• 3, March, 2024
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The drums of total war sound in Europe while we see on TV the terrible damage it causes in Ukraine and Gaza (in other places without strategic relevance, TV does not show it to us) and, even so, we neither achieve a ceasefire there nor we find a way for avoiding the same thing or even worse happening to us soon.

If we ask about the cause of the war and take as an answer what is said on TV, or in the newspapers or on social networks, the overwhelming answer is the bad behavior of the other, the enemy, although it is also sometimes said that wars are promoted by the “military industrial complex”, the capitalism or the elites to profit from them, but the truth is that war, especially if it is not surrogate as most usual, and it is mutual (and total) destruction as it seems it would be the current case in the making, cannot be beneficial to anyone and is therefore not wanted by anyone. And yet, it does not seem to be avoidable.

War is the simple relationship of the weapon with itself, this is to say; the relationship of armed units whose development, progress or improvement is a greater capacity for destruction of the other, which is the way in which they impose or subjugate each other, so that their interests are expressly opposite, since each seeks to arm itself as much as it can and disarm the other. And thus, war is “absolute” – it is happening all the time, as Clausewitz says, and he defines specific military operations as “the action or the attempt to disarm the enemy”, a point that is inevitably reached if no one is capable to impose itself on the other through the simple threat provided by the superiority of the means of destruction. And such is the fearsome case now when the supremacy of the United States is in question.

The weapon gives rise among humans to the armed unity (the army and the state), which differentiates people among those subjugated to its hierarchical system, and thus articulated with the explicit and precise purpose of annulling freedom, personal will and humanity not only to its members, but to the rest of the world whom such an organization would by default irremediably absorb or subjugate – unless they are organized in the same way to be able to resist it.

This manifest purpose of universal enslavement cannot be made public – and it is rather done unintentionally as an unavoidable reaction chain that the politician, the one managing the state experiences, and thus it is the cause of the representative and figurative language that necessarily accompanies the armed unit within the state, which also makes us dependent on whoever figures it, by which we “confess” the “voluntary” “cession” of our will to our commanders and representatives who certainly, can be changed by democratic vote every few years, but the people are irrelevant here, since one or other people just will occupy the same positions and functions in the hierarchical machine.

What finally and really matters here is that all of us, Tyrians and Trojans, NATO or Russia-China people, publicly maintain the absurdity that peace is just the absence of war, hiding from ourselves in one way or another that war is our submission to the arm or to that system of universal slavery that mechanically forces or imposes itself on us all through harm or threat of harm, nullifying our humanity and our will, so that, deprived of will or freedom, we cannot even conform, and stop doing war -more than a contradiction, a madness and a nightmare.

However, at the same time, we all know, and we also have records in all the various past and present human cultures of the knowledge of peace or human coexistence: to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves – and we do not settle for less – and this is inclusivity in decision-making that is guaranteed through the publicity of the purposes or intentions of what may affect others, which, logically, discards the intention of harm and leads us all to disarmament and arm prevention through cooperation. Something that today is happily within our reach for the benefit of all, but to achieve it we must first free our humanity by summoning it with the human flag, the white flag, whose use, or effect is to stop the activity of and for the weapon/arm. This is difficult to do as you might think, since the white flag is considered surrender, and this is up to the decision of our authority, and therefore is prohibited – and frowned upon, but today it is a new personal representation on social networks because it is a call to all to disarmament without prejudice for anyone.

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