We offer 5,000 euros to the first 100 million people who register in our @HumanUnity app or website www.human-unity.org their desire for peace or human unity through an open, public and transparent World Congress to be held in 2025 that will assume responsibility for common human security and thus the ultimate guarantee of public dealings, such as this one.

Human unity, or inclusive decision-making, is the way to end the purpose of harming and leads us to deal and cooperate about common good only. But to achieve human unity we need first to make the question on peace or human unity public, universal, because harming purposes, weapons production, is the main aim of every state well justified by the harming purpose of the others, but making the question universal and simultaneous nobody will publish its will of harming others if the others do not publish their harming purpose.

The way to pose the question for unity or peace universally is our own public declaration of having that will until it reaches enough people as to make it relevant worldwide by registering on the www.human-unity.org site on sign up page or with the installation of the @HumanUnity app. You can also register your support for peace, human unity here: https://forms.gle/dGpayBZ2hv4ZEs28A


By convening of the 2025 Congress in charge of inclusive or peaceful decision-making we incorporate the provision that when it is held, those who have contributed the most to peace by publishing first their will to peace, shall be rewarded.

This year 2023, 2.5 trillion are allocated to the countries´ defense, that is; invested in weapons, and if they are used (killing and destroying) they will multiply the losses for Humanity (or perhaps they will annihilate it) and if, in the best case, they are not used they will be a waste, so when the Congress is held in 2025 it will mean that these resources have been preserved for human needs or welfare, therefore, we set the reward equivalent to the amount of this saving as follows:

Half a trillion to distribute among the 100 million people who first register their desire for peace, unit =  USD5,000 per person.

Half a trillion to distribute among the people in areas of armed conflict where the ceasefire is declared in public support for human unity, particularly among those who have registered their desire for unity, for peace because in this way they also contribute to ceasefire.

Half a trillion to be distributed equally among all HUM donors. You can do it here in this site or using our app @HumanUnity

Half a trillion for organizing the Congress in 2025 and a Festival of Humanity in 2024, which precedes the Congress to ensure that everyone has a year notice in advance to participate in its preparation and organization.

Half a trillion for those places where armed violence occurs, but not because of civil war or confrontation between states, but rather because of guerrilla activities or armed gangs or people, as the case of some areas in America, so that these groups publicly declare their commitment to stop of use of arms or people hand over their weapons to give opportunity to the celebration of the Festival of Humanity and then to the Unity Congress. To this end, we propose the creation of working and mediation groups to ensure respect for the ceasefire and weapons handover.

Besides signing up, you can think about how to contribute more to peace, to the salvation of Humanity, and benefit yourself and everyone with it, for example, many can already cooperate in the organization of the Festival and the Congress.

With this reward we make human justice visible, which is transparent, public and rewards those who benefits Humanity (and not like now when harming others gets top rewards). It’s not that HUM or me, Manuel Herranz Martin, its president, have that money and offer it, it is a proposal that we make to ourselves to facilitate the process of change starting with the current rules of the game, which also helps us to make visible some areas of great human suffering outside the strategic game and we can also support.

The Human Congress or Human Assembly is responsible for human security and, therefore, it is also the guarantor of public deals, therefore, the issuer of the common human currency for development and exchange, for which reason it not only has authority but also the capacity to execute the bounty.

But we also know that once united and with time, human justice will not need a mediator and guarantor of the common good through the publicity and transparency of decisions or with reward or deterrence with material goods, since our will will also be our common convenience that it is universality as a result of the simple mutual, natural common influence that will shape our being according to the good or convenience of all, of Humanity, which will be our determining environment.

Signed: Manuel Herranz Martin

President of the Human Unity Movement


It is not surprising that people who appealed to human unity called it Heavens Will, as the Mohism did, or cosmic policy according to Cosmopolitans.

We assume that in principle everything was inert, its impulse always came from the outside, but little by little chemical combinations gave rise to individualization in primitive forms of life (according to Aristotle, where all the parts adhere to an end), to plants and animals and these acquired their own impulses, they were able to react to the environment seeking to preserve themselves, nourishing themselves from it and avoiding danger, until the appearance of human intelligence, one that not only reacts to the environment but is capable of putting itself in the place of the other and, therefore, instead of destroying it and, perhaps, consuming it, it is capable of preserving it, cooperating with it, thus uniting with it, and in this way Humanity already participates in the divine essence, being able to associate with the cosmos and contribute to its creation or development in its expansive or eternal return form.

But first we need to take the step of understanding the inevitable universality of that intelligence, vitiated by our past condition that has it at the service of the arm, whose object is to take the life of the other (and that is our problem and not figurative windmills), so that our current form is that of an evil virus that corrodes, corrupts and destroys everything, since not only we are forced to fight to the death among ourselves but everything within our reach is necessarily incorporated into that struggle, therefore, if there is intelligent life in the universe, which undoubtedly has reached universality, it cannot approach us in our present condition, since we would even want to force God to take sides, which is not to recognize him.

