• 30, January, 2024
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You are invited to a Humanity Reconciliation Day or Festival on November 16, 2024, for which we ask for your cooperation in any way you can, so if you have any initiative, please contact us. It will be the day of the consummation of time.

Because the origin or source of the good is universality, inclusiveness (in Chinese 兼 jian), while partiality or one-sidedness (exclusion, 别 bie) is the origin of evil, as seen clearly by Eastern and Western cosmopolitans without any communication between them. Mòzǐ expresses it this way:

“Suppose a man enters another man’s orchard and steals his peaches and plums. Upon hearing it the public will condemn it; If they catch him, they will punish him. Why? Because he harms others to benefit himself. But when it comes to the great attack of the States, they do not know that they must condemn it and they applaud it, calling it fair. Can you say that this is knowing the difference between fair and unfair? If there was a man who saw something a little dark and he would say that it is black, but when he saw something very dark he would say that it is white; we should think that he does not know how to distinguish between black and white. (Book V – Against Offensive War)

But this understanding was not enough for peace or inclusiveness, which was again attempted to be established through religions or ideologies, such as Christianity, Islam, communism, democracy, , figurations which need leaders or guides and have to be taught (actually imposed by the state), since they are not based on natural common sense like that of cosmopolitans. And this is because authority must be confessed, while basing human relations on figurations or beliefs is really an obstacle to peace, as Socrates saw it, and that is why Kant affirms that the proof of the search for the common good is the publicity of decision-making in contrast with state´s secrecy.

But The Quixote shows us that exclusion (and with it concealment and deception) is, in fact, the form of relationship of the weapon with itself to which humans are enslaved, since the weapon is used to kill or harm the other its purpose cannot be declared and the only peace that its existence admits is to put everything under its hierarchical domain and this is manifested by the confession. While the actual human peace or inclusiveness is disarmament, whose expression and means in The Quixote is the white flag.

Thus, human reconciliation is ceasefire and stopping the development and expansion of the arm. The Reconciliation Day serves to ensure the universal dissemination of that understanding and proposal and is also a call for a human body for the coordination of disarmament, but also this knowledge can and must serve NOW as a means of understanding for the ceasefire of those who are at war, such as many parts of Africa, Gaza and Ukraine. Join us!

Whoever has doubts or wants to refute it, should speak out publicly, but to refuse it assuming that we are only part of an armed unit and only its leaders should make peace is absurd as well as useless. We just do not have the means for spreading our message, just the knowledge and the will but we feel it within our reach since it can only be done together and we are already together.

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