• 12, July, 2023
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We offer 5,000 euros to the first 100 million people who register in our @HumanUnity app or website www.human-unity.org their desire for peace or human unity through an open, public and transparent World Congress to be held in 2025 that will assume responsibility for common human security and thus the ultimate guarantee of public dealings, such as this one.

Human unity, or inclusive decision-making, is the way to end the purpose of harming and leads us to deal and cooperate about common good only. But to achieve human unity we need first to make the question on peace or human unity public, universal, because harming purposes, weapons production, is the main aim of every state well justified by the harming purpose of the others, but making the question universal and simultaneous nobody will publish its will of harming others if the others do not publish their harming purpose.

The way to pose the question for unity or peace universally is our own public declaration of having that will until it reaches enough people as to make it relevant worldwide by registering on the www.human-unity.org site on sign up page or with the installation of the @HumanUnity app. You can also register your support for peace, human unity here: https://forms.gle/dGpayBZ2hv4ZEs28A


By convening of the 2025 Congress in charge of inclusive or peaceful decision-making we incorporate the provision that when it is held, those who have contributed the most to peace by publishing first their will to peace, shall be rewarded.

This year 2023, 2.5 trillion are allocated to the countries´ defense, that is; invested in weapons, and if they are used (killing and destroying) they will multiply the losses for Humanity (or perhaps they will annihilate it) and if, in the best case, they are not used they will be a waste, so when the Congress is held in 2025 it will mean that these resources have been preserved for human needs or welfare, therefore, we set the reward equivalent to the amount of this saving as follows:

Half a trillion to distribute among the 100 million people who first register their desire for peace, unit =  USD5,000 per person.

Half a trillion to distribute among the people in areas of armed conflict where the ceasefire is declared in public support for human unity, particularly among those who have registered their desire for unity, for peace because in this way they also contribute to ceasefire.

Half a trillion to be distributed equally among all HUM donors. You can do it here in this site or using our app @HumanUnity

Half a trillion for organizing the Congress in 2025 and a Festival of Humanity in 2024, which precedes the Congress to ensure that everyone has a year notice in advance to participate in its preparation and organization.

Half a trillion for those places where armed violence occurs, but not because of civil war or confrontation between states, but rather because of guerrilla activities or armed gangs or people, as the case of some areas in America, so that these groups publicly declare their commitment to stop of use of arms or people hand over their weapons to give opportunity to the celebration of the Festival of Humanity and then to the Unity Congress. To this end, we propose the creation of working and mediation groups to ensure respect for the ceasefire and weapons handover.

Besides signing up, you can think about how to contribute more to peace, to the salvation of Humanity, and benefit yourself and everyone with it, for example, many can already cooperate in the organization of the Festival and the Congress.

With this reward we make human justice visible, which is transparent, public and rewards those who benefits Humanity (and not like now when harming others gets top rewards). It’s not that HUM or me, Manuel Herranz Martin, its president, have that money and offer it, it is a proposal that we make to ourselves to facilitate the process of change starting with the current rules of the game, which also helps us to make visible some areas of great human suffering outside the strategic game and we can also support.

The Human Congress or Human Assembly is responsible for human security and, therefore, it is also the guarantor of public deals, therefore, the issuer of the common human currency for development and exchange, for which reason it not only has authority but also the capacity to execute the bounty.

But we also know that once united and with time, human justice will not need a mediator and guarantor of the common good through the publicity and transparency of decisions or with reward or deterrence with material goods, since our will will also be our common convenience that it is universality as a result of the simple mutual, natural common influence that will shape our being according to the good or convenience of all, of Humanity, which will be our determining environment.

Signed: Manuel Herranz Martin

President of the Human Unity Movement

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