It is through personal intelligence -and not through publicly regulated stupidity- that we capture the condition and need of the other, and thus we also know the laws of physical nature, the natural impulses of animals and that this same intelligence is given equally in all human beings, so that, even ignoring the universe’s extension and shape given our limited space-time condition, we have found its law, and that also allows us to overcome our slavery or death that the weapon projects/reminds us permanently by appealing to the unity and (cosmological) universality of human intelligence.


Actually all wise or discreet people know it. Peace is justice, equality, instead of injustice or the hierarchy or inequality imposed by the state by democratic or other means. Take Kant for instance, frequently misread by assuming he equalizes democracy and peace. In the Appendix I to the Perpetual Peace, titled: ON THE DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN MORALS AND POLITICS WITH REFERENCE TO PERPETUAL PEACE, he says: “If a part of the world (West or East, or USA, China, Russia..) feels its superiority to another, whether this be in its way or not, will not fail to take advantage of an opportunity offered of strengthening its power by the spoliation or even conquest of this territory.”

This would be full clear for all, if not because the ideology or the figurations each state make confess to its subjects, starting by the nationality, hiding the fact that states are all the same arms, incorporated arms or armed units, hazardously build since Prehistoric times from smaller and dispersed units up to the global present.

Kant tells us how to make peace in Appendix II, titled: CONCERNING THE HARMONY OF POLITICS WITH MORALS ACCORDING TO THE TRANSCENDENTAL IDEA OF PUBLIC RIGHT, where he says: “Philosophy could easily frustrate the artifices of a politics like this, which shuns the light of criticism, by publishing its maxims (the aim of your action), if only statesmen would have the courage to grant philosophers the right to ventilate their opinions. With this end in view, I propose another principle of public right, which is at once transcendental and affirmative. Its formula would be as follows:—“All maxims which require publicity, in order that they may not fail to attain their end, are in agreement both with right and politics.”

Politicians can talk at the UN, but, as arms representatives, they only issue there figurations backing their arm grow and what is detrimental to the other arms.

Kant means by Philosophy as to take a human point of view, opposed to the politician’s or arm´s servant. And the philosopher proposal is disarmament, this is human unity, inclusive decision-making, this is actually Kant´s proposal of PUBLICITY of the aims (what is the problem?), because an unilateral disarmament is not real disarmament but surrender, service to another arm, while real disarmament is cooperation for common good = publicity of the aims (and no to harm others as now).

And, on the contrary, to propose peace, without proposing human unity at the same time, as those peace mediators do, is basically ignorance or/and, actually, politics.

But now, the philosopher has talked (to you), and he needs that PUBLICITY, nobody grants to him because everybody has to live first and life/money is given by the state only. However, Justice, as the cosmopolitans saw, is to expose, condemn and dissuade evil, harm and harming purposes (instead of hiding the arm behind ideologies) and praise and reward goodness, benefit to our fellow humans. Therefore we will make peace by means of Justice, as you can see here https://human-unity.org/signup/


The way to end the war is inclusive decision making which prevents (mutual) harm and deals with common good only, therefore we are calling for a World Congress on Human Unity in 2025 which will assume responsibility for common security and issue the common currency for development and exchange. Universality is the condition of human justice: To benefit Humanity and all and each one of human beings, shall be recognized and rewarded and to harm any of them exposed and dissuaded.

Who would not support human justice instead of war? However, even if wise people of the past such as Mozi, the cosmopolitans, Cervantes, and others, knew this justice well, they could not persuade people to practice it in an unknown and incommunicado world, and moreover, this thought would weaken the state, therefore it repressed this knowledge and it is hardly known today. Today the world is interconnected but in state of war where (unilaterally) applying (human) justice would make our state to treat us as deserters. How could it be promoted in Russia and Ukraine while they are harming each other if not simultaneously? And it is the same in any state because every state is working for rightly increasing its own security which is the same as to decrease the security of the others.

Human justice is not possible without universality, therefore, to benefit Humanity today is to call for an open and transparent World Congress on Unity by means of registering in the app @HumanUnity the peace/unity will of each person without discrimination of nationality to link it with all other people´s. Who declares peace to Humanity is a Humanity´s friend, while who does not declare it, ignores the suffering caused by human division and maintains the violence is a Humanity´s enemy until he/she becomes aware of his error; since there is no doubt that a common justice or peace is in his/her convenience and it is the objective convenience of all, and only unconsciousness or prejudice can hide that truth.

Justice rewards people for benefiting Humanity bringing about peace, the greatest good or the source of any possible good, in the following way: This year USD2,24 trillion are spent in weapons which if used (killing and destroying) will multiply the losses and if, in the best case, not used, is a waste, and when the Congress is held in 2025, it will mean that those resources have been spared for consumption or production, therefore along with the Congress call we propose that half a trillion be shared among the people in conflict areas who registers their will for peace, half a trillion be shared among the first 100 million people registering their peace will, half a trillion be shared according to the ranking in the Leaderboard of @HumanUnity for their added contribution, well adding people to the app or donating (1 point = one added person or 10 USD donated), and half a trillion for organizing the Congress, including its call and a Humanity´s Festival to be held on September 21st, 2024 (more info in human-unity.org).

