Actually all wise or discreet people know it. Peace is justice, equality, instead of injustice or the hierarchy or inequality imposed by the state by democratic or other means. Take Kant for instance, frequently misread by assuming he equalizes democracy and peace. In the Appendix I to the Perpetual Peace, titled: ON THE DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN MORALS AND POLITICS WITH REFERENCE TO PERPETUAL PEACE, he says: “If a part of the world (West or East, or USA, China, Russia..) feels its superiority to another, whether this be in its way or not, will not fail to take advantage of an opportunity offered of strengthening its power by the spoliation or even conquest of this territory.”

This would be full clear for all, if not because the ideology or the figurations each state make confess to its subjects, starting by the nationality, hiding the fact that states are all the same arms, incorporated arms or armed units, hazardously build since Prehistoric times from smaller and dispersed units up to the global present.

Kant tells us how to make peace in Appendix II, titled: CONCERNING THE HARMONY OF POLITICS WITH MORALS ACCORDING TO THE TRANSCENDENTAL IDEA OF PUBLIC RIGHT, where he says: “Philosophy could easily frustrate the artifices of a politics like this, which shuns the light of criticism, by publishing its maxims (the aim of your action), if only statesmen would have the courage to grant philosophers the right to ventilate their opinions. With this end in view, I propose another principle of public right, which is at once transcendental and affirmative. Its formula would be as follows:—“All maxims which require publicity, in order that they may not fail to attain their end, are in agreement both with right and politics.”

Politicians can talk at the UN, but, as arms representatives, they only issue there figurations backing their arm grow and what is detrimental to the other arms.

Kant means by Philosophy as to take a human point of view, opposed to the politician’s or arm´s servant. And the philosopher proposal is disarmament, this is human unity, inclusive decision-making, this is actually Kant´s proposal of PUBLICITY of the aims (what is the problem?), because an unilateral disarmament is not real disarmament but surrender, service to another arm, while real disarmament is cooperation for common good = publicity of the aims (and no to harm others as now).

And, on the contrary, to propose peace, without proposing human unity at the same time, as those peace mediators do, is basically ignorance or/and, actually, politics.

But now, the philosopher has talked (to you), and he needs that PUBLICITY, nobody grants to him because everybody has to live first and life/money is given by the state only. However, Justice, as the cosmopolitans saw, is to expose, condemn and dissuade evil, harm and harming purposes (instead of hiding the arm behind ideologies) and praise and reward goodness, benefit to our fellow humans. Therefore we will make peace by means of Justice, as you can see here


The way to end the war is inclusive decision making which prevents (mutual) harm and deals with common good only, therefore we are calling for a World Congress on Human Unity in 2025 which will assume responsibility for common security and issue the common currency for development and exchange. Universality is the condition of human justice: To benefit Humanity and all and each one of human beings, shall be recognized and rewarded and to harm any of them exposed and dissuaded.

Who would not support human justice instead of war? However, even if wise people of the past such as Mozi, the cosmopolitans, Cervantes, and others, knew this justice well, they could not persuade people to practice it in an unknown and incommunicado world, and moreover, this thought would weaken the state, therefore it repressed this knowledge and it is hardly known today. Today the world is interconnected but in state of war where (unilaterally) applying (human) justice would make our state to treat us as deserters. How could it be promoted in Russia and Ukraine while they are harming each other if not simultaneously? And it is the same in any state because every state is working for rightly increasing its own security which is the same as to decrease the security of the others.

Human justice is not possible without universality, therefore, to benefit Humanity today is to call for an open and transparent World Congress on Unity by means of registering in the app @HumanUnity the peace/unity will of each person without discrimination of nationality to link it with all other people´s. Who declares peace to Humanity is a Humanity´s friend, while who does not declare it, ignores the suffering caused by human division and maintains the violence is a Humanity´s enemy until he/she becomes aware of his error; since there is no doubt that a common justice or peace is in his/her convenience and it is the objective convenience of all, and only unconsciousness or prejudice can hide that truth.

Justice rewards people for benefiting Humanity bringing about peace, the greatest good or the source of any possible good, in the following way: This year USD2,24 trillion are spent in weapons which if used (killing and destroying) will multiply the losses and if, in the best case, not used, is a waste, and when the Congress is held in 2025, it will mean that those resources have been spared for consumption or production, therefore along with the Congress call we propose that half a trillion be shared among the people in conflict areas who registers their will for peace, half a trillion be shared among the first 100 million people registering their peace will, half a trillion be shared according to the ranking in the Leaderboard of @HumanUnity for their added contribution, well adding people to the app or donating (1 point = one added person or 10 USD donated), and half a trillion for organizing the Congress, including its call and a Humanity´s Festival to be held on September 21st, 2024 (more info in

We are inviting you to join our team with people from all world quarters working for Humanity´s common good in a great, exciting, and amazing task, where every activity is open and transparent to our bosses, all humans, because this is the justice´s proof. Feel yourself human, follow and share this human experience just born with all your friends and your networks.

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