• 12, October, 2020
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Dear friends,

After our meeting with the Madrid City Council representative at the end of September, where, once again, we presented our proposal to hold a Congress dealing with Human Unity, this is, the establishment of an inclusive decision-making system for Humanity, we have received the answer referring to the economic conditions that any proposal for such an event must meet.

Her position is understandable because the project promises a global impact similar to the Olympic Games and its result is the dividend of peace or first human assets of 2 trillion per year just to start, so, the logical expectation would be to already have a lot of support from many people, associations, sponsoring companies, etc., which is not the case, despite the fact that we have made some attempts to obtain support and have barely obtained answers.

Thus, the date or place of the Congress, as we tried to fix with the City Council is not the issue. To set a date and a place for the Congress we do not even need the Town Hall, it is enough to call a conference center such as the one in Valencia´s City of Arts and Sciences and fix it. What we need is to get the attention and support for the Congress from (physical or legal) people who give it credibility.

And the fair and beneficial way to obtain credibility and to advance towards a possible physical Congress if needed at a certain point is its practice. So, we declare open the Congress on Human Unity, this is; the debate on the format of a common human decision-making system that, logically, avoids and prevents mutual harm.

For this reason, you can leave your comments here regarding the decision to open the Congress, and we will shortly create a page/discussion forum on HUM, Human Unity Movement, website ( for each of the working areas of the Congress by which any person can contribute to human unity.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

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