We are inviting you to join our team with people from all world quarters working for Humanity´s common good in a great, exciting, and amazing task, where every activity is open and transparent to our bosses, all humans, because this is the justice´s proof. Feel yourself human, follow and share this human experience just born with all your friends and your networks.


In spite of whatever we might be told, we might figure out or think, the indisputable reality of human nature shows that it is absurd and impossible for someone to accept, to consent and, if possible, not to react against violence with violence, and to avoid being harmed, injured, killed or, equally, threatened and so deprived of the ability to decide by himself.

Furthermore, it is absurd to claim for peace and at the same time to be employing violence and to complain about the damage we suffer, because in such certain sense we are doing it to ourselves.

Mòzi says that evil (violence) is what cannot be avoided (Great Illustration, Da Qu, 5)  and, indeed, to make peace we do not need to say or explain what is peace, which, by the way, has a different meaning according to different languages (سلام (salam), мир (mir), Friede, 和平 (heping), etc.), because we all know that friendship, concord, cooperation, equality etc., all that excludes violence is peace, so simple like that. To make peace we just need to demonstrate that it is possible, that it is within our reach. And yes, peace is now possible because in our time we can all make it together. We can publicly ask each one without exception if he or she is willing to not use violence when everyone else without exception is willing to do the same, and we will obtain public unanimity for sure; and this is because the only cause for violence is violence itself, and the condition of peace is universality.

“Without peace there can be no good”, Cervantes says. Good or evil are universal, harming others is really harming oneself, and good is real only if it is for everyone and all, since that is the condition that makes us humans, and comes as justice, not allowing some to be happy while others suffer. And this, we can say, is a cosmic principle. Partial love is not love, such love is that of robbers and thieves, they steal and kill others to benefit their own people, says Mozi. Partial love is not real love because it forces the loved ones to take sides, harming them. What kind of love could it be? (Mòzi, XI, Xiao Qu, Minor Illustration, 7)

The most influential thinkers of past centuries are outdated today. Confucius and Aristotle pointed out that the good or benefit could only be private (Herranz, Xu, 2023), but it is not because they denied the possibility of the good, but because they were in an unknown world with unknown people (something also seen by Mòzi in The Canon and Explanations B, 74 to 76), and if good cannot be universally shared, evil, privation is therefore generalized, universal.

Today, inclusive human decision-making that avoids and prevents harm and leads to the human community is feasible, possible. The problem we face is that, despite the talk of democracy, human rights, etc., without a force behind, conversation, dialogue is not allowed, even public management is to a large extent focused on war and, consequently, preventing public questioning. Even with plenty of references, historical experiences, and solid arguments of all kinds, we cannot get out of the vacuum that is created for the non-violence and we have not been able to make public the question of stopping and renouncing violence – this is why there is violence today.


A common mistake we humans fall into is not perceiving that violence has no other cause than violence itself, because our way of thinking is analogical, that is; we think by putting ourselves in the place of other people, or even in the place of an abstract person that lets us understand the purpose and use of objects and things. But the state is not a person, it is an object, an arm, an armed unit, its activity is violence, its life is war, as Sunzi says in the first line of the Art of War, while the activity of the people is much more diverse than that, and humans, like the rest of living beings, adapt to the environment the best they can.

And the consequence of this analogical thought is that we deceive ourselves looking for some meaning (human or humanizing) of violence and thus it has been attributed to private property that would be inherent to the human being for the same and simple condition by which we are divided into separate bodies. However, private property is contradictory to the human being, since we need to cooperate, otherwise we could not even survive, and it is obvious that it is in our interest that everyone does well, and everyone produces a lot of everything. However, it is only the different arms or armed units that cannot cooperate in order not to help the other weapon to progress (unless against a third party), as we see in the day-to-day news, and it is the arm, according to that same condition, that generates private property and exploits and uses resources without any limit (see the most recent figures for the defense of various countries around the world). In fact, private property is really an obstacle and a limitation for the progress of all and it goes against our general and common convenience.

Another thing is that someone steals or rapes me (which would be a police matter), but even here we would already be talking about violence that generates violence. What we are talking about now is the suspension and renouncing of violence by all, which we have to ask each other, since that is making peace, which is fixed with inclusive decision-making.


The peace is human unity

The arm is the evil (“that it is the same arms and war.” Cervantes, Quixote, Chapter XXXVII)

Why is there war? Because the states not only decide separately and consider exclusively their own interests, disregarding that of others, which logically and inevitably leads them to confrontation; but, above all, they are forced to undermine or even destroy the other, since they are armed units; the other’s arm is specifically for destroying us, and this is our priority and urgency, since their arm, like ours, is not produced, nor a strategy planed and applied, without criteria or reason, but always seeks causing the greatest possible harm, which is the object of the arm.

