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Peace, if true, obviously cannot be forced or imposed, it must be established as an agreement based on a public proposal. This is the case of this one and so it is also new in it to address the people and not (only) the states. And what follows now is that accepting it means sharing it, since it would be contradictory to support it and deny publicity to it which is the means for bringing it to reality. And a good channel are the educational institutions due to their reflective and universal nature.
This peace proposal is at the same time a call or invitation to a Day of Celebration of Humanity´s Reconciliation on November 16, 2024, in which the human will for peace is unanimously manifested and a Congress of Humanity is convened for 2025. The Congress will replace unilateral decision-making and threat as the way of human relationship by inclusive, public decision-making that is open to the judgment and participation of all, in this way preventing and avoiding harming purposes, which is the cause of deception and harm, and dealing only with common good. Here follows the argument and proposal:
1. Violence is the effect of (the existence of) the weapon, an object that becomes an army, and whose purpose is to kill and harm (obviously only the others), and death is only avoided with submission or by joining another army that confronts the first one and those armies determine each other dynamically to increase their destructive power and their alliances as much as they can to defend themselves from each other and also to limit and, if possible, disarm o destroy the other’s weapons, resources – which is to wage war, because the weapon leaves us humans no other alternative than to subdue or to be subdued.
2. Therefore, peace is not just the eventual absence of war or mutual destruction, but the cessation of the intention of harming. Let us not deceive ourselves, the intention of harming is harming for humans. In the past, in an unknown and incommunicado world, it was inevitable, since a unilateral attitude of defenselessness, an unarmed position is equivalent to defeat. However, today we can, we must, and we hereby propose to reset our relationship by agreeing to the cessation and renunciation of all harming intention way of using inclusive decision-making.
3. This human unanimity against the weapon identifies our interest with that of Humanity, because, in the same way that a single weapon inevitably results in all the weapons in the world and enslaves all human beings, only an universal agreement results in the cessation of the intention of harming, in our universal liberation, and the use of resources, which now serve the armies, for human benefit. For example, the cessation of the development and production of weapons would release in one year $2.5 trillion, and this amount is a common good, since nobody or no part unilaterally could achieve it and only an universal agreement can make it. And that liberation and release of resources that occurs just with stopping weapons development is a trifle compared to proper disarmament which is the means, way or path to the human community.
This document is aimed at everyone but specially to educational institutions, both universities and secondary education, so that they can subscribe and support it by sharing it, making it public among students and coordinating with other centers in their country and to some centers in other countries for them to do the same there. In this way we can share this proposal with the whole world and achieve peace and celebrate Humanity´s reconciliation on November 16 this year.

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