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People talk about the evil of human nature, but evil is really a job, properly speaking, slavery, for which we are paid, for which we are allowed to eat, live, earn a salary at the end of the month until the next month.

The goal of productive work is to increase the deprivation of others, to cause them need, if possible, to monopolize something and put them at our mercy.

Even the charitable promotion of one religion thus seeks to displace others, or with the promotion of human rights and democracy the path to “authoritarian countries” is closed, etc.

But, above all, that evil work is manifested in the great mass of people dedicated and exercising themselves directly and expressly to kill, or others to design and produce with all or the best available resources forms and ways to kill more effectively or working on the study of the possibilities of how to cause the greatest possible damage to the other, with whose threat he is subjected.

And, even more, another large mass of people hiding, disguising that purpose, and disorienting people, distorting through representations and figurations the reality of things, objects and actions that are naturally and clearly understood by their purpose or object.

The other side of the coin is that of those who pursue opposing policies, for example, in favor of disarmament, pacifists, anarchists, or those against nuclear weapons, whose proposals for unilateral action cannot but result in prejudice and at their own objective disadvantage in the face of the implacable other, but these also serve to demonstrate that there is no alternative and they can therefore also access some payment, although much more limited, or even originating from the other party…


However, the truth, which is human, can already be told today, exposed, as follows: the presence of an object for homicide, the weapon, makes anyone necessarily need and want to possess it and, furthermore, privatize it, and perhaps he thinks that he will use it only if necessary or when necessary, but the other also wants that option for himself and will, if he can, get a more powerful weapon or one that can do more damage, and both organize in groups as armed units and will try to consolidate them more large, seeking to gain more advantage and will put as many more resources, human and material as possible through harsh exploitation at their disposal and service, so much that, if one is not able to consolidate a sufficiently powerful armed unit it will be absorbed and/or subjugated by the first, and so on until the world in which we live in where we all work for evil seeking to increase that killing advantage or, call it well, defend ourselves from that of the other.

And we must remember, just in case there is any doubt, that the weapon is not just anything, because, although you can kill with a chair or a kitchen knife, these do not ‘alarm’, they do not force us to react like the weapons, which explicitly manifest in their form, use and meaning their homicidal purpose, and the weapon is not abstract as it sometimes appears; It needs the specific enemy as well, to give itself the maximum meaning, in its design, location, and in everything else as a guide for that search for the maximum possible concrete damage.

And the cause of war, mutual destruction, is the purpose or attempt to prevent that capacity for damage to materialize, and this is what we see with Russia’s attack on Ukraine in view of its integration into NATO or in the case of China, which has not done any specific harm to the US, but its economic growth, specifically military, threatens US hegemony, and so on.

Now, in all this, was there any human evil? No, everything happened and happens logically and rationally. And that is the reality, no matter how much each one thinks otherwise, or in public hides -precisely behind a vision and even a human feeling with good words and gestures- that objective, cold evil, which is imposed inexorably and tragically on all of us equally. So, once we have seen it and it is before our eyes the authentic reality and the truth, whose manifestation is the condition of war in which we live, how is it solved?


Peace, as has been clearly seen by the wise men of the world, it is coexistence, human unity, inclusive decision-making whose consequence is to prevent and avoid deception, mutual harm (war) and the purpose of harm (the weapon, which is the cause of war) and moves and motivates us for the common good.

But we cannot think or talk about inclusivity without putting the evil, the weapon, under human control first, since the condition and root of exclusion is the weapon, as proven by the fact that, just as inclusivity is decision-making open, public and transparent, the intention of harm cannot be made public and must be hidden or disguised, which results in the confusion of the world that is attached to war.

Inclusivity, which is necessarily universal and that is why it was impossible in the past, is achieved by putting all armed units under the same command, which immediately makes them redundant and stops their development which is the cause of war. Therefore, that is our most immediate purpose and objective, since everything else depends on it, and for this it is necessary that a person assume that task, which is why I, Manuel Herranz Martin, president, and promoter of HUM, offer myself as a volunteer for the post and require all armed units to recognize it with the condition of the recognition of all the others.