That relationship between states is obvious for the fact that the arm is the greatest human production at all time and places, and technical advances are basically produced for the arm’s development, although in the present it is not showed to us as clearly as in the past, since the purpose of harming is hidden. (For instance, regarding the current war, it is said here that Ukraine is a sovereign country and has been invaded and that’s all. But, on the other hand, it is not mentioned that Ukraine has the intention of joining the NATO, organization led by a country clearly interventionist like the USA, and whose agreement is that all countries integrated in the alliance defend one another mutually. And at the meantime, Ukraine is already at war with Russia for the Donbass and Crimea. So, Russia only invaded it after not achieving any guarantee from the NATO, the USA, about Ukraine joining the NATO. We can continue with the reasoning of the hatred and fear that those countries in eastern Europe have toward Russia, which, for their weakness, feel that they have no choice but to seek protection from the USA; so it goes on and on.)

Indeed, the purpose of harming needs to be hidden, because however least it would put the other on guard, it would make him react, and what is worse, it would manifest itself as what it is: inhuman. That is why now we humans, regardless of the arm to which we belong, need to use intelligence and common sense when dealing with peace, and understand that the states cannot make peace, and that in the political sphere or service to the state, the truth cannot be disclosed; on the contrary, it is necessary to admit the lies of the state and coalition to which we belong.

What is happening to us? The human being found the arm already present in nature and its adaptation to it is its unavoidable integration into armed units, which are now states.

Unlike the rest of the objects that are all to serve us, the arm is meant to harm, kill, something that only happen eventually. But the immanent or constant effect of the arm is enforcement or deprivation of liberty, which makes it intrinsically or essentially private, impossible or absurd to be shared or alternated; and the rest of the things are private, assigned to one individual or another through the mediation of the arm, which first subordinates them and puts them at the service of its purpose of harming and enforcement or deprivation of liberty through precariousness.

And so, the arm’s condition is the cause that any state necessarily has a single individual at its head who guarantees both its unity and that it is only offensive and seeks to put everything under its control from its base, since the state is organized necessarily in a hierarchical or pyramidal way with the maximum possible inequality to ensure the maximum exploitation of its resources at its service and to be able to compete with others at all times and places, regardless of the political system that it adopts. Obviously, a system is only viable if it increases the power of the state (such as the case of the democracy or the abolishment of slavery), and not because of its humanity as, however, is believed. And thus, the fact that it is the state that determines extreme inequality is also hidden; instead, people attribute the inequality to big companies because of their greed, even to arms companies the causing of wars for increasing their orders. The cause of all those misperceptions is that humans use an analogical thinking and they tend to think the state as human too.

The history of pacifism, the cosmopolitans

(You can check on the internet and look for pacifists; no one of the referred people there is a real pacifist, because the condition to be there is that the state is not put under question)

– The ancient cosmopolitans, both in the West and in the East (Mòzǐ) clearly saw that only if we humans unite, if we make decisions jointly and inclusively, we will avoid and prevent evil, harming purpose (the arms) and mutual destruction (the war), and we will cooperate only for common good. That same unity or human coexistence makes us see things as they really are; that harming others is unfair, incorrect and detrimental to all, and is judged, rejected and confronted by every person according to our natural and common understanding and feeling, and we will motivate and influence each other towards the common Good.

– But war was an inevitable human condition in the past in which Humanity lived in isolated groups and in an unknown world, so that trying to prevent evil, the purpose of harming and harm with unity or inclusive decision-making was not only unfeasible but above all detrimental to the state that allows the diffusion of such perception within it, since it weakens itself in front of others. For this reason, the states have firmly hidden that option. That was the case particularly for Mòzǐ.

– And the problem of the ancient Western cosmopolitans, as we can see in their writings, despite occupying the highest positions of the state, was that, on the one hand, they understood and wanted to eliminate evil, arms or states, but on the other, they needed them to preserve their property and even their lives, since obviously it cannot be that one shares and the others do not and, moreover, the latter is trying to appropriate, put in their name, deprive others of everything they can.


– However, these problems are resolved today when we are all connected. Human unity is inclusive and universal decision-making, and thus the use of universality, impartiality, equality and common sense. This is the only form of peace. It means a public management unanimously agreed upon by all, which is guaranteed by transparency, openness, publicity and recording of each decision-making. So that there cannot be deceit, misunderstanding in it, nor purpose of harming (which would be the absurdity of harming oneself). That, on the one hand, guarantees no one has to give up their property involuntarily; while, on the other hand, disarmament would lead us inevitably and voluntarily to the community.

– Indeed, unity is the same as disarmament, and this can only be universal, since unilateral disarmament is surrender, that is, equally keeping serving to the arm, only to another; so that the unity or disarmament not only shall not, but cannot result in the detriment of anyone.

So that, in the name of the Humanity:

– We require the leaders of all states or armed units to declare and carry out a ceasefire to establish definitive human peace; this is, human unity or human inclusive decision-making, with which all conflict is resolved and disappears, since all conflict is born from division and is manifested in or reduced to one army or another controlling and exploiting territories and people.

– We call for human unity or human inclusive decision-making, which is finally possible today and no one can oppose it unless they misunderstand it and need further explanation; and peace is achieved just with the universal communication of this information generated by and from just common sense.

