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The peace is human unity

The arm is the evil (“that it is the same arms and war.” Cervantes, Quixote, Chapter XXXVII)

Why is there war? Because the states not only decide separately and consider exclusively their own interests, disregarding that of others, which logically and inevitably leads them to confrontation; but, above all, they are forced to undermine or even destroy the other, since they are armed units; the other’s arm is specifically for destroying us, and this is our priority and urgency, since their arm, like ours, is not produced, nor a strategy planed and applied, without criteria or reason, but always seeks causing the greatest possible harm, which is the object of the arm.

That relationship between states is obvious for the fact that the arm is the greatest human production at all time and places, and technical advances are basically produced for the arm’s development, although in the present it is not showed to us as clearly as in the past, since the purpose of harming is hidden. (For instance, regarding the current war, it is said here that Ukraine is a sovereign country and has been invaded and that’s all. But, on the other hand, it is not mentioned that Ukraine has the intention of joining the NATO, organization led by a country clearly interventionist like the USA, and whose agreement is that all countries integrated in the alliance defend one another mutually. And at the meantime, Ukraine is already at war with Russia for the Donbass and Crimea. So, Russia only invaded it after not achieving any guarantee from the NATO, the USA, about Ukraine joining the NATO. We can continue with the reasoning of the hatred and fear that those countries in eastern Europe have toward Russia, which, for their weakness, feel that they have no choice but to seek protection from the USA; so it goes on and on.)

Indeed, the purpose of harming needs to be hidden, because however least it would put the other on guard, it would make him react, and what is worse, it would manifest itself as what it is: inhuman. That is why now we humans, regardless of the arm to which we belong, need to use intelligence and common sense when dealing with peace, and understand that the states cannot make peace, and that in the political sphere or service to the state, the truth cannot be disclosed; on the contrary, it is necessary to admit the lies of the state and coalition to which we belong.

What is happening to us? The human being found the arm already present in nature and its adaptation to it is its unavoidable integration into armed units, which are now states.

Unlike the rest of the objects that are all to serve us, the arm is meant to harm, kill, something that only happen eventually. But the immanent or constant effect of the arm is enforcement or deprivation of liberty, which makes it intrinsically or essentially private, impossible or absurd to be shared or alternated; and the rest of the things are private, assigned to one individual or another through the mediation of the arm, which first subordinates them and puts them at the service of its purpose of harming and enforcement or deprivation of liberty through precariousness.

And so, the arm’s condition is the cause that any state necessarily has a single individual at its head who guarantees both its unity and that it is only offensive and seeks to put everything under its control from its base, since the state is organized necessarily in a hierarchical or pyramidal way with the maximum possible inequality to ensure the maximum exploitation of its resources at its service and to be able to compete with others at all times and places, regardless of the political system that it adopts. Obviously, a system is only viable if it increases the power of the state (such as the case of the democracy or the abolishment of slavery), and not because of its humanity as, however, is believed. And thus, the fact that it is the state that determines extreme inequality is also hidden; instead, people attribute the inequality to big companies because of their greed, even to arms companies the causing of wars for increasing their orders. The cause of all those misperceptions is that humans use an analogical thinking and they tend to think the state as human too.

The history of pacifism, the cosmopolitans

(You can check on the internet and look for pacifists; no one of the referred people there is a real pacifist, because the condition to be there is that the state is not put under question)

– The ancient cosmopolitans, both in the West and in the East (Mòzǐ) clearly saw that only if we humans unite, if we make decisions jointly and inclusively, we will avoid and prevent evil, harming purpose (the arms) and mutual destruction (the war), and we will cooperate only for common good. That same unity or human coexistence makes us see things as they really are; that harming others is unfair, incorrect and detrimental to all, and is judged, rejected and confronted by every person according to our natural and common understanding and feeling, and we will motivate and influence each other towards the common Good.

– But war was an inevitable human condition in the past in which Humanity lived in isolated groups and in an unknown world, so that trying to prevent evil, the purpose of harming and harm with unity or inclusive decision-making was not only unfeasible but above all detrimental to the state that allows the diffusion of such perception within it, since it weakens itself in front of others. For this reason, the states have firmly hidden that option. That was the case particularly for Mòzǐ.

– And the problem of the ancient Western cosmopolitans, as we can see in their writings, despite occupying the highest positions of the state, was that, on the one hand, they understood and wanted to eliminate evil, arms or states, but on the other, they needed them to preserve their property and even their lives, since obviously it cannot be that one shares and the others do not and, moreover, the latter is trying to appropriate, put in their name, deprive others of everything they can.


– However, these problems are resolved today when we are all connected. Human unity is inclusive and universal decision-making, and thus the use of universality, impartiality, equality and common sense. This is the only form of peace. It means a public management unanimously agreed upon by all, which is guaranteed by transparency, openness, publicity and recording of each decision-making. So that there cannot be deceit, misunderstanding in it, nor purpose of harming (which would be the absurdity of harming oneself). That, on the one hand, guarantees no one has to give up their property involuntarily; while, on the other hand, disarmament would lead us inevitably and voluntarily to the community.

– Indeed, unity is the same as disarmament, and this can only be universal, since unilateral disarmament is surrender, that is, equally keeping serving to the arm, only to another; so that the unity or disarmament not only shall not, but cannot result in the detriment of anyone.

So that, in the name of the Humanity:

– We require the leaders of all states or armed units to declare and carry out a ceasefire to establish definitive human peace; this is, human unity or human inclusive decision-making, with which all conflict is resolved and disappears, since all conflict is born from division and is manifested in or reduced to one army or another controlling and exploiting territories and people.

– We call for human unity or human inclusive decision-making, which is finally possible today and no one can oppose it unless they misunderstand it and need further explanation; and peace is achieved just with the universal communication of this information generated by and from just common sense.

The only thing that human unity prevents and avoids is the undesirable mutual harm, deceit and mystification in public management; and it brings about both disarmament and the use of common sense and the universality (equality) in cooperation for common good, because the arms’ existence are only one for or against another and not for any other reason. Or, does anyone know of any use of the submarines, of the aircraft carriers, of the nuclear missiles, etc., against human evil nature or for work enforcement? The only thing that disarmament obviously and necessarily requires is that we all do it together, thus making everything common. Are we not able to see that, and face it?

– For the establishment of human unity, we propose an open and transparent Unity Congress or Assembly, in which decision-making is already inclusive and it is established as a system. This Congress would assume responsibility for human security in place of states and, therefore, assumes the single control of all arms that, united, are useless and redundant. The single control of all arms makes convenience to and results in disarmament, and with it the integration and cooperation of all for common good. Or what is the problem? The fact is that we have no other choice, either we all save ourselves or we all go to hell. Do we perhaps prefer to destroy us all thinking of destroying “the others”? Can’t we see that others are offended by us just the same?

– Before the Congress it is advisable, even necessary, to put all arms under the same command, since this is the only way to stop and suspend their dynamic of mutual damage that absorbs the human will; so that the activity of the arm is suspended and a ceasefire guaranteed, something that simply convoking the Congress could not possibly achieve.

– A single command that is only accepted if all the others accept it too. A single command that does nothing, imposes nothing, only establishes the sovereignty of Humanity over the arms, and thus prevents war and fighting, which otherwise would be the contradiction of one attacking and defending oneself. A single command that not only guarantees ceasefire, but also stops arm’s development and aggressive strategies of the states, generating, or rather, releasing thus the sense of humanity that we all share by nature.


I ask your support to communicate this proposal to the leaders of Ukraine and Russia, and to other places where there is conflict, requiring them to ceasefire and call for human unity.

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