Dear friends

  • 3, March, 2020
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  • 9:37 pm read

Dear friends,

Power is yours, please, make good use of it on the 8th of March by supporting human unity so that Madrid City Hall cooperates with the organization of a World Congress where to apply and set up an inclusive decision-making system for Humanity as we are proposing from HUM – Human Unity Movement. Because the result of inclusive decision making will be only our benefit instead of mutually harming as we have been doing up to now as the consequence of partial or exclusive decision making.

Women have the last word. And the first too. Please, say it. Human unity is a decision each person immediately makes, here and now, once understood the universal good it entails and that means also to assume responsibility for humanity and its representation too when you choose, decide, buy, talk…Even if unworthy of you, this message is given to you bowing and with both hands by whom admire you and love you.

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