The only thing that human unity prevents and avoids is the undesirable mutual harm, deceit and mystification in public management; and it brings about both disarmament and the use of common sense and the universality (equality) in cooperation for common good, because the arms’ existence are only one for or against another and not for any other reason. Or, does anyone know of any use of the submarines, of the aircraft carriers, of the nuclear missiles, etc., against human evil nature or for work enforcement? The only thing that disarmament obviously and necessarily requires is that we all do it together, thus making everything common. Are we not able to see that, and face it?

– For the establishment of human unity, we propose an open and transparent Unity Congress or Assembly, in which decision-making is already inclusive and it is established as a system. This Congress would assume responsibility for human security in place of states and, therefore, assumes the single control of all arms that, united, are useless and redundant. The single control of all arms makes convenience to and results in disarmament, and with it the integration and cooperation of all for common good. Or what is the problem? The fact is that we have no other choice, either we all save ourselves or we all go to hell. Do we perhaps prefer to destroy us all thinking of destroying “the others”? Can’t we see that others are offended by us just the same?

– Before the Congress it is advisable, even necessary, to put all arms under the same command, since this is the only way to stop and suspend their dynamic of mutual damage that absorbs the human will; so that the activity of the arm is suspended and a ceasefire guaranteed, something that simply convoking the Congress could not possibly achieve.

– A single command that is only accepted if all the others accept it too. A single command that does nothing, imposes nothing, only establishes the sovereignty of Humanity over the arms, and thus prevents war and fighting, which otherwise would be the contradiction of one attacking and defending oneself. A single command that not only guarantees ceasefire, but also stops arm’s development and aggressive strategies of the states, generating, or rather, releasing thus the sense of humanity that we all share by nature.


I ask your support to communicate this proposal to the leaders of Ukraine and Russia, and to other places where there is conflict, requiring them to ceasefire and call for human unity.

To the heart of light

To the heart of light, to Humanity´s core.

Next Thursday 16th I am leaving for Africa, first to Algiers, until the 22nd , then to Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, and finally on the 27th to Goma, at the Great Lakes in RD Congo. If any of you know people who could be interested in HUM in those areas, particularly in Argel, I will be very glad to meet them there.

This is our aim, starting in Africa:

We communicate with both sides in conflict, if possible, directly and if not via social networks, and it can be also via influencers, representatives, speakers, and other well-known public figures, our proposal for ceasefire as the way and voice for world peace, which is human unity and so we do not discriminate between the parts in the conflict as we represent Humanity.

We state:

     Ceasefire gives opportunity to human unity where we do not need an army or another controlling a territory on behalf of a state or another.

     Currently, we not only consider our side´s interest but we need to always undermine or even destroy the other, so that arms are human top aim anytime and anywhere, and this makes us organize in armed units, unequally and hierarchically, using upmost exploitation of the submitted people to compete with the others, also organized in armed units and doing the same.

     But this was the consequence of our isolated past, now we can decide to live together, make inclusive decisions, this is, decisions considering common good, the interest and welfare of all.

     Our guarantee of it is that consequently those decisions are always transparent, published and registered, so that there cannot be deception nor harming purposes.

We agree right now on universality, because there is only two options: universality or war -though understanding that we need some time to disarm, this is, to integrate and institute fair and equal conditions for all.


Ceasefire is the best way to proclaim the human unity proposal worldwide while proving its virtue, because this is what we need to achieve peace; just to let all the people in the world to know about the alternative to mutual destruction.

Our activity in conflict areas is to be shown to other parts of the world by human unity supporters everywhere generating feedback towards external support for the ceasefire.




Why is there war?

Or, worse, why is that currently all us are necessarily supporters of war?

It is for no benefiting the enemy, which being so is logically because it is an arm, as so are all the states, which if without resistance would subject all to its order and control, and those being subjected the last would stay in the lowest part of its pyramidal system of dominance. (However, when an army takes a city -for instance the Russian or Ukrainian armies- it is said it liberates it)

The cause of evil, deception and mutual harm is the division of the Humanity, the partiality in the decision-makings of the states, which logically results in their confrontation, thus the deception and harm are not just human resources but most needed tools for human relations.

The unity is the peace

However, if we humans all unite, if we make decisions inclusively or universally, something that is already possible in our time, we will use the common sense, which in a natural way shows us to harm and to deceive is evil, and consequently, we all refuse it and condemn it; while do good to others will be praised and rewarded unanimously, and living together we will influence one another, molding us all towards and until the perfection.

Just like we all tell the good and the evil, we all know what an object is when we see for what it serves and what its aim is, because objects are like extensions of our body, so that we also know how to improve it, and how, when and by whom it should be used for the common good in an optimal way. Therefore, with the arms excluded, there won´t be contradiction among us or among our nature for living together in peace, harmony and Universal Love (Mozi already said so 25 centuries ago).

The difficulty

Now, the problem is that the excuse of a state´s existence is to assure the security and defense of its nationals in front of other states, which leads the state to impose on its individuals making them give or be prepared to give all, including their lives, to the nation. Therefore, no state can be agent of peace, either of universality, neither can it permit or at least facilitate its individuals to be that agent. As the state’s control of all associations and activities within its territory is practically complete, although the peace, inclusive decision-making is already within our reach in the interconnected world, the point of division is that the people have not notice or reference of this option, since, despite of all the intelligence and historical experience of that knowledge of peace as equal to unity (or universality), the state hasn’t transmitted nor facilitate that information through its schools, universities and media -since, indeed, this would undermine its destruction potential in the ruthless struggle it wages against the other states or armed units.

