a single individual and our organization is hierarchical or pyramidal

The purpose of harming (of the arm) cannot be exposed, published, because it would be incongruent and counterproductive; it would put the other on guard or move him to act against, consequently, we all live in a lie, in confusion, and in ignorance, while actually the world is clearly intelligible with common sense because everything, objects, activities are clearly understood by anybody when grasping their aim or purpose.

However, in our time when we are all interconnected, we can prevent evil or harm, by uniting, by making inclusive and public decisions, because in this way we avoid harm and deception together, and, instead of going on making our utmost effort in arms development and in wagin war, we cooperate for common good only.

Human unity makes the arm useless and redundant and leads to disarmament, since the only reason to be of the arm is another arm. It is impossible that the arm could have another justification or cause than this because an arm causes all possible arms, all possible evil, since nobody can renounce her own will (to decide not to decide) which is the arm existence effect, therefore, human unity is our liberation.

Old cosmopolitans saw it clearly, as much in the East as in the West, and they both exposed it in this way: if we live together, we share the same sense of justice and we all know that harming is wrong and we all unanimously condemn it, while if we benefit the community everybody will praise it, but human division in armed units brings about the need of harm or evil against others as also inequality, authority or enforcement to harm others while being possibly harmed too.

Disarmament can only be universal (simultaneous, agreed, joint…), and universality is also the guarantee against any uncertainty or risk concerning its execution, for instance, the possible loss of welfare by those most privileged today. While unilateral or partial disarmament would be no more than surrendering, serving another army so that it is not even disarmament. Therefore, in the past, the lack of universality made human unity, peace, impossible.

Thus, we are calling for a Universal Congress or Assembly on Human Unity which assumes control on the arm, carry out disarmament and fix an inclusive and common human security system keeping people welfare while progressing towards equality through disarmament.

But before celebrating the Congress or Assembly we need to put all arms under a single command because this is the only way to suspend and stop the arm dynamic which absorbers human will towards evil, harming purposes. Without the arm under a single command, all people and, among them those participating in the Congress will go on thinking and working for their arm´s development and for undermining the others.

Indeed, the consequence of a single command on all arms is the suspension of all arms' activities, overall ceasefire, and the suspension of the current upmost efforts for the arm´ development and expansion and the undermining and destructing of the others. With all arms under a single command, there is not possible harming initiative, not even from this command, as it would be the contradictory and absurd situation of one attacking himself and defending from himself.

We must support and contribute to human unity as individual people. If we leave this issue with our state´s representatives, we put them in a contradiction, because according to their previously given task, they are there to serve a particular armed unit against the others. But it does not mean that those people don’t have that same capacity to judge, to contribute like the others or even more from the position they occupy, but they cannot represent us in the call for human unity in the same way as we are not different from the people of other armed units.


Some intelligent people of the past saw and understood that Peace and Love are the same as Human Unity or inclusive decision making because logically and obviously in this way (mutual) harm is excluded and, best, it brings about the use of common sense, this is, to treat others as we would like to be treated. But the vision of those people was only a dream or a hope in an unknown and incommunicado world.

Therefore, those people’s works hardly could have continuity because, in the past, beyond being human unity an inviable proposal in an unknown world, common sense weakens the state, something clearly exposed by Socrates’ case, and therefore the state has cared about suppressing such aspiration, so that today is hard to find references of this so simple, logical and evident way to put an end to human misery, but if we take some kind care we see them clearly everywhere.

The trouble of the past, as Mozi inceasantly say it, how to “replace partiality by universality” and they discussed about the limits of the world and its inhabitants whereabouts. This step was also an irresoluble problem for the Stoic Cosmopolitanism as we see in many of their writings. They saw that if they wanted to dispense with the state, another state would be needed to put ‘order’ anyway, to keep rights, such as property rights, etc. But now we see this process as follows:

  • The arm is the necessary cause (only if A then B) of private property since private property means deprivation for all others, which cannot exist without the army´s violence. But, above all, the arm is the real or sufficient cause (if A then B) of private property because arms are meant to kill and harm, and, therefore, they cannot be shared, and all the things are necessarily private as this is the way they serve a particular army only.
  • While, on the opposite side, the necessary and sufficient cause of the human community is disarmament, whose consequence is the use of all resources according to their own aim which objectively implies by whom, how, when….they shall be used.

Today the “replacement of partiality by universality” can be solved by Human Unity, where the state is no longer needed for granting rights in front of others. Humanity together by its inclusive decision making procedure cares about not violating people´s right or property, which would be arising even more violence than now. However, universal disarmament and universal cooperation go together, this is, the optimus use of things for Humanity´s benefit and not for harming purposes which is also the interest of the current owner while property becomes irrelevant.

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