• 29, June, 2023
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It is not surprising that people who appealed to human unity called it Heavens Will, as the Mohism did, or cosmic policy according to Cosmopolitans.

We assume that in principle everything was inert, its impulse always came from the outside, but little by little chemical combinations gave rise to individualization in primitive forms of life (according to Aristotle, where all the parts adhere to an end), to plants and animals and these acquired their own impulses, they were able to react to the environment seeking to preserve themselves, nourishing themselves from it and avoiding danger, until the appearance of human intelligence, one that not only reacts to the environment but is capable of putting itself in the place of the other and, therefore, instead of destroying it and, perhaps, consuming it, it is capable of preserving it, cooperating with it, thus uniting with it, and in this way Humanity already participates in the divine essence, being able to associate with the cosmos and contribute to its creation or development in its expansive or eternal return form.

But first we need to take the step of understanding the inevitable universality of that intelligence, vitiated by our past condition that has it at the service of the arm, whose object is to take the life of the other (and that is our problem and not figurative windmills), so that our current form is that of an evil virus that corrodes, corrupts and destroys everything, since not only we are forced to fight to the death among ourselves but everything within our reach is necessarily incorporated into that struggle, therefore, if there is intelligent life in the universe, which undoubtedly has reached universality, it cannot approach us in our present condition, since we would even want to force God to take sides, which is not to recognize him.

It is through personal intelligence -and not through publicly regulated stupidity- that we capture the condition and need of the other, and thus we also know the laws of physical nature, the natural impulses of animals and that this same intelligence is given equally in all human beings, so that, even ignoring the universe’s extension and shape given our limited space-time condition, we have found its law, and that also allows us to overcome our slavery or death that the weapon projects/reminds us permanently by appealing to the unity and (cosmological) universality of human intelligence.

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