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Why is there war? All the people, both the leaders and the anonymous people regardless of our nationality, we understand each other as we see on the social networks as here in Linkedin, we can have a good time together with people of different nationalities and even discuss or argue, but we would hardly kill each other. However, war, genocide or indiscriminate killing of anonymous people is human history and so it goes on up to now.

The leaders, the rich people and everyone else, all think and say that we have rights and properties, which are necessary for us to live, but those properties are not really ours but of the state (or armed unit) to which we belong, because without their enforcement we could not deprive/dispossess others which is what private property means.

All things are there to serve us, to satisfy us or to increase our power and they can be shared, only the means of killing (or harming) need to be private and cannot be shared, since we only kill or harm others, but we do not want to kill or harm ourselves.

The weapon -which among humans is the armed unit, is the cause of everything else being private and just gives what it owns to us individuals in exchange for exclusive service to its inescapable and incessant development against the other armies. Only then does it let us live, because if we supported the enemy, our state would silence us, expropriate us, or kill us and, on the contrary, it gives us more means or rewards the more we contribute to defeating/destroying the enemy.

But today, what was impossible in the past is possible now because we can propose ourselves human unity, peace, through the social networks without depending on the state means, and we can declare ourselves humane without helping the enemy as it happened before, because our declaration today has a universal reach proposed through the worldwide web. And whoever supports human unity is thus part of all the parties and assumes responsibility and commitment against killing or harming others, and for this reason the parties in armed conflicts are required by us to cease fire so that they facilitate, with their action and with the publicity of it, that human unity or true peace be questioned and confirmed universally and then be carried out.

Therefore, we are calling for an open and transparent Human Unity Congress in 2025, which assumes responsibility for common human security, and through the universal publicity of its decision process and aims, it avoids the purpose of harming and deceiving, and leads us to cooperate for the common good only. And it also imparts justice by rewarding those of us who benefit Humanity with our contribution to unity, peace, as you can see here: (I support human unity) (I support the ceasefire)

PD. I want to offer you the proof of what you have just read. Let´s apply this to recent history.

First, without going to the cosmopolitan visions of the past which had to be hidden under figurations so that they could be always under the state control, after the Westphalian peace in Europe we got two main ideologies Liberalism and Communism.
When China became communist Russia was offering everything to China for its development, from every kind of technology to thousand of engineers, but Russia refused to share the atom bomb technology with Mao, so China changed sides and allied with the US.
Now, the liberal system assumes (state) power is there just to guarantee public deals and not being intrusive in people private dealings, but when the Chinese got too powerful the liberal leaders (USA and UK) become protectionist, renouncing to many public agreements they had signed before. They just take care of not sharing specific technology with the Chinese which obviously it will be use for the military. I can assure you that the Chinese understand this and they are willing to pay for that protection service accordingly and recognize this security service provided by US, so that its ‘authoritarian system’ is not to be spread outside China, while, it was not authoritarian before? Not enough, not interesting. Weapons/arms are what matters for everyone.
And quite similar is US behavior with Russia, under my shallow understanding. I think that Yeltsin and Gorbachov really wanted to join the liberal world, but they were refused for being too powerful in military and US only moved to weaken Russia as much as I could to ensure only worried about consolidating and increasing its supremacy. Jeffrey Sachs has exposed his direct experience on the matter. Now Russia has invaded Ukraine and this has actually happened because it has got power enough to do it, since it has got China (and India) as an alternative partner to the West. It is not that Russia was happy before and now is not, it is that it has not power enough to face the West, even if having military means had not chance to sustain a war, as it could have been the case of supporting Serbia against, for instance, the Belgrade long bombing. So, war is hazardous in its form, it developes and break up ocasionally, but it is actually always being waged, because, as Cervantes, puts it, “it is the same arms or war”.
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