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Very happy holidays!

We are celebrating the best of the year, (in) New Year´s Eve, but it has not merit enough, it is that we all are celebrating together, so ¡this is the date!

Life is not to be bought
To look for a job to live, for satisfying basic needs like to eat, dress and lodge is falsely defined in economic relations terms –as much in the right as in the left parties, when, actually, it concerns to security, namely, the regulation and control of our lives (physically, materially), the means of linking the people to the command chain.
Inclusive decision making or human unity means, for instance regarding food, that we share it. It does not mean that we will necessarily have it always available and in abundance since a catastrophe could cause some shortage. The question is that we manage this shortage together since it is a human security question, which raises the use of inclusive and non-discriminating criteria to face the shortage.
Certainly, since we do not have a guarantee on the supply and without a predetermined criteria available now for food distribution, Fatalism could find something to hold on to. We could think that if we have enough certainty on having assured food, dress and lodging we will ending up avoiding any effort and, after a while, we will not have enough for eating. Given this uncertainty accentuated by the risk of change, we are not actually feeling ready to proceed.

However, regarding human or shared security we have absolute certainty and Fatalism vanes under clear light because it is obvious that we shall not expend our energies against each other as we are doing now. If weapons, more demanding than hunger, are not used, it is a waste, and if they are used, even worse.
Beyond sharing resources, human unity is basically about to eliminate the obstacles for our development, by working altogether and dedicating our cooperation to common benefit only. It happens, however, that what refers to the need of satisfying some life requirements, instinct is enough and we all understand it by just checking our stomach, but what refers to eliminate those obstacles for our development, the weapons, it requires communication, which does not mean to use the same language, but our intelligence.
A person certainly is an individual entity, but a person`s activities are necessarily linked to society, they make sense in and from our relationships.

The alternative to genocide is human unity; we want human unity and propose to implement inclusive decision making as soon as possible with an open and transparent World Congress this year 2020. You can see this alternative to genocide if you think about your options: or human unity or, if not, genocide, destruction of one army or the other, one part or the other. Here there is no way out. Syria´s conflict has not ended yet and forces from several countries are ominously gathering in Libya to fix the head of the command chain there.
The press, the media accept and propagate Fatalism of partiality because unconditional submission was needed in the past in an unknown world, but today we have to look for friends of humanity to talk to them about human-unity, universality, inclusion so that those politicians, those media also will have available the alternative to genocide and, in their turn, they will transmit the good news to their peers or counterparts and to every person everywhere in the world; put in short: the human right to shared security.

Happy New Year!

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