The Corporate Human Responsibility, CHR, concept

From HUM to the Companies

Admired and respected firms,

Hereby we would like to introduce you the Corporate Human Responsibility, CHR, concept we are promoting all over the World.

– Up to know, the Corporate Social Responsibility, RSC, is based on companies good (or bad) practices (as no polluting, their social contributions, their workers conditions, etc.) while RSC does not take into consideration ventures entrepreneurship aim. A company assuming CHR means that its first aim is serving Humanity.

Indeed, every company product or service (a cup, a TV, a car, a program, an app and so on) always aims at satisfying human needs or desires without discrimination and any product or service progress or development towards their aims is an advancement for the whole humanity no matter what individual or part achieves or promotes it. Human needs and desires are also equal, we all humans need to be feed, want to reach further, enjoy good health, to be happy…., we do not need to discuss or deal about our ends, we do not need politics, since we all know and we all agree about what we all want. Even more, humans are not only passive bodies whose needs (and desires) have to be covered by those products or services, also our relationship as humans results indiscriminate when we have a common cause, a common production, service aim…..because in this way we use rational objective criteria which equalize people and generates community, where property is irrelevant and privileges are detrimental.

– CHR, companies aiming at serving Humanity, also means companies supporting Human Unity, this is; common, inclusive decision taking, which prevents any destructive or harmful entrepreneurial aim. It is nonsense one harming oneself, which is our condition when we all unite.

CHR is not a company sacrifice for the sake of another, external good, on the contrary; it fits its logical aim of expanding its service without any restriction on the market, users or consumers. We can see, however, for instance, how American companies are prevented from selling to China, Iran or others and companies are basically prevented from helping other´s development, even if they are interested in mature markets, because currently any development implies along with it development of destruction power. This is our original problem and we can overcome it with Human Unity.

– CHR is not just of company’s interests, it is also humans, all people, consumer’s interests who, therefore, will support companies assuming CHR since they see them as the alternative to our historical and present destructive development and the Way to human peace and harmony.

HUM has already “tested the market” without any resources and has also demonstrated that the need and desire for Human Unity is there and our proposal for human unity make sense and receives basically unanimous and indiscriminate support, so, if we get support from companies resources our development will be very fast all over the World, therefore we have planned an open and transparent World Congress on Human Unity as soon as next year.
We are hereby kindly asking for your consideration to assuming CHR and joining the Movement to Human Unity by supporting HUM activities as the 2020 Human Unity World Congress along with a Human Universal Constitution you can see in our website.
And we stay personally at your disposal for clearing or detailing any point and looking forwards to your contact.

Manuel Herranz Martín
HUM – Human Unity Movement
C/ Puerto Serrano, 32 5ºA
28045 Madrid
Mobile: +34 656339490
Phone: +34 91 031 40 10

US, China trade war and companies support for Human Unity Movement

As Mozi said, human miseries an calamities are originated by partiality or, what is the same, by non-inclusive or non-joint decision-taking because partial decision-taking results in that a development of a party is a threat to the others since partial development also increases destructive power or destructive capabilities as weapons.

And that is the explanation of the commercial war launched by the US against China and also of the US conflict with Iran. The sale of Iran’s natural resources allows it to develop also militarily and, even without nuclear weapons capability, this development poses a threat to its neighbors, Saudi Arabia and Israel, supported by US. And so goes on with the rest of the conflicts, to which we can add that friendship and cooperation of some countries with others, such as Venezuela’s with Russia and China, results in threats and enmity with their strategic rivals as USA, etc.

This priority drive for security and thus development at all costs against others, apart from the aforementioned human misery directly derived from the confrontation, makes that some people have to work tirelessly while others have no job, that we are unable to face common challenges such as the deterioration of the environment, the extinction of fauna, climate change, etc., because the opposite interests predominate and subordinate all others issues, leading us to accept mutual destruction and genocide as a way to solve them.

These are the facts and the condition we face and intend to resolve with our Human Unification proposal, with the establishment of a joint and inclusive decision-making system, with a shared projection of our future, so that our objectives are limited only to the mutual and common benefit and the possibility of a harming purpose is discarded, since, together, it would be incongruous as one attempting against himself.

