We, the people on Earth without distinction and discrimination, hereby express our will to unite, to live together, this is: to make decisions jointly and inclusively, always considering the interests, desires, and concerns of all and each person without distinction or discrimination.



We adopt an inclusive and common security system, where any security problem of any person or group of people is a security or safety problem of all, and all shall be concerned and cooperate to provide the means to save or help those under threat of destruction or harm, such as catastrophes, famines, floods, etc.


But now, the greatest threat and obstacle to human peaceful and harmonious coexistence and cooperation is the arm, the only object that, unlike all other objects meant to serve us all, is meant to kill, harm and destroy, and consequently divides and confuses us, so that eliminating it is our first main common and universal objective.

Disarmament can only be carried out in a universal way; unilateral or partial disarmament is just surrender and does not achieve the disarming goal because whoever disarms unilaterally goes on serving the arm, just another one.

To carry out universal disarmament, the first step is to put all arms under a single command, so that they become redundant and useless (since they are one because of another), and disarmament becomes not only possible but convenient.

The arms under a single command cannot take any initiative without that command’s order or permission, and therefore, no harming initiative could be desired or produced as it would be the absurd case of harming oneself.

Disarmament must be carried out under the condition of openness, transparency and publicity, because the arms, defense and attack systems are not randomly or arbitrarily produced, they are meant to face the threat posed by others, so that we must reveal this mutual relation and jointly eliminate it.


Common development derivates from disarmament since the arm (the armed unit or state) is the necessary cause of private property, because private property cannot exist without the violence the arm provides.

And, above all, the arm is the actual or real cause (sufficient cause) of private property because it is meant to kill and harm, and therefore, it cannot be shared and alternated, and all the things (included human resources) are necessarily private so as to serve a particular armed unit (state) only; and even if the state distributes this property/resources among its subjects, it is for them to exploit those resources at the state´s service.

Once we eliminate the arm, all things, objects, activities are there to serve us only, for common good, and therefore, the use of resources will be according to common sense; this is, according to each object’s use or serving purpose which, at the same time, shows us by whom, how, when…. it shall best be used.


Our current situation is division and inequality in terms of the availability of resources, so we must distinguish between:

On one side, production resources, which once detached from their current dependence on a particular state go to serve the whole Humanity.

Any right, such as property right, needs two parts, the holder of it and the one who grants or acknowledges it. Currently, the one granting the rights is the state necessarily aiming at increasing its destruction power, but when we are united, the one granting rights is Humanity which excludes any violence or enforcement.

Consequently, with the absence of enforcement nobody is striped of his property right, but at the same time resources will be used in a rational way for common good, also for the good of the owner, so that ownership is irrelevant.

On the other side, consumption resources, where there is a big inequality or different standard and ways of life between individuals. At the beginning, Humanity can use those resources to motivate people towards common good, if it is convenient or even needed.

Those accustomed to very privileged conditions of life can maintain them without any enforcement or imposition, though free willing austerity is welcome while advancing towards equality or fairness in terms of personal disposition of resources. However, for the new generations, educated already in a common human, universal environment, in the same way that harm is unanimously condemned by common sense, community service is also unanimously praised and valued in a consequent way, so that mutual natural influence is enough to rectify and improve us.

Here you can better it or endorse it. Thank you


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