Why is there war?

Or, worse, why is that currently all us are necessarily supporters of war?

It is for no benefiting the enemy, which being so is logically because it is an arm, as so are all the states, which if without resistance would subject all to its order and control, and those being subjected the last would stay in the lowest part of its pyramidal system of dominance. (However, when an army takes a city -for instance the Russian or Ukrainian armies- it is said it liberates it)

The cause of evil, deception and mutual harm is the division of the Humanity, the partiality in the decision-makings of the states, which logically results in their confrontation, thus the deception and harm are not just human resources but most needed tools for human relations.

The unity is the peace

However, if we humans all unite, if we make decisions inclusively or universally, something that is already possible in our time, we will use the common sense, which in a natural way shows us to harm and to deceive is evil, and consequently, we all refuse it and condemn it; while do good to others will be praised and rewarded unanimously, and living together we will influence one another, molding us all towards and until the perfection.

Just like we all tell the good and the evil, we all know what an object is when we see for what it serves and what its aim is, because objects are like extensions of our body, so that we also know how to improve it, and how, when and by whom it should be used for the common good in an optimal way. Therefore, with the arms excluded, there won´t be contradiction among us or among our nature for living together in peace, harmony and Universal Love (Mozi already said so 25 centuries ago).

The difficulty

Now, the problem is that the excuse of a state´s existence is to assure the security and defense of its nationals in front of other states, which leads the state to impose on its individuals making them give or be prepared to give all, including their lives, to the nation. Therefore, no state can be agent of peace, either of universality, neither can it permit or at least facilitate its individuals to be that agent. As the state’s control of all associations and activities within its territory is practically complete, although the peace, inclusive decision-making is already within our reach in the interconnected world, the point of division is that the people have not notice or reference of this option, since, despite of all the intelligence and historical experience of that knowledge of peace as equal to unity (or universality), the state hasn’t transmitted nor facilitate that information through its schools, universities and media -since, indeed, this would undermine its destruction potential in the ruthless struggle it wages against the other states or armed units.

The difficulty lies in the guarantee.

Yes, disarmament was impossible in the past, since it is necessary to be universal (simultaneous, agreed, joint…), because unilateral or partial disarmament is not disarmament, but surrender – serving the arm the same as before or more, just to another one.

That necessary universality is precisely the guarantee of security and justice for all and each one of the human beings against any uncertainty or risk related to its execution, for instance, the fear of those currently rich or privileged of possibly losing their welfares, who do not need to accept the disarmament if their current welfare is not respected so that it would not be universal and, therefore, infeasible.

However, we are ensured that disarmament would be unanimously voluntary if this proposal is universally published, since the arm’s existence is only one for another, and not for any other reason, including private properties which cannot be the reason like some assume, because not only it cannot exist without the arm first, but it is the effect of the arm, which cannot be shared, alternated, etc., for its aim of killing and harming. All the things are private only after they serve, are exploited by a single arm.

The Humanity

Today, the whole Humanity is within our reach to make everybody know about the proposal of human unity and universality. And in fact, Human Unity Movement, HUM, has the media to contact with practically all the human beings and to introduce the proposal to them. Those media are the website in English, Chinese and Spanish, and the principal social networks in the west, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, which can be seen in the website, and also Wechat official account, with which we have access to China, and finally, we just got the App – HumanUnity, available for every mobile, which I invite you to download. With and from these communication platforms we are in a condition to create a critical mass, sufficient for the proposal to reach the whole world.

Your humanity

Therefore, we need volunteers as Humanity´s representative, people who can support peace instead of genocide. When we achieve Human Unity, those who have supported peace, human unity will be fairly rewarded by Humanity. This humane action is not about to alleviate endless disaster as NGOs kindly do, but a plan with a fixed term to definitely end disaster with the celebration of a Universal Congress on Human Unity where inclusive decision making is practiced and where its general use for the future is stablished.

If you understand that human unity, where the arm is redundant, is convenient and possible, you shall support it. Do not deceive yourself. No state, nor anybody as state´s dependent, can promote peace o unity, which we can see with our own eyes, no matter how beneficial it will be for all and each of us. Therefore it is so important that you become Humanity´s representative, so that you will be able to spread human unity proposal, make peace. Contact us at:

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