To that end, the Human Unity Movement (HUM) proposes a transparent and open World Congress for 2020 to the whole world where to discuss, agree and establish human unity and a system of joint and inclusive decision-making, as well as the promulgation of a Universal Human Constitution to be there always as a statement of our unification purpose so that everyone can clearly understand and agree with it.

A main issue of the World Congress on Human Unity is the union of all the armed forces under the same command so that they become redundant and disarmament is not only possible but its logical consequence.
With human unity, not only armed organizations, weapons and their development for the damaging or harming become obsolete and are eliminated, but all other objects will stay there only to serve us all and it will help us to implement objective justice and fairness. We all objectively understand what improves an object, so also how destruction power improves a weapon, because we see if it accomplish better its purpose and, at the same time, we understand how this object shall be used, who should be served by it according with his needs or purpose of use, what training is necessary for its use, etc. But also, in the same way that we are now pawns of the weapons which divide us, hierarchize us and discriminate us, the rest of the objects, all meant to serve us, will unite us and equalize us according to a common sense they give us.

In a world where objects are only meant for service, equality or non-discrimination between individuals is not only possible but also its logical consequence since, whatever serves us or is useful implies a standard universal criterion within the reach of any understanding. In the same way that a car is meant to go fast and transport heavy things, if you manufacture a faster, safer car, more capable car, it is a better car, although the suggestion or contribution of those improvements comes from different individuals. That same understanding of service or utility leads us not to discriminate against people in accessing resources according to their needs or purposes or to the management of teams according to knowledge, skills and qualities, as well as the aim of work or cooperation is transparent, shared and common, so that this command does not mean inequality and it can usually be an eventual condition. This concept is exposed as early as by Mozi in IV century BC, but also many other thinkers speak of the only possible peace, harmony o equality as only derived by a common cause, by cooperation.

This is how a system of governance rules in a united world in which we are all equal and in which we all participate equally in it. The politics we know –meant and dedicated to managing violence- under human unity condition is spurious, unnecessary, as weapons are. So, what we have to deal with now is ventures change.

We see that companies are subjected, like everything else, to their respective states and they are just state resources. Many Chinese companies are state-owned companies and Chinese companies are usually accused of sticking to political dictates. American companies, which were considered to be freer than their Chinese counterparts, also comply with their administration decisions as now against China and also they have to align themselves with political measures of boycott or blockade to other countries under the penalty of serious, unbearable fines, so that political affairs reduce their market in contradiction with their own business logic. However, large companies are transnational entities and, therefore, in position to be a reference for humanity if they assume, beyond their CSR, Human Responsibility, that is, making and becoming aware of the human original problem of partiality as mentioned above and, consequently, they adhere to human unity movement.

Companies produce services and supply products that meet our needs and desires and consumers can choose between different offers of products or services according with that seems best for them, but those differences in service and products are not very big and what differentiates most companies is their marketing, their advertising, their adornment, their patronage, their art, the emotion and pleasure they propose and promise, their CSR and all that together has a great influence on consumers when choosing a company to deal with and, therefore, that overall image is companies base for viability and sustainability.

Today, companies can communicate and promise a united world, a world without conflict, where human dignity and happiness prevails and ventures only compete to provide the best possible services and products and are no longer subjects of partial interests as it is happening now. The need and desire of the human union is there, HUM promotes it successfully without any resources, so that we can say the market has been already tested and we have certainty now that if the movement for human unity is supported with some corporate resources, the overall need for human unity will result in a unstoppable development and its scope will be rapidly universal. In consideration of that easy journey, we have set the date of the World Congress as early as autumn of 2020.

As we mentioned before, objects and thus companies equate individuals universally when their service seeks entirely benefit and rejects any harm, but that equality, unlike political equality which is a contradiction, is at the same time maximum empowerment because it constitutes each human being as responsible or supreme head on all armed forces of the world, since this is how, united, these are useless, redundant. This is the treatment that each person deserves and not only from companies, but it must stay at the base of all communications, giving it to understand with everything that by our intention reaches the intelligence of the other, with this we will not only achieve freedom, but harmony throughout the Earth.

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