• 2, January, 2024
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To be in peace means living together instead of going on divided into armed units or sovereign states making unilateral decisions which, inexorably, lead to confrontation. Therefore, we invite you and the entire world to celebrate a Humanity Day on November 16, 2024, in which to express our wish and decision to live together in peace. But now it is still the state that spreads information according to its alignment and ideology, therefore, I strongly beg you and ask you, please, help spread this call from humanity to Humanity. I think that these following few lines are enough for our understanding, therefore, please share this message, preferably by email with a copy to info@human-unity.org and so we will know who is willing to cooperate for the next steps and it will be a record of the attitude of each one when questioned about peace.

Violence is the general form of human relationships based on the threat of submission or death or harm, which is the effect (of the existence) of the weapon, an object to kill – obviously to kill or harm others, which forces us all to develop it as much as possible and to undermine and, eventually, to destroy that of the other, this is; to wage war. Therefore, peace is not the possible momentary absence of war, but the cessation of the mutual threat, freedom, or, specifically, disarmament, whose condition is the inclusiveness or universality of our will to coexist in peace, in this way the weapon turns out the absurd object to kill or harm oneself or by which mutual destruction is self-destruction, etc. Another demonstration is that the so-called “peace dividend”, this is, for instance, saving the expenditure on weapons, can only be achieved by all together, and is impossible to be achieved by the parties separately, and the consequence of full disarmament is the greatest good, the human community.

On November 16th, all humans are invited to express our will to coexist in peace. But from now we work on the suspension of all weapons’ development and activity, ceasefire, in peace conversation with the others, since the weapon is what divides us. Only with the weapon on hold will we be able to call on that day for the celebration of a Congress of Humanity in 2025, which will be responsible for disarmament and common human security. The Congress applies also human justice by rewarding those who contribute the most to the common good and so we propose that $2.5 trillions of savings of expenditure on weapons in one year be distributed among those who work for peace, unity, including the reward for sponsors of the Festival and Congress, although we understand that without the weapons’ effect, coexistence leads us to assume the interest of Humanity as our own without further incentive.

We now invite all City Councils, Universities and Secondary Education Institutions around the world to declare themselves Humanity´s Friends by supporting the Humanity´s Day Festival and inviting their counterparts to celebrate it too. We are replacing the current system of threat as the mode of human relationship by public or inclusive decision-making, so that every decision is exposed to everyone’s judgment and participation, since the test of a good will, the one that seeks common good -disarmament- is its publicity as its only means or resource to achieve it. (There are many signs from History about our moment, but here I particularly invite you to read the last chapter or Annex II of Kant’s Perpetual Peace).

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