• 18, December, 2023
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We cannot consent the genocide, the suffering and misery that we suffer to go on because this is simply solved by living together, by which destruction is self-destruction and, therefore, is opposed by all and every one of us. And how are we going to do it? With the truth.

Until now we were all forced to lie, and the war is so falsely attributed to “various causes, economic, cultural, religious, etc.” -please, check the Wikipedia or consult the AI or the UN or UNESCO, because to wage war, human beings need to figuratively differentiate themselves, whether between democrats and authoritarians (case of the war in Ukraine), between Jews and Muslims (case of Palestine), between Sunnis and Shiites (case of Yemen) and so on…, when it is really the weapon, the armed unit or state, that makes people confess such figurations, which have no basis in common sense, and that is why they are taught in schools and rituals are invented.

This condition and attitude has been inevitable in the past, because, just as a weapon generates or is all the possible weapons in the world, in an unknown world to put the weapon into question was to question a state, a single armed unit, which is the form of the weapon among humans, and it resulted in weakening it for waging war, since war is the “life of the state”, as Sunzi says in the first line of The Art of War. But today in our globalized environment it is possible to use the truth, to declare that the cause of war is the weapon, since the weapon is the reason why we have no other option than destruction, and mutual destruction cannot be our choice since it is the worst possible way to resolve any difference. But it’s not even that, the fact is that the weapon forces us to develop it, invest and work with all the resources to increase our capacity to harm, and to damage and destroy that capacity in others, and that is waging war.

Each person, each one of us, is a repository of common sense, by which we know how our acts affect others, for which it is not necessary to go to schools, and to use it is to be a supporter of peace. It is enough to think of the instrument of peace, the white flag that puts the weapon in suspense, something that Cervantes already saw clearly and shows it to us discreetly in The Quixote, even knowing that it could not yet be used then because the world of his time was not interconnected like it is now, but the world had already shown its limits and it was a matter of time to arrive to our days.

The problem we must solve is that the truth cannot be expected from political leaders whose task is still to serve the weapon, since the intention of harm cannot be made public, while the coexistence that we propose is not that of the UN but of Humanity without discrimination of nationality, and that is also without discrimination of rank. Yes, it must be us, the people who make use of our common sense, who raise the white flag to put the weapon in suspense which cannot be done by those who carry a colored flag on their shoulders. The state will no longer feel threatened by the white flag because we expose it to everyone and it does not give advantage to any weapon, which is the only thing that the stupid weapon perceives.

And let’s not play dumb. We’re not stupid, we all know that a weapon is not made to kill oneself, it is made only to kill others, and that is what “divides” or “separates” us, and what makes that we cannot “live together” and leads us to war. Who are we trying to fool then? Do I have to illustrate it? Deploying NATO soldiers on Russian borders is not friendly or “neutral” or “casual”, nor is China’s intense manufacturing and rapid development of weapons of all kinds. How can we work for evil, work for harming others, and conceal it, close our eyes, and hope that it has no consequences. It is the hour of truth, it is the hour of disillusion, the hour for Humanity to wake up from its nightmare and for us to begin to live together by sharing the truth first; the evil is the weapon, although the mission of the UN is to hide and dissimulate it, the big powers distributing in opposition the key weapons among all others armed units.

That is why we raise the white flag calling for a day of Humanity on November 16, 2024, and whoever accepts it makes a ceasefire and frees themselves from their slavery to the service and development of weapon. I’m counting on you because you choose now.

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