Ancient thinkers who already summoned us to human unity, most prominent of all both Mozí and the Western cosmopolitans, appealed also and at the same time to human Logos or Common Sense as the basis and foundation of their hope and their proposal, even if human unity was not possible at their time since decision taking could not be inclusive then and, therefore, it could only be strategic. And so this message today has the purpose of addressing the Common Sense of each person in a transparent way, this must be sincerity here, and, logically, from what one thinks and knows. And it is open to greater clarification or detail you might think of because we propose and hope to put into practice a new human relationship with important effects for each and every one of us.


A transparent and open Worldwide or Universal Congress to be held in Madrid in the autumn of 2020 and broadcast to the whole world to deal with how we human can live together, or what it is the same; to set up an inclusive decision-making system since the consequence of joining together is that we, consequently, will act and cooperate only for our benefit and never for our damage.


Those of us who now are calling this Conference, or also those who feel called or convened to it understand and want to make understand that the effect we want to achieve with our decision and invitation to unite is to end with evil, this is, bad intention, and to that end we just need transparency as the form of global governance.

Transparency is incompatible with both violence and the current command system, so is it the military, but also it is so with the political and business sectors, since current command necessarily includes exclusive knowledge, superior knowledge regarding the possession of data and the disposition of not sharing it, as well as the mystification of subordinates is the key for manipulating them. (You can see Socrates case in the Apology who refused to cooperate with the polis in making young Athenians to believe in the gods or how it is explicitly said in the Art of War, Chapter XI)


Thus, this is the understanding, the being and the commitment of the cosmopolitan citizen, one who is loyal to mankind, who frees himself and frees others by not submitting to an armed group – now, supervening; in the future, offender- because we give ourselves a basic law: No association can be established to harm others. That is our constitution, the source of the new human, cosmopolitan right. And so, we, all the people become the foundation and guarantee of unity from our direct and immediate commitment to each other.


It is not, therefore, that institutions, our current representatives or companies, will make, as usual, this decision of unity for us. We, each of us, personally, as subjects of judgment, reason and Common Sense, who, by using these capacities, emit our judgment and decision to unite and thus we free ourselves, we empower each other as human beings. And only after this the positions humans occupy in companies or institutions become humanized, serve humanity, because humanity has been constituted, it has become the subject of positive law, a law stating that humanity is the source of all rights and all resources and that people with and by their Common Sense are legislators, executors, judges and sovereigns -in replacement of the brute, irrational and uncontrollable force peculiar of the partiality of the states.

Our problem is not that we lack the capacity to understand each other and, therefore, are unable to cooperate in a mutual, common and universal way for mutual common benefit, the problem is that what we need to see or to know to understand and to judge is hidden from us. However, with human unity everyone’s eyes serve humanity and with them we all see the last and most remote confines of Earth and so we all know everything we need to know and we will use it, first of all, to put an end to bad intention, this is; investment in armament and then inclusive, agreed and joint disarmament.


Bad intention, the damaging aim, needs to be hidden and, therefore, cannot be judged (prevented). But it manifests itself in the means of harming which are the weapons. Thus, only if we are willing to adopt transparency, we have security with respect to our goodwill and desire to avoid and prevent damaging others. Although this will be put into practice only with the agreement and cooperation of all, since unilateral disarmament is just nonsense and, therefore, it is necessary to first spread this proposal for human unity to the whole world. This communication is actually the World Unity Congress Call.

Damaging necessarily has one objective: the other. But this objective disappears with human unity. And human unity takes shape, it is staged in the World Unity Congress. In it, being it inclusive, lacking the other as an object of harm, the task of the participants is to establish objectives of service, welfare and human development only. Objectives to which they redirect the resources released from destruction or strategic objectives – the cause of the current irrational production, doping, exploitation and abuse of people.
It is not capitalism -as it is usually indoctrinated and believed- which prevents human resources from being allocated to meet people’s needs, but rather strategic interests -people are also of some strategic interest, but quite limited. State leadership directs ineludibly its utmost effort towards strategic objectives (relative to the army = strato in Greek) because their security is the most important issue. This is its reason to be and for that reason the state rescues the banks and not the people or invests in high technology and not in feeding those who die of hunger. States are looking for what gives them a competitive advantage over other states and makes the others dependent, no matter what it costs in human terms.