The difficulty lies in the guarantee.

Yes, disarmament was impossible in the past, since it is necessary to be universal (simultaneous, agreed, joint…), because unilateral or partial disarmament is not disarmament, but surrender – serving the arm the same as before or more, just to another one.

That necessary universality is precisely the guarantee of security and justice for all and each one of the human beings against any uncertainty or risk related to its execution, for instance, the fear of those currently rich or privileged of possibly losing their welfares, who do not need to accept the disarmament if their current welfare is not respected so that it would not be universal and, therefore, infeasible.

However, we are ensured that disarmament would be unanimously voluntary if this proposal is universally published, since the arm’s existence is only one for another, and not for any other reason, including private properties which cannot be the reason like some assume, because not only it cannot exist without the arm first, but it is the effect of the arm, which cannot be shared, alternated, etc., for its aim of killing and harming. All the things are private only after they serve, are exploited by a single arm.

The Humanity

Today, the whole Humanity is within our reach to make everybody know about the proposal of human unity and universality. And in fact, Human Unity Movement, HUM, has the media to contact with practically all the human beings and to introduce the proposal to them. Those media are the website www.human-unity.org in English, Chinese and Spanish, and the principal social networks in the west, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, which can be seen in the website, and also Wechat official account, with which we have access to China, and finally, we just got the App – HumanUnity, available for every mobile, which I invite you to download. With and from these communication platforms we are in a condition to create a critical mass, sufficient for the proposal to reach the whole world.

Your humanity

Therefore, we need volunteers as Humanity´s representative, people who can support peace instead of genocide. When we achieve Human Unity, those who have supported peace, human unity will be fairly rewarded by Humanity. This humane action is not about to alleviate endless disaster as NGOs kindly do, but a plan with a fixed term to definitely end disaster with the celebration of a Universal Congress on Human Unity where inclusive decision making is practiced and where its general use for the future is stablished.

If you understand that human unity, where the arm is redundant, is convenient and possible, you shall support it. Do not deceive yourself. No state, nor anybody as state´s dependent, can promote peace o unity, which we can see with our own eyes, no matter how beneficial it will be for all and each of us. Therefore it is so important that you become Humanity´s representative, so that you will be able to spread human unity proposal, make peace. Contact us at: info@human-unity.org


Dear reader and friend, please support me as Humanity´s representative so that I can address to the presidents of Ukraine and Russia and that they pay attention to this Peace Agreement. You must understand that they are not the most important in this deal, since their task is to lead their army and state to victory and expansion. The most important is your wish and decision as a person and the wish and decision of many people and finally of all the people for peace, humanity and justice:


Dear Mrs. presidents Vladimir Putin y Valodymyr Zelensky,

My name is Manuel Herranz Martín, I am from Human Unity Movement, HUM, www.human-unity.org  and I am calling you for ceasefire, offering you my cooperation and advice for it.

The basis of that ceasefire is the word peace in your language, мир/mir, a word you share also in your names. Mир means as much Peace as World or Humanity and most probably derivates from the old Greek Cosmopolitan Thought which considers Peace as Human Unity (also in the East was this clear even before than in the West).

Indeed, I am asking you to declare ceasefire to give voice and chance to human peace, this is, human unity or inclusive decision making, because your conflict, as every conflict, originate from the fact of which army controls people and territory, but obviously with human unity this problem disappears, because united we avoid and prevent harming purposes (weapons and arms) and mutual destruction (war) and we cooperate for common good only.

And, as the old Cosmopolitans envisaged, united, living together, we see things as they really are, in a human way, so that it is clear for all that harming is wrong and it is judged as wrong and condemned by everyone according with our natural understanding and feelings as humans.

However, arms and war were an irresoluble condition of human past because Humanity lived in an unknown world with unknown inhabitants in it and, therefore, inclusive decision making and our natural human feelings were repressed under the condition of war, but now we are interconnected and able to work simultaneously together, and your ceasefire and your declaration in favor of human unity will have a planetary audience so that we all learn about peace, humanity, at the same time without it being detrimental for anyone and it will only be beneficial for all.


Evil, the purpose of harming (of the arms) makes us hide, disguise our real purpose behind figurations, lies and deception since disclosing evil would be incongruent and counterproductive as it would put the enemy/other on guard, move him to react and of any appeal to good faith we might expect perfidy.

The only alternative to our current situation of mutual destruction or war is unity or inclusive decision making, which can be first universally applied in an open and transparent World Assembly or Congress on Human Unity, so that each person can present his or her proposals, objections or add new criteria and considerations to other´s proposals so that every decision is unanimously approved and implemented.

Publicity and transparency of public issues is the form and guarantee of peaceful human life.

The current exclusive decision-making system, and along with it the activity of the armed units (states), makes that all our urgency and priority is to incessantly and unavoidably make our upmost effort to improve our destruction power and prevent others from improving it by mutually undermining and even destroying each other, and to stop it at once the only way is to put all arms under a single command.

