Dear friends,

I wish you all to be in good health.

Today we lack it due to this human crisis. A situation indeed concerning us all and, however, we are not acting together because we do not have cooperation mechanisms, even if we see that we need it by exchanging info, sharing and rationalizing supplies, concentrating efforts, etc. We could do much better today for our health and basic security.

Also, I want to share with you a story that might entertain and enlighten you. Continue reading “HEALTH IS A HUMAN RIGHT”


To the Madrid people, asking for their support for the celebration there of a Congress on Human Unity.

– If we make decisions jointly instead of each state separately, we will only benefit us and will not mutually harm ourselves. We summon experts in human common interests to agree on binding proposals for human unity and cooperation Continue reading “ADVERTISEMENT”

Dear friends

Dear friends,

Power is yours, please, make good use of it on the 8th of March by supporting human unity so that Madrid City Hall cooperates with the organization of a World Congress where to apply and set up an inclusive decision-making system for Humanity as we are proposing from HUM – Human Unity Movement. Because the result of inclusive decision making will be only our benefit instead of mutually harming as we have been doing up to now as the consequence of partial or exclusive decision making. Continue reading “Dear friends”

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