• 28, January, 2022
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Dear Mr. Biden, Mr. Putin, and you all:

Human unity is the way to eliminate war, because inclusive decision-making excludes (mutually) harmful purposes and promotes and seeks common good only.

While partial or unilateral decision-making necessarily leads to conflict, as each part logically thinks and decides according to his/her interests without considering the others and this brings about struggle for the resources and impossibility of understanding.

If this (civil, dependent on the state) particular interests were just economic, it would not be enough to cause a war or mutual destruction, because destruction surely is worse than renouncing to obtain some resources.

However, what we are seeing in Ukraine now at stake is the control of the strategic position of that country and of its armed forces, while its alternative is only to have them against you in the opposite side, and this is enough to cause war.

The existence of the arm in nature before humans appeared had made us all HUMANITIES´s ENEMIES. However, today when the entire world is at our reach, whoever calls for HUMAN UNITY is a HUMANTY´S FRIEND because unity makes the arm, which manifests in armed units, redundant and eliminates it. And a humanity´s friend looks for the others to become it too. While this possibility now makes it that to be a Humanity´s enemy is out of one´s will.

You might think that since states cannot assume this initiative and the people are busy and closed in the state`s shoes box, human unity is a dream, at least by now… However, a ‘critical mass’ of people supporting it or a relevant event exposing it is enough to make human unity public which is now also global, and this will make a public answer unavoidable where unity cannot be refused because the harming purpose of the arm, needed for the unilateral decision-making, can no longer be justified by the other arm, precisely when he/she is renouncing it. Indeed, our reality of absolute war is the product of our history and mutual ignorance, but it cannot proceed from the human beings´ intelligence and will. Now we have a chance to reset.

And what is inclusive decision-making? It is quite simple. Inclusive decision-making is based on publishing its motive or cause and its purpose or aim, just like this message, and those that can be derived from it.

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