A single command over weapons does nothing. How could it impose, force, or exert violence against itself? Weapons are only justified by each other, the purpose of harm is only justified and can be justified by the purpose of harm of the other, so that the service to the weapon becomes unnecessary and its human and material resources can be dedicated to human service and not to its damage, so that this command is not over the people who are then free and the slavery and hierarchical submission to the weapon ends, and the work, the objects and the actions are no longer intended to serve the weapon but the Humanity, then, except for the weapon, all things are to serve us and, therefore, human activity can then already be based on publicity, transparency and rationality in consideration of the concrete situation.

My candidacy and campaign begins with the publication of this document and aims to achieve complete recognition in the fall of 2024 in which we propose to celebrate Humanity Day, a day on which the Congress of Humanity is universally convened for one year later, so that during that year each and every one can participate in its organization and preparation. The task of Congress is to ensure that all human decisions, although subsidiary, are inclusive and will take responsibility for common human security, which is primarily disarmament, as well as the consequent establishment of the human community.


As stated above, with human unity our work and actions are the result of the rational, public and transparent understanding of our situation and our consideration and open discussion of it, so the current rights and conditions are guaranteed by Humanity that assumes sovereignty and avoids and prevents all violence such as theft or any other damage, so the states become subordinate to Humanity and represent it, maintaining control of the police and its internal management while carrying out pacification or unification and then disarmament that consolidates human unity. And, in the meantime, and until the management of Congress, in the event of a conflict between countries as a last resort or if the parties do not reach an agreement, Manuel Herranz Martin, assumes the task of mediation and, if necessary, arbitration, as a means of avoid confrontation and mutual harm.

The Human Unity Movement has the task of spreading the call for human peace, which is unity, first and foremost of armed units, and in ceasefire processes, which is our best service to Humanity, wherever the fighting parties allow us to speak to them. Since we started this project, once our @HumanUnity app was ready at the end of June, we are making good progress in Africa, particularly in the DR Congo with dozens of associations that support our project formally and legally, and there on September 21 and on October 5, we participated in the first two ceasefire agreements with two rebel groups in the Great Lakes area, with the cooperation also of the PDDCRS, the government disarmament agency with which we cooperate and we believe that other groups Rebels in the DRC are willing to make the ceasefire in consideration and support for human unity, and we also expect this from other armed groups in other Central African countries, from where we plan to extend to all of Africa and the entire world. Of course, we want to help as soon as possible facilitate the ceasefire wherever we can, and so we want to do so in the Middle East, in Ukraine or wherever we are required or accepted.

And for December of this year we are already preparing in Goma and Bukavu, the two large cities around Lake Kivu, a Day or Festival of Humanity, which will be a test and model for the September 2024 event.


In order to encourage the achievement of our peace objective and accepting the current conditions or rules of the game, we propose that the 2.5 trillion dollars that are spent on weapons in a year be used to reward those who contribute to unity, to human peace.

I invite and encourage you to make peace and support HUM and donate now and spread, share and encourage others to do so with all your might, and therefore it is appropriate that you eagerly desire and long for the reward and encourage you to contribute with your effort to obtain that reward and to propose it to others, because with this disposition we initiate and manifest human justice, by which whoever benefits Humanity will be rewarded and whoever harms it, deterred, and whose execution will be a manifestation of peace itself, therefore Humanity will have both the power and the means to execute it, since, just as it assumes sovereignty, it also issues the means of change and development. Although, we also know and hope that with time and mutual influence no incentive will be necessary, since our natural tendency will be to treat others as we want to be treated and assume the good of Humanity as our own.

Likewise, the validity of this reward arises from its publicity and transparency open to the judgment of all, just as all decisions will be in unity and peace and not the product of any force, since force is only opposed to another force, and inclusiveness It is the opposite of force, so this proposal could only be rejected or amended with a better argument.

Inclusivity is now first the opposite of force, then it is the contrary of force; it is disarmament, it is the human community.

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