• 29, July, 2022
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The aim of this area is to propose and lead a common security system for the whole Humanity, an inclusive security´s system, this is all security problems of a person or a group of people concerns all and all humans have to cooperate and contribute the means to save or protect those under destruction or harm´s threat, such as floods, droughts, famine, etc.

However, the main threat for Humanity and the obstacle for Humanity to live together and cooperate for common good are the weapons, and therefore, to eliminate them is our first and main security´s aim. And disarmament can only be carried out in a universal way because, otherwise, a unilateral disarmament is the same as surrender, this is, serving another arm. Therefore, the need of universal disarmament is the first agreement between all world states, subordinated to the unanimous will of the people.

How to you think shall be disarmament carried out? How do you think this common security system shall be organized, structured?

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