• 4, December, 2023
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Doing evil, killing and destroying as Israel, Russia, Hamas, Ukraine and many others are doing, this is to say, harming others, does not come from our will, it is due to the existence of the arm in nature to which all humans had to adapt making it as lethal as possible and organizing in armed units. And the arm, the mean for committing homicide, is the cause of war, because the aim of any war is to disarm/destroy the enemy´s arm to put or keep him at our mercy instead of us being at his, which is the constant effect of the existence of the arm on us humans, as from it we virtually anticipate our death…

A clear proof that evil is unwanted is that mutual destruction is obviously the worst way to solve differences, but being it an option, it becomes the only one, and, in fact, the arm itself and its threat is the cause of human division and differences. And the ceasefire, despite how beneficial it is for both sides in contrast to mutual destruction, can only be a moment of rearmament, because another thing would be to offer the enemy what precisely he intends to achieve with the war, disarm the other.


But peace follows from our simple coexistence or human unity, from inclusive decision-making that, consequently, prevents and avoids the arm, or what is the same: it creates the common good, since the dividend of peace/ of disarmament is indivisible, just as one weapon results in all the possible weapons in the world. For example, the possible savings of the 2.5 trillion that are spent in a year now on weapons development are a common good, since they cannot be generated by one, nor by one part, or by the other, but by Humanity, and those 2.5 trillion are just a trifle in the total dividend of peace, which is the human community.


But, we must understand that, just as the condition of the common good is universality, this has not been possible until our time. And although discreet and wise people of the past have understood the common good or peace as inclusivity, humanity, or universality, since their proposal could not have universal scope, the publicity of their perception only weakened their own state, so this has not consented and has hidden or distorted this understanding and that is why we have no public news of peace and as soon as we have it we can put it into practice too.

Therefore, we call for a Congress of Unity or Humanity in 2025, preceded by a Humanity Festival in 2024, the deadline in which the armed forces of the world have ceased their activity and development, so that all people can participate in the open and transparent preparation and organization of the Congress, because if we remain at the service of the confrontation and opposite development of the arms, the Congress would be like the UN, a (hierarchical) representation of armed units, but not of Humanity.

The Congress will ensure that human decision-making is inclusive, which basically means it is public, even if most decisions are subsidiary, meaning made by those who are concerned. The Congress assumes responsibility for common human security and serves as the means in the process of disarmament or common good creation, ultimately the human community. It can also initially apply human justice, this is; to reward those who benefits others and Humanity, but, as human adapted to the weapon existence, in this new environment of unity, we will equally adapt to it and, due to mutual influence and our natural inclination to put ourselves in the other’s place, we will assume the interest of others and of Humanity as our own.


Peace comes because it puts us before a very easy choice; good or evil. It is enough to think, understand and share what peace is, understand that the consequence of a weapon is all possible weapons and that the weapon confronts us and makes all humans its slaves equally and that human unity or universal inclusiveness generates good. common, not through imposition, nor is it uniformity, it is the mutual and universal liberation from evil, from the arm.

Who can choose evil now when evil is equally for everyone and, therefore, also for oneself? Who will then make a weapon or who will allow someone else to make it or who will allow some to organize themselves into armed units?

And whoever understands peace, and that peace is possible now, won’t he teach it to others?

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