How to stop the war

  • 9, March, 2022
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Nowadays we have an alternative to war. Peace, cooperation, and concord are possible by stablishing human unity. War is the result of exclusive decision-making, something unavoidable in our past of mutual ignorance which has brought about our current division in states or armed units and almost mutual annihilation, but today we can overcome it and unite because we are basically all connected and the unity proposal and what it implies is easy to understand by everybody. Therefore, to achieve peace and concord, we just need to publish it -by sharing this message if you find it difficult to expose.

Unity means inclusive decision-making, this is, considering the whole Humanity, the condition, position and opinion of all and each human, and this is achieved just by publishing the decision-making process in an open and transparent way, so that anybody can propose new criteria, objections, and considerations to it. Publicity means universality, but the decision-making process is ruled by the principle of subsidiarity, this is each issue shall be solved by those close to the object under question, those affected by the decision are those who take part in this decision-making process. The decision-making is based on common sense and equality of each person according to her needs, fears and wishes, and therefore those decisions are not based on some people´s command upon others as it happens with the states and politics adapted to the state of war we live in now, but on the knowledge on the issue under question.

But the most immediate issue and the one which concerns us most equally is to put an end to the arms’ development and/or production, since arms’ aim is to kill someone else, whose actual, real and constant effect is depriving us of freedom or our own will. Therefore, they have no place for those who claim for a united world since no one can give up deciding by herself or himself (something that is impossible as well, since the arm is denying us even that option), and nobody can agree about being the (possible) arm´s killing target. Consequently, it is also a priority for all humans to carry out joint and agreed disarmament, which is the same as the human unity.

But even before disarmament comes, a first joint inclusive decision is needed which is immediate ceasefire in the conflict areas, where arms are being used (this might be the occasion to overcome our lack of own will which is submitted to the arm). As long as this human unity proposal is published, known, accepted and supported, the logical consequence of it and also the prove of its effectiveness, which brings us all freedom and without it nobody is free, is that we feel ourselves humans and we associate with all humans, we are thus on both sides in the fight and, therefore, that conflict is also our conflict and the fighters mutual destruction is our own harm and loss, and this drives us to act and grants us authority to intervene legitimately demanding ceasefire in order to proceed with human unity, disarmament, which is the opposite and definitive alternative to war (While appealing for peace without appealing for human unity, disarmament, is futile, even false -or fake news for common sense).

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