First, ceasefire

  • 3, September, 2022
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First, we must achieve ceasefire by raising the white flag and inviting all the people in the two sides of the conflict to give a chance to peace. Peace is unity, inclusive decision-making, because united we avoid and prevent (mutual) harming purposes and put a definitive end to war, cooperating only for common good.

The current exclusive decision-making system, and along with it the activity of the armed units (states), seeks necessarily and constantly to improve its destruction power and prevent others from improving it by mutually undermining and destroying each other. So that the only way for us humans to stop harming ourselves is to put all arms under a single command.

Therefore, I, Manuel Herranz Martin, am assuming this responsibility and asking everyone for a vote of confidence, which is also a vote of confidence in our humanity and in the whole Humanity, because arms’ unity means, no more and no less, than they cannot longer be used, managed by force -their acting against each other- and, therefore, the consequence of it is ceasefire, to be followed by the Universal Assembly or World Congress on Human Unity

I am hereby asking for your support, for you to spread this proposal, for your contribution to achieve this aim and for your practical cooperation. If you are in a conflict area, or you can communicate with the people there, or you are ready to go there in a mission, here is the place where to openly organize our action, always transparent, always under the scrutiny and judgement of each person.

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