Therefore, I, Manuel Herranz Martin, volunteer to assume this responsibility as Humanity´s representative until the Congress on Human Unity and I am asking you (and everyone) for your vote of confidence, which is also a vote of confidence in our humanity and in the whole Humanity, because arms’ unity means no more and no less than that they can no longer be developed, used, neither force employed as it would the absurd case of harming oneself, and also the immediate consequence of it is ceasefire, thus disarmament becomes not only possible but convenient.

This single command allows for the openness and transparency which is universal disarmament condition, because the arms, defense, and attack systems are not random or arbitrary produced, they are considering and facing the threat posed by others, so that we must reveal this mutual relation and jointly eliminate it.


I am looking forwards to your earliest answer and at your disposal for clearing or detailing any point of this plan if required.

Best wishes

Manuel Herranz Martin





Уважаемые Президенты Владимир Путин и Владимир Зеленский!

Меня зовут Мануэль Эрранц Мартин, я из Движения за человеческое единство, HUM, www.human-unity.org, и от имени человечества я прошу о прекращении огня, и для этого я предлагаю вам свое сотрудничество и совет.

Основой прекращения огня является человеческий мир в смысле мира, который вы двое носите в своем имени и используете на своем языке мир/мир (другие языки подчеркивают другие аспекты мира). Мир означает как мир, так и Человечество и, вероятно, происходит от древнегреческой космополитической мысли, поскольку, по сути, я прошу вас объявить о прекращении огня, чтобы дать голос и возможность человеческому миру, то есть человеческому единству или принятию решений, включающему человеческое существо с что любой конфликт разрешается и исчезает, поскольку возникает из-за того, что та или иная армия контролирует какие-то территории и людей.

Только живя вместе как люди, мы окончательно избегаем и предотвращаем цели вреда (оружия) и взаимного уничтожения (войны) и сотрудничаем исключительно для общего блага. То же самое единство или человеческое сосуществование приводит нас к тому, что мы видим вещи такими, какие они есть, и, таким образом, причинение вреда другим является неправильным и несправедливым, и каждый судит, отвергает и противостоит ему как таковому в соответствии с нашим естественным общим пониманием и чувством.

Существование оружия в природе вынуждало людей организовываться в вооруженные отряды и наносить максимально возможный ущерб другим, неизбежное состояние в прошлом, в котором Человечество жило в неизвестном мире, а жители во взаимном неведении, так что предотвращение зла , цель вреда и ущерба, при единстве или инклюзивном принятии решений, была невозможна, но теперь мы все взаимосвязаны и можем действовать сообща, одновременно и осуществлять единство на практике, в чем вы уже ясно видели тех древних космополитов, как в на Западе и уже видел его еще раньше на Востоке (Mòzǐ).

Публичность и прозрачность человеческого государственного управления, которые обеспечиваются для нас инклюзивным принятием решений, являются формой и гарантией сосуществования. Достаточно того, что Человечество осознает, что мир есть единство, чтобы никто не мог отвергнуть его, так как их альтернативой является текущее и неизбежное взаимное уничтожение. И инклюзивное принятие решений должно начинаться с открытой и прозрачной Всемирной ассамблеи или Конгресса человеческого единства.

Но прежде всего поставить все оружие под единое командование, так как это единственный способ остановить и приостановить их динамику взаимного поражения, поглощающую человеческую волю, по этой причине, пока Конгресс не установит форму совместной безопасности, я , Мануэль Эрранц Мартин, я добровольно беру на себя эту ответственность во имя Человечества и прошу вашего вотума доверия, а также всех людей гарантировать прекращение огня и приостановить действие оружия.

Спасибо вам большое за ваше внимание. Я надеюсь, что вы меня хорошо понимаете, но я остаюсь внимательным к вашему желанию, чтобы детализировать или прояснить любой момент. Не упустите эту возможность. Я с нетерпением жду вашего скорейшего ответа.

С наилучшими пожеланиями

Мануэль Эрранц Мартин



Мы, люди Земли, без различия и дискриминации выражаем нашу волю к объединению, к жизни со всеми людьми, т.е. принимать совместные и инклюзивные решения, учитывая интересы, желания и опасения каждого без различия и дискриминации, и в стремлении использовать здравый смысл в наших отношениях вместо принуждения или насилия.



Наша цель — инклюзивная и общая система безопасности, при которой любая проблема безопасности любого человека или группы людей является проблемой безопасности человека, и мы все должны проявлять заботу и сотрудничать, чтобы предоставить средства спасения или помощи тем, кто находится под угрозой уничтожения или ущерба. , такие как катастрофы, голод, засухи, наводнения и т.

Контроль над огнестрельным оружием, прекращение огня и разоружение

Но теперь самой большой угрозой и препятствием человеческому сосуществованию, сотрудничеству и согласию является оружие, единственная цель, которая, в отличие от всех других целей и действий, которые должны служить нам, должна убить, уничтожить и причинить нам вред, и его последствия. человеческое деление, так как оружие не может быть разделено и неизбежно и непреодолимо ведет к противодействию и конфронтации или войне (уничтожению чужого оружия), так что прекращение и приостановление действия оружия и его уничтожение является нашим делом. и универсальная цель.

