The Vaccine

  • 16, July, 2020
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Even though we all are interested in keeping safe and healthy, the World Health Organization, WHO, is unable to obtain and to publish scientific or solid information on the current pandemic. Probably, the info it gathers does not include its testing, proofs, which stays private, inaccessible to the public.

The public information we have about the virus seems to be quite unreliable for our protection, and we cannot build upon it to obtain the vaccine. Surely this is also the cause of contradictory information and wild protection recommendations made by relevant political leaders

Now, how can we make it that human protection be inclusive, universal? Keeping that question in secrecy? For sure, not. Who are we afraid of as to go on hiding it? We are afraid of figuration of life, false, a life that is not real. Who are we going to harm? No one, but the virus, of course. Who we pretend to benefit? We want to benefit humanity.

Well, it is not a matter of signifying ourselves with a hat or with color as parties do, but, again, with something unheard of, unprecedented; by using, appealing to common sense, by thinking, proposing, asking, calling for human cooperation in searching for the vaccine. This is:

  • All pharma companies who can contribute to some research about the COVID 19- shall share, publish their research and tests, as also their research lines so that they will no longer overlap and waste resources as until now, but they complement and speed results.

Are they thus working for nothing? Then what? They close and make their employees redundant?

No. That cooperation agreement not only has to be published but to be fair and efficient with the help and cooperation of international organizations as the chambers of commerce and other associations and institutions providing services to the companies. Those, as depositary of the agreement by which all those companies contributing with specific tests will be all rewarded by the vaccine revenues instead of just a single one, and a single state, takes all the bounty. Or, perhaps without competition, there will be no longer a motivation for the vaccine?

This step would be an experience and precedent for the Human Unity Congress since it put in practice and achieve the change we are looking for with human unity: to go from secrecy to transparency regarding human relations management.

Transparency can be ensured with a human registration center as the blockchain model. Companies can also create a bank as the recipient of the peace dividend and the seed of a possible world currency.

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