To the heart of light

  • 12, February, 2023
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To the heart of light, to Humanity´s core.

Next Thursday 16th I am leaving for Africa, first to Algiers, until the 22nd , then to Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, and finally on the 27th to Goma, at the Great Lakes in RD Congo. If any of you know people who could be interested in HUM in those areas, particularly in Argel, I will be very glad to meet them there.

This is our aim, starting in Africa:

We communicate with both sides in conflict, if possible, directly and if not via social networks, and it can be also via influencers, representatives, speakers, and other well-known public figures, our proposal for ceasefire as the way and voice for world peace, which is human unity and so we do not discriminate between the parts in the conflict as we represent Humanity.

We state:

     Ceasefire gives opportunity to human unity where we do not need an army or another controlling a territory on behalf of a state or another.

     Currently, we not only consider our side´s interest but we need to always undermine or even destroy the other, so that arms are human top aim anytime and anywhere, and this makes us organize in armed units, unequally and hierarchically, using upmost exploitation of the submitted people to compete with the others, also organized in armed units and doing the same.

     But this was the consequence of our isolated past, now we can decide to live together, make inclusive decisions, this is, decisions considering common good, the interest and welfare of all.

     Our guarantee of it is that consequently those decisions are always transparent, published and registered, so that there cannot be deception nor harming purposes.

We agree right now on universality, because there is only two options: universality or war -though understanding that we need some time to disarm, this is, to integrate and institute fair and equal conditions for all.


Ceasefire is the best way to proclaim the human unity proposal worldwide while proving its virtue, because this is what we need to achieve peace; just to let all the people in the world to know about the alternative to mutual destruction.

Our activity in conflict areas is to be shown to other parts of the world by human unity supporters everywhere generating feedback towards external support for the ceasefire.


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