И единственный способ остановить и приостановить эту динамику оружия, поглощающую человеческую волю ко злу, состоит в том, чтобы поставить все оружие под одно командование, так как следствием единого командования является приостановление действия оружия, с помощью которого производится прекращение огня. и прекращает необходимость и работу по бесконечному развитию и расширению оружия, а также усилия по ухудшению и уничтожению (оружия) другого, поскольку с оружием под одним и тем же командованием оно не может быть создано и в инициатива любого вреда, даже не по этой команде, поскольку это было бы абсурдным и противоречивым положением того, кто одновременно атакует и защищается.

При едином командовании оружие бесполезно и избыточно, так как единственный смысл его существования состоит в том, что одни за или против других, и, следовательно, разоружение не только возможно, но удобно и может состояться Объединительный съезд или собрание. прозрачная человеческая организация, которая осуществляет и координирует разоружение и устанавливает наш способ сосуществования или будущего инклюзивного принятия решений, поскольку без предварительного контроля над оружием участники продолжали бы оставаться субъектами своего оружия и неизбежно работали бы на него.

Гарантией безопасности и справедливости для всех и каждого является то, что разоружение может быть осуществлено только повсеместно, поскольку одностороннее или частичное разоружение есть капитуляция, так что оно не приводит даже к предлагаемому разоружению, потому что разоружение в одностороннем порядке означает продолжать служить тому же самому. как раньше или больше к оружию, только к другому. (Поэтому мир возможен только в наше время, вплоть до того, что эту мысль/знание, уже понятое умнейшими людьми прошлого, пришлось трагически отрицать, скрывать и даже насильственно отвергать. Но сейчас настало время)

Разоружение осуществляется открыто, прозрачно и публично, потому что оружие, как системы защиты, так и системы нападения, не случайны и не произвольны, а стремятся покончить с другими, которые угрожают, лишают свободы, так что всякое насилие и угрозы должны быть прекращены. раскрыты и ликвидированы вместе.


Общее развитие Человечества есть следствие приостановки действия оружия и разоружения, потому что оружие необходимо для частной собственности, так как частная собственность не может существовать без того насилия, которое ей обеспечивает оружие (вооруженная единица, государство). , но, прежде всего, потому, что оружие является реальной причиной (достаточной причиной: если происходит А, то происходит Б) частной собственности, поскольку его цель убийства и причинения вреда не может быть разделена, чередована, и все (включая человеческие ресурсы) обязательно лишены его, поскольку служат только определенному оружию (государству) — по этой причине государство или вооруженная единица должны быть объединены в единое лицо, и хотя государство уступает имущество и ресурсы своим подданным за использовать их себе на службу.

При приостановлении и устранении оружия все объекты и действия служат общему благу, и, следовательно, использование ресурсов также осуществляется в соответствии со здравым смыслом или оптимальной способностью служения Человечеству каждой вещи, и эта цель очевидна. указывает, кем, когда, как… каждый ресурс должен использоваться оптимально, чтобы не было неравенства или конфликта в этом отношении.


Но наша текущая ситуация — это разделение и неравенство в доступности ресурсов, которые мы можем различать:

С одной стороны, производственные ресурсы, однажды вырвавшиеся из зависимости от конкретного оружия или государства, начинают служить Человечеству.

Любое право, например право собственности, требует наличия двух сторон: обладателя права и того, кто предоставляет или признает его. В настоящее время тем, кто признает имущественные права индивидуумов, является государство, конечной целью которого является увеличение своей власти (разрушения), но при человеческом союзе право предоставляется Человечеством, что исключает ущерб и цель ущерба (насилие ) и навязывание) и, следовательно, никто не экспроприируется, но при этом ресурсы будут использоваться уже не для накопления (раскулачивания), в конечном итоге для увеличения и развития потенциала разрушения и навязывания, а, на наоборот, для блага общего, поэтому свойство не имеет значения.

С другой стороны, у нас есть потребительские ресурсы, с помощью которых Человечество могло бы изначально мотивировать людей к общему благу при дифференцированном доступе к ним. И в настоящее время существует большое неравенство или разница в доступе к этим ресурсам и, следовательно, в уровне жизни между людьми, так что те люди, которые в настоящее время привыкли к определенным условиям, например военные, которые демобилизуются, могут поддерживать их, если хорошо, добровольная и здоровая экономия. приветствуется и поддерживается сообществом, продвигаясь к равенству и справедливости в распределении ресурсов для каждого человека.

Ну, в сущности, для новых поколений, воспитанных в общей или всеобщей среде, как в единстве мы все осуждаем зло, кому бы оно ни совершалось, так единодушно ценятся и ценятся служение и вклад в общество. и повсеместно, чтобы взаимного и естественного влияния на добро было достаточно, чтобы исправить и улучшить нас ради одобрения и оценки сообщества без необходимости мотивации, связанной с телесной зависимостью.

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