Perhaps some will refrain from reading this without knowing what indignity they would commit. First, because thanks to the white flag we are already achieving ceasefire in Africa and we will do it throughout the world and, second, because of what it shows at its back: what sense does a ceasefire call made under colored flags representing one or several armed units and its meaning: submission or death?

We rise the white flag in request for a ceasefire, calling for human unity, peace, to be implemented in a Congress of Humanity in 2025 that assumes responsibility for common human security and ensures that decisions are inclusive, this is to say; that their purpose is not harming, not at the arm service. That is why the white flag is the flag of peace, the flag of a united Humanity.

If in the past, the white flag was equivalent to surrender, how could it be like this today when people from different armed units and blocks wave it together?

It was considered the flag of surrender because, as Cervantes says, the Letters or what it is published (whether the figurations of the past or the current ones as well as the current media) are at the service of the arm, directly financed or censored by it, and the Letters most basic service is to hide the Arm, because the arm is the evil, its function is to search the maximum possible damage. Therefore, Letters cannot question the arm, on which they depend, and without questioning its existence, the only thing left to do is to submit or be subjected – depending on who has the biggest capability to destroy the others. Therefore, friend, the white flag is your flag and your hope.

And, therefore, while the Letters (the media) continue to do so any cessation of attacks is identified as surrender. And this is the case of how the NATO, once it has not succeeded in collapsing the Russian economy with economic sanctions, actually the only card that could have given it victory against the largest nuclear power, and once Ukraine is running out of men of age to go to the front after the (probable) failure of its counteroffensive, it seems that the war will now go on using longer-range missiles (entirely from Western supply) as a way to sustain war, attacks, which will be a further step in the escalation and possibly lead to a new ground offensive by Russia. Therefore, friend, the white flag is your flag and your hope.

What is called peace without getting rid of the arms and under their colored flags is only a ceasefire, because “weapons are the same as war”, as Cervantes puts it. But ceasefire is followed by the maximum effort to rearm, search for the maximum possible harm, and prevent the other from doing so, so that wars are generally preventive, they generally have the purpose of preventing the rearmament of the other from becoming too dangerous; that was the cause of the Peloponnesian War or the one that could come between the US and China, due to China’s economic growth. Therefore, friend, the white flag is your flag and your hope.

The work and supreme effort of the human being at all times and places is to serve and develop the weapons or arms, but the purpose of harm cannot be declared, made public and the Letters hide it from us; that is why we have first  to think by dusting off and putting our intelligence to use to understand that in the same way that today it seems to us that weapons are causally there when wars begin, today we know from the past that vehicles, ships, airplanes, the telephone, nuclear fission, the Internet and all the inventions that that might occur to you, all have always sought and had first a military purpose and use, which over time has passed into civil use, and that is what also happens now although they do not tell us about it and carefully hide it. We also see the layout of the cities, with the castle above and the shacks below, or the strategic sense of the routes and enclaves, although we do not perceive it superficially either, and, finally it is impossible for our eyes not to see that the armies are always the greatest arrangement and permanent massive concentration of human and material resources in a state of alert and training even without obvious expectation of confrontation on the horizon. That is why the white flag is your flag and your hope.

The white flag does not equal surrender. How could we propose human unity with it if we surrender, which is the same as losing the ability to propose? And in the same way, unilateral disarmament does not result in us ceasing to be slaves to the arm, but rather that slavery is then at the service of another arm. Disarmament can only be achieved if it is agreed, joint, universal and simultaneous, that is why it is possible today, and that is why we call for human unity, the Unity Congress through which we claim power for Humanity and to stop being slaves to the arm through disarmament. which is the liberation of all of us.

There is no problem between humans. Or does someone think that if we reset our relationship, there will be some person who may judge it acceptable to harm (or threaten to harm) another person, something that now inevitably leads us to self-destruction. Or do you think that violence, any violence can be considered by anyone legitime? Evil comes from our previous isolation, but, as the sharp Cervantes already saw, the white flag was always there telling us, advancing us peace, that is, a peace without arms.

(I invite the kind reader to search and understand the meaning of the white flag in the Quixote; in the first meeting between the two lovers, the Christian captive and the Moorish Zoraida, in the First Part and in the episode of the lions locked in the chariot of the flags of the Second)


(Cultured, erudite, and even intelligent people when they talk about arms or weapons, fall into a dark and unfathomable abyss that shows their confusion and even childishness, so I dedicate this post to them with affection)

We see continuous meetings of world leaders, the last being the G20. Now Biden continues the trip to Vietnam to seek alliance against China and Kim in Vladivostok. Let’s see; The purpose of the armed units’ leaders is to subdue others through their ability to destroy them, but they do not talk about it.

For armed units, peace is a ceasefire, a brief state in which the killing ceases and they set about rearming and preventing each other from rearming as much as they can – and war then is usually the prevention of that rearmament.

This state is called peace because it is incorporated together with the mastery of one of these arms, thus denying its threat and purpose of maximum possible damage to the other, which it conceals with verbiage. They talk about justice, human rights, climate change, development, etc. but they look for the greatest possible destruction capacity, which is what later dispenses justice, rights (human or otherwise), funds or financing (the printing of IOUs) for development and everything else, and thus the nuclear powers are officially recognized leaders of the world.

The security document produced by these 20 large arms refers to the fact that no one should invade other countries, however, they are the main producers of arms and since the small armed units are dependent on their production, talking about the independence of the small arms is nonsense, since they depend on the supply of large ones to exist and the usual thing is that rival powers supply weapons to the factions that serve their interests as is the case in Syria, Ukraine or in African countries. The 20 big ones do not need to invade anyone, small arms go to buy supplies from them becoming necessarily dependent. And if the big ones find interest in those territories, they can supply weapons to the rebel faction that best serves them or creates it spending very little, given the need of the people in those countries.

But if we look at the arm as humans without being at its service and abide by the stupidity, brutality and the absence of humanity that it imposes on us (necessary for the exercise of war as cannon fodder), we have full clarity and certainty that peace It is universal inclusivity, well, normal coexistence with others people, to whom we inform and share our purposes, etc. Obviously inclusive decision-making prevents and avoids the purpose of harming (arms, the evil) and only deals with the common good. That is why we convene a Congress of Human Unity that assumes responsibility for common human security, basically disarmament, and ensures that all decisions are inclusive.

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