Dear friend,

My name is Manuel Herranz Martin, the president of HUM, Human Unity Movement, I have dedicated my life to peace research and now I have reached firm, distinct and clear understanding of the problem we face and how to solve it, so that now through this document I am inviting you to join our team and cooperate with us to broadcast this peace proposal to the whole world, because the true peace has to be made by all the people, since it must be based on our humanity and intelligence as human beings to reconcile in a humane way, peace is not to be imposed, but proposed, exposed and communicated with words.




The starting problem is that the truth is hidden, and everything is under confusion due to the state of war we all live in, where evil purposes will not be published because it would be contradictory to put on guard those you intend to harm and, in the end, it would be exposed as inhuman -even the states appeal to human needs or desires to justify their policies, though, paradoxically, they are limited to their subjects or nationals.

And when war is waged, it is justified by stating that its goal is peace and pretending to restore the order broken by the injustice committed by the other side, while, at the same time, war is waged by the one who thinks that can win it, the strongest, the most armed one, so that we are ruled by an inhuman ‘justice’, this is, the submission to the most armed one, and we see this justice formally represented and recognized at the UN.

Consequently, arms are the top production and priority of humans everywhere and anytime since the natural development of the arm or the armed unit is a threat to the others and they are forces to improve endlessly; in the same way that a car betters its functionality if it increases its speed, its load or its comfort, the arm functionality improves if it kills more people, faster, or it can harm without being detected or intercepted, or it can submit more resources to its service or it is able to achieve more allies or deceives the enemy, etc.

However, the objective reality is that the purpose of damaging others is essentially unfair and wrong, however the mean to kill and destroy, the arm, was there in nature as a function of some animals before humans appeared but among humans that function subjects us, we did not have another option than to adapt to it by organizing in armed units, the current states, which also force and inform their subjects about what to believe and confess -starting by their nationality meaning to which arm we belong and it isolates us from the other by the language, information, culture, etc.

Peace is only possible from a human, universal point of view, by which we understand that each human being, as each soldier, is forced to be militant for the arm to which he or she belongs and not because he/she wants evil, and it is the primacy and urgency of war that makes us declare that the other is evil and, therefore, shall be condemned and destroyed.

Human unity is the means of peace, and no particular policy, nor politicians are able to make peace, because their task is the management of war or human division in arms or states, but the only cause of the arm is just the arm (another one), and the only cause of (constant) violence is also violence and no other reason, since, without any doubt, mutual destruction is the worst for everyone, and, therefore, it is not the state, but we, the people without distinction of nationality or social position, who must make peace by manifesting our unity´s will, because unity is peace, as united we make the arm useless, redundant. Therefore


– An open and transparent Congress to be held in 2025 in a concrete city and with participants chosen by their disposal and merits, but it will be live-broadcasted to the whole world, and it will be a human activity and stay as a human government.

– The Congress takes control over all arms and assumes responsibility for human security, whereby any security problem for a person or a group of people is a security problem for all.

– The Congress uses an inclusive decision-making system, that is; it takes into consideration the interests and desires of each one so that it avoids and prevents harming purposes (arms) and mutual harm (war) and only seeks and promotes common good, and for this purpose creates a world currency and gives credit for development and goods’ exchange.

– The guarantee of inclusivity is the publicity of the entire decision-making process, which compresses transparency, openness and recording of it, along with the condition of a unanimous approval by all regarding unity, disarmament. Further than this, decision-making is subsidiary, each decision is made by those concerned by it, but it is always also published, which makes it equally inclusive, available to the scrutiny and judgment of all.

– Disarmament can only be universal, this is why it was impossible in the past in an unknown and incommunicado world, because unilateral or partial disarmament is surrender; that is, equal service to the arm, just to another arm. While, on the other side, the necessary universality of disarmament guarantees that it cannot be detrimental to anyone, because if someone is damaged by it, he or she would not (voluntarily) disarm, and nobody will.

– Only the arms are there to harm us, the rest of the things, objects and activities are there at our service and empowerment and if we put the arm under control and eliminate it, there is no difficulty for our understanding and cooperation for common good.


– The calling of the Congress or its celebration might not be enough for bringing about peace, since, while the arms remain divided, they will keep working in opposite directions and the insecurity and the conflicting interests of each one remain in place in such a way that everyone, including the participants of the Congress, would continue to seek their security at the expense of others as they do now. Therefore, until the celebration of the Congress, I, Manuel Herranz Martin, offer my service as command over all arms and require the recognition of all, where each one recognizes it under the condition that all others also recognize it.

– This command does not intend to carry out any activity, but it is the only way to achieve peace, disarmament, without doing, imposing (forcing) anything on anyone, because if forced, it would be no peace and the absurdity of one who forces himself, while the consequence of the recognition of a common command is ceasefire, the end of the arm´s development and the expansion strategies of the armed units or states. But, furthermore, the key issue is that disarmament, the construction of the human community which will then be carried out by the Congress, is thus not only made possible but convenient.


To ensure that the World Congress on Unity is known by all well before its celebration date and in order to have a publicity tool for this unity proposal, we are calling for a Humanity´s Festival on September 21st, in 2024 where the exact date of the Congress in 2025 and its participants’ names or their profiles will be announced.

For this purpose, we plan to send a letter to all municipalities, universities, and other education centers for them to promote and permit the organization in their indoor and outdoor facilities of all related activities such as music, sports, theater, and other ludic activities according to the customs and idiosyncrasy of each place, but always appealing to moderation, always fomenting the humanity´s feelings and human justice.


Here you can better it or endorse it. Thank you

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