We, HUM – Human Unity Movement- are proposing a Universal Congress to set up Human Unity, this is the application of an inclusive decision-making system for the whole of Humanity whose obvious consequence is that we will only benefit ourselves and stop harming each other as we do now. Indeed, the cause of human misery is exclusive decision-making which inevitably leads to confrontation, something impossible to overcome in the past.

We understand that the main aim of the Congress is to design and carry out a jointly, agreed and reciprocal arms elimination, because arms purpose is to harm and this the main cause of human division and also its form of division into armed units or states and its consequence is the state of war we live in now. Arms were in nature before humans appeared and they had to adapt to arms existence, but today we are all in communication and can use common sense to deal with that circumstance which can be only dealt with in an universal manner.

In our current system of justice public law deals with evil or harm caused by someone to someone else where the wrongdoer is dammed and punished. However, to create and produce weapons projecting harm and depriving others of their own will, own decision and force them is allowed with the result that justice cannot be but the will of the one having more harming power, weapons the top human production anytime and anywhere, the decision-making centers are the states or armed units and the state of war the frame of human life.

Therefore, we can celebrate the Congress only if all the armies are under a single command, so that they become useless, redundant and of not effect, since otherwise, without that control, the participants would remain subjects of their state or armed unit and keep working on its behalf.

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