War, as Clausewitz would put it, is constant or absolute and productive or capitalist investment is made out of strategic sense. Contrary to what Marxism anticipated, the socialism of the Soviet Union could not bear / compete against the strategic superiority of capitalism and consumerism. United, however, our development is relative to the common interest, development ceases to be ‘capitalist’, stop being strategic to become human. For example, if we develop ophthalmology we serve humanity, because we all have eyes, and so on and so forth and so will the case of high-tech developments that are also useful and valuable, but their purpose will be exclusively its service to humanity, while their current development aim is the superiority or advantage of some states over others, that is why that development is so intensive, that is what strategic means.


All the work of the Congress derives from that inclusive will and, therefore, goodwill, expressed in the very fact that the Congress is held. With the Congress, on that particular date and at that point bad intention or evil ceases, this is; arms investment, development, purchase, etc. around the world stops. This is the beginning. We all give up to the will, conception, design and production of objects whose purpose is damaging and it will be followed by the dismantling of the existing means of destruction, their recycling, which is also the improvement of cooperation: barriers elimination and bridges building.

The outcome of the Congress, as well as in general the inclusive decision-making system, is accurate, predetermined, clear, safe, sure in that it ends with evil and seeks only benefit, it is only uncertain regarding some details, specifically the evaluation of the proposals for improvement or development of human well-being raised by any person, here mainly by the experts summoned to the Congress, where these evaluations refer to the relationship with the resources available, as well as their order of priority or opportunity cost in relation to the common interests of humanity, etc.


On the other hand, we know from the same logic that the potential (the strategic aim) or actual development of destruction means of others worries us and that our own development of destruction means worries them (whatever they may be). And the result of it is the infinite arms race and war – the purpose of destruction of the other’s means of destruction – as the way of human relationship is neither desirable nor advantageous to anyone. The maintenance, justification or defense of this system can only originate from deception, superstition.


Any destructive development (particular development) puts us more at the mercy of others or others of ours. Does it happen that you cannot think of a world without some at mercy of others or without violence? It can be thought, in fact many have thought about it, it is the ‘common cause’, the shared objective, this is the form of peace – a common cause that is only possible today, that is: of all (if not inclusive (universal), cooperation keep being strategic) – and this common cause is, after the coverage of needs, well-being and inclusive development. To this basic understanding we are referring when making the decision to join. Let´s replace aggressive (partial) decision taking by inclusive decision taking.


The will to make decisions inclusive or to unite is to be a punctual decision which is taken now, here, already and it is staged in the World Unity Congress and from that point it remains indefinitely. However, people´s behavior, our relationship towards one another needs a period for our habits to adapt towards the harmony of the community that, in turn, the community will facilitate by also staging the appropriate conditions for this purpose – in contrast with the current brutalization, abuse, deception and mystification of people as consequence of partiality


We are already some people working on the World Unity Congress Call and with some more help we will be able to communicate with people involved in violent acts and that will allow us to stop violence, so in Western Asia as in other areas of the world, including the riots in Hong Kong, Chile, Catalonia and other places, because destruction caused by violent activity has as its objective, target and justification the other´s means of destruction, just as the means of destruction of one are based on the means of destruction of the other and have no other justification nor possible reason to be, so those means are a bottomless pit of waste.

Violence enters in contradiction with human unity will, whose consequence is the elimination of all means of destruction without violence and with everybody´s cooperation. Therefore, violence can now be stopped by the Call to the World Unity Congress, which is universal and real peace and not illusory wish and so the Call immediate effect is truce, until the celebration of the Congress next autumn where peace or unity enters into force and with it the effective elimination of the means of destruction.


If you understand the end, the means and the consequences of this Call, you also have to make it also because, if you want human coexistence you cannot at the same time have bad intentions, this is to sustain destruction means. Unity ends with destruction means, so the will to unity is good intention, and unity requires the Call (to Congress), while a (supposedly good) will no calling the Congress is a hidden will which is the feature of bad will, the one not allowing to be judged, whose result is other´s also prevented from being judged too (perhaps and sometimes only when the crime is already committed). Be aware.

The Call to the World Unity Congress is the Call to human coexistence, human living together instead of in confrontation and aggression and does not need these above perhaps complex reasoning because the Call to the World Unity Congress by itself implies everything said.

Thus, you see how your participation is possible and necessary; we all depend on you.

Thank you!

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