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Of course, this invitation is for everyone in the world, but we propose that students call it from their educational institutions due to its universal and reflective nature (without an executive task), sharing this message among their classmates and sending it to other national and foreign educational institutions so that they do the same until the call is universally spread. We notify the call until the summer holidays and after that we prepare the festival. Volunteers are welcome now.

On January 30, 2025, all humans are called to express our will to live together in peace and to create a Humanity´s body that ensures inclusive decision-making preventing the purpose of harming through cooperation for the common good and treating others as we would like to be treated.

Peace is not the absence of war, PEACE is DISARMAMENT

The weapon was there in nature, and it is the object (or evil intention) of harming as is manifested to us in the edge and tip of the sword, in the explosiveness of the bomb, etc., but not in a kitchen knife or a stone since those do not have that evil intention and do not alarm us. This harming or evil intention of the arm is sustained with time and cannot be solved but only confronted by another arm, and all arms become armed units, each seeking to increase its capacity of destruction and undermine this capacity of the others, because they dominate each other by using the threat of destruction and when this is not decisive the war follows, as the action or attempt to disarm the enemy. Therefore, peace is not the absence of war, but disarmament by cooperating for the common good.

The white flag is the means for human reconciliation.

The arm puts everything at its service. It does not admit other option than to be incorporated or to be the enemy and forces us all humans to organize ourselves hierarchically in armed units and states because in this way our personal will and our humanity is cancelled. Therefore, to liberate ourselves and all others from the arm we need to rise the white flag since its meaning and effect is the universal cessation of the arm´s activity, both damaging and threatening. If we are not able to express our humanity with the white flag and we are represented by our armed unit or state officials or by “ideas”, all developed in our previous state of war at the arm’s service, it will be a manifestation of our fear from the others´ threat and a projection of our own threat upon the others.

Disarmament is human unity.

Unilateral disarmament is not real disarmament but, like defeat, the transfer of our submission/service to another arm. Disarmament requires universality, something only possible in our time. Therefore, we are making this universal call of reconciliation along with forgiveness because until now each one was at the arm´s service without alternative and we cannot hold anyone responsible.

There is no problem among us humans except for the weapon whose purpose of harming must be hidden, pretexted, while human reconciliation is inclusive decision-making through the publicity of the purpose of any undertaking (affecting others) which prevents any harming purpose and just look for common good.

Since, everything but the weapon is there to serve us, its purpose of service implies when, how, by whom, etc., that (resource) shall be best used. Therefore, human sovereignty does not enforce anything, its organ is just an information nexus first for disarmament and in general for cooperation. Human unity or human sovereignty leads us all to promote peace and reconciliation among all the people as a common good, something that is now prevented by the arm, which affront us.

Peaceful disarmament cannot be enforced; it must free, voluntary, but one side stops producing and developing weapons and disarms if all others satisfy his/her conditions, which basically is to also stop spending in weapons and disarm because the sole cause of the arm is the (other) arm. Since disarmament cannot be achieved by one side or another and needs everyone’s cooperation the savings on weapons’ expenditure is the common good, and the result of disarmament is the human community.

Ceasefire and stop the weapon’s development now.

Disarmament which is human unity and sovereignty requires the unanimous agreement of all human beings. But, until we achieve that universality, and with it peace and reconciliation, we have to abide by the sovereignty of our state, because any unilateral/independent action within it would generate its violent reaction. However, the call for reconciliation and the manifestation of the white flag to the world can already serve to stop weapons’ development and to establish ceasefire (in Ukraine, Gaza, many places in Africa, wherever there is armed conflict), since now we know that peace is disarmament and human sovereignty, and the understanding, support and foresight of it facilitate the agreement of the parts for the immediate suspension of all weapons’ development and hostility without